Top 10 Most Useful Apps of All Times

Good things come in small packages. The phrase takes a whole new meaning in modern society. Take a look at the small screen that you carry around everywhere – your phone. Can you imagine forgetting it back at home someday?

10 Most Useful Apps of All Times

Even the thought of it leaves you in panic. Smartphones are an integral part of our lives today. Whether it is a meeting at work, study-related research or an urge to kill idle time, you need your phone for everything! You can also print off files remotely, order products from ecommerce services, and carry useful tasks like banking services.

The functionality of smartphones is constantly evolving. People are acknowledging its utility in all sectors of life. However, some negative aspects tag along such as a decrease in social skills and addiction to the devices. But overall, it is impossible to overlook that smartphones are the greatest innovation in human history.

To unlock the full potential of your phone, you need to download certain apps as per your needs and interests.

There are thousands of apps in the market designed for different functions. Researchers predict that the mobile app economy will reach up to 188.9B $ by the year 2020.

1: Authy

Hacked accounts are the worst nightmare in the age we are living today. Authy is an app that enables two-factor authentication for your favorite sites. It keeps the account secure even when the hacker has typed in your name and passcode.

It makes use of periodically generated random number strings to make sure the user is safe. Relying on codes texted to the phone are no longer a secure method. This app goes an extra mile to protect against all breaches, acting as an authentication hub for all services that support 2FA.

2: Adobe apps

Top 10 Most Useful Apps

Adobe offers some very useful apps for users. It has a range of apps that have different purposes. It includes apps like Adobe Acrobat (PDF Reader), Illustrator Draw (drawing), Adobe Lightroom and Photo Express (photo editing), and Premier Clip (video editing).

There are many others, each to fill a different niche. Most of these apps are free to download. But to access exclusive features on some apps, you may need to subscribe on Adobe Creative Cloud.

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3: Libby

Top 10 Most Useful Apps

Do you ever miss those hours spent in the library? Times when you could stay amidst books as long as you wanted without any worries. The fast-paced lives of today deprive us of this pleasure.

How about experiencing the old times with a twist? Libby is an e-book and audiobook borrowing app with a wealth of literary offers that are also available on demand. It connects with the local library and also requires you to have a library card. It’s like you have a library in your pocket.

4: Moovit

Top 10 Most Useful Apps

Moovit is a cross-platform app for mass transit. It has over 70 million users in more than 1400 cities. A city is added to the list every 24 hours, which tells us about the popularity of this app. Even though public transport is highly unpredictable, this app provides precise updates to the users. It tracks every change in the line schedules and status of the commute.

5: Layout

Top 10 Most Useful Apps

Layout is an app introduced by Instagram that aims to provide users with a platform where they can create unique, fun photo collages. They can then share these with their friends. It makes them enjoy limitless freedom to create and enhance a picture through a variety of filters and other awesome tools.

Also, there is a feature of Photo Booth to snap spontaneous pictures that are instantly laid out for you. You can pick the layout you like and proceed with further editing.

6: AirG chat network

The AirG Spam Free chat network is the ultimate on-the-go chatting app that you must have on your phone. It is an IM network that supports over 1000+ mobile devices.

You can now connect with your co-workers, class fellows and community leaders through chat rooms available on this app. It also allows you to access a global community where you can connect with people and make new friends.

7: Sleep cycle

Sleep is fundamental to the human body. There is a certain limit of sleep that the human body needs. If they go below the limit, they may find themselves tired and ill-equipped to handle daily affairs. And if they exceed the limit, they end up missing some responsibilities.

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The sleep cycle is an app designed to monitor and plan your sleep schedules. It checks the sleeping pattern of an individual and wakes them up when it senses they have had the required hours of sleep. It is a free app, but you can upgrade to a premium account too.

8: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network. Whether you are a small business owner, a marketing executive or a college student, you need an account at LinkedIn. This wil enable you to look for desirable opportunities for career growth.

9: Sound Hound

Top 10 Most Useful Apps

It is too frustrating when you listen to a song but do not know its name or that of its artist. The Sound Hound app allows you to figure that out with a single click. You can identify a song, discover some new music as per your taste and learn about your favorite artists. Additionally, you get easy access to music lyrics, videos and so much more.

10: DuoLingo

How about learning a new language while you wait for the subway to reach your destination? Duo Lingo is the most popular app to learn new languages in a fun way.

You can learn French, Spanish, German, Russian, Korean and a lot of other languages using this app.  Developers of this app have made sure that the interest of learners stays consistent throughout.

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