Top 10 Best Online Games for Girls You Can Download Today

Games are always a mode of recreation. So different games have different missions and one likes to play as per the needs. While talking about smartphones, these have provided people with the best opportunities to pass their time. The majority of the time people love playing games online and usually devote their time. The article covers ten online games for girls and why they are so popular.

This way they can explore a lot new and also helps them to keep refreshed. So whether the kid is a boy or a girl different games have been designed. In this, we are going to discuss the best online games for girls and what are the features of those games.

Free Online Games for Girls

Moreover discussing how these games can refresh your mood and make you feel relaxed. Games for girls are designed in the feministic way, which attracts the girls, and they love playing them. Moreover, they enjoy them.

So here is the list of best online games for girls:

1. Candy Crush Saga

The most loved game by nit only girls but every age people. This game allows you enough time to be spent. This game is counted in the top 10 games, as this does not allow you to take off your hands from the game.

Moreover, this free online game for girl is addicting. And to complete levels you enjoy playing it for long. The game keeps moving ahead as you clear the levels. Also, this game is downloaded worldwide and is one of the most famous games that is played. This game refreshes your mood and makes you feel relaxed.

2. Farmville 2

Online Games for Girls

The well-known game developed by the famous Zynga famous for developing casual games. If you’re interested to play online games for girls, this is one that you will admire.  Girls are generally attached to this game once they start playing it. It is addictive and to reach more levels girls usually keep unlocking.

This game started its publicity from the very social networking and later on became all around. The farming and the new techniques used to make the people search more about the game. Moreover, the sowing of new vegetables and fruits creates an interest in the players to play more and explore the game to the fullest.

3. Pet Rescue Saga

As the name determines the people, who will keep pets but are unable to usually follow up this game. To rescue the pet this game tends to make the person cross various levels. It is one of the popular and praiseworthy online games for girls similar to the candy crush saga wherein it is developed by the same person. It is just that certain new changes are added to the game so that it creates a new interest for the player. To rescue the players play this game with interest and love it by crossing various levels.

4. Wordament

Microsoft Corporation developed gamed is counted upon one of the best games online. The game helps in increasing vocabulary. All you need to do is just create words and excel. This game is played all around the world by a large number of users and is said to be an amazing part of the activity.

This is the next in the list. You can play free online games for girls by downloading this from Google Play Store. game helps you to increase knowledge and learn new words in a new method. Also, the spelling can be improved. This is not only a game but is also a knowledge-based game that helps you gain information as well in a playful mood.

5. Fruit Ninja

Online Games for Girls

This is one of the most enjoyable games, which helps you to refresh your mood. The original game by the studio is revamped whereas this is the new version of the game with highly increased graphics and thus has a unique impact over the gameplay.

This game attracts you by making the uses of the different fruits, which have to be cut down like the bubbles flying from the sky. So keeping in mind the strategy and the aim at the fruit this helps you setting up aims and also encourages you to play.

6. Cut The Rope 2

This is a physics-based game that helps you achieve great goals and targets. Moreover, this game is played all around the world and is loved by the people. This game is an interesting one that can be played over the smartphone or the tablet and allows you to target the goal.

The game is very popular among girls like barbie games for girls. This works on the same principle of the candy crush crunching and is delighting millions of people around the globe. This is a new game that encourages you to play more and the new levels and challenges are faced and the game becomes more demanding around.

7. Candy Crush Soda Saga

This is another version of the candy crush saga. The achievement of candy crush has made other versions of the game successful. Some alterations in the game are played similarly. Moreover, you have the option of buying new lives once you lose. The game is equally interesting like cooking games for girls.

This is the king’s studio game, which is played by people all around the world and is counted among one of the most famous games. Candy crush saga is loved by girl gang  and other game lovers played around the globe.

8. Angry birds

Online Games for Girls

The name most commonly heard and is famous all around is not a game but one of the favorite characters of the majority of the girls. You can easily spend a lot of time when playing this game and it does not allow you to blink your eye. Moreover, this game has been a good adventure for the girls and they end up playing this.

One of the most popular free online games for girls, Angry Birds is designed as a pig and the revenge taking from them. So this game revolves around these two characters where this angry bird is used to defend themselves from the pigs.

9. Princess give birth a baby

online games for girls

As the name counts this is a game in which you need to develop some family. The princess gives birth to the baby and this game is all about giving birth to the baby. Once the baby is born it is important to take care of the baby and thus maintain it. Although this game has a new concept, it might treat some people interesting while the majority can be boring as well. This is mostly liked by the girls as they tend to get an interest in these types of games.

10. Quiz up

online games for girls

This is a knowledgeable online games for girls that helps you get up to the various quizzes. This game helps you build up your information and also increase your skills online. This game along with the increasing knowledge helps you to turn up with the most interesting topics around the world.

The most current information and knowledge can be boosted up with this. This game not only focuses on one particular aspect but is also in different aspects and helps you to gain a lot of information deeply. So the quizzes help in this game creates an interest in the players to play more and explore more quizzes. This is one of the most interesting games that is being played.

So this list of games helps you take a look at the different online games for girls available and how you can play them easily. Also, these games are particularly for the girls and they enjoy playing them and pass their time with some knowledge.

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