12 Best Online Tools That Can Boost Your Business

On 30th January 2020, when the World health organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of COVID-19 to be a global Public Health Emergency, little did people realize that their life was going to turn upside down.

This situation has taken a toll on the world’s economy and affected various business sectors, including aviation, technology, automotive, backing, etc. Companies were prompted to encourage the employees to work remotely. With reduced business, layoffs became commonplace.

Online Tools to Boost Business During Coronavirus

Businesses that provided home pickup and delivery, online education apps, healthcare consultation, health, and wellness gained huge traction, while many had to shut shop.

But the good news is that every challenge posed by this situation has a remedy in the form of tools that can really help you overcome difficulties to give your business operations the push it needs.

Here are 10 tools that you can use to adopt a smart approach to boost your business during coronavirus and enhance employees’ as well as customers’ satisfaction levels.

1. ProProfs Lead Quiz

Lead quizzes have emerged as a popular lead generation tool and with the lockdown restrictions in place, guess what people are doing in their free time?

Playing fun quizzes!

The times may be tough but that doesn’t stop anyone from getting into a recreational mode to play quizzes! People are spending a lot of time playing quizzes to know what kind of personality they have, quizzes about their favorite movie characters, quizzes about their favorite brands or hobbies, quizzes about stuff they can learn from – the list is endless.

Quizzes also facilitate learning and knowledge assessment of users, especially for children away from school. ProProfs Lead quiz is the best tool to create amazing quizzes. When you make an online quiz using this tool, all your technology skills, research skills, and writing skills are utilized.

This tool comes up with ready-to-use templates, 100,000+ customizable quizzes, 100,000+ questions, 15+ question types, and 100+ design themes for personality quizzes, scored quizzes, and more. It has functionalities that you can use to easily customize the quiz and make it more appealing.

You can even brand a quiz with your logo, which dramatically increases brand promotion and brand awareness.

2. Unbounce

In times of a pandemic, the importance of updating your website for COVID-19 cannot be understated. However, it is not the time when you have to focus on selling the products. You need to build empathy and show that your company cares about its customers’ well-being and comfort.

Sharing coronavirus-specific resources and reassurances through your landing pages become vital.

Unbounce is a great tool that gives you the flexibility to build a crisis response landing page. You add popups and sticky bars on the site or via email to keep the customers updated on any changes in opening hours, latest offers, and more.

3. Ubersuggest

COVID-19 has severely impacted consumer search behavior in different industries. You have to optimize your website according to the terms people are searching for. In 2020, the top keywords searched were related to coronavirus. It included terms like social distancing, lockdown in India, coronavirus cases live, vaccines for coronavirus, and remote working.

Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that was initially used by marketers to generate new keywords. It was later acquired by famous blogger entrepreneur Neil Patel, after which this tool evolved as a revolutionary online SEO solution.

With this tool, you get keywords ideas, search volume, seasonal trends of specific keywords, and complete insight into your website traffic.

4. Exponea:

Exponea is very essence is an intelligent union of customer data management and analytics which cracked the unified Single Customer View. Through this, Exponea has enabled marketers to understand their customers and immediately turn such insights into actionable campaigns, all within a single integrated solution.

Did you know that Exponea has the no.1 “Best Relationship” with customers?!
(According to the G2Crowd Relationship Index for Marketing Automation 2018, users gave Exponea the highest ranking based on three main factors: Ease of Doing Business, Quality of Support, and Likelihood to Recommend).

Built on top of cutting-edge technology, Exponea empowers marketers to deliver truly personalized, in-the-moment experiences to their customers at scale through deeply embedded AI-powered capabilities. You can also find a lot of useful stuff on their blog, such as the guide to mastering email deliverability.

5. Promo.com

Promo.com is the one-stop free video maker for any type of business. With thousands of video templates made to fit any type of content, ranging from short videos, social media ads, explainer videos and everything in between, promo.com is your go-to tool.

Using a Promo video ad maker is like having an in-house design team working for all your business videos at a minimal cost. Promo will help your company stand out, target the right audience and turn them into customers with high-quality video ads.

6. Zapier

In these uncertain times, companies are compelled to innovate like never before. They are actively resorting to automated systems to revamp remote working, cut costs, increase efficiency, and provide faster service.

Zapier is an online automation tool that has been a popular choice for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect their favorite apps, like Slack, Gmail, etc. You save a lot of time and effort by automating repetitive tasks and create different workflows (known as zaps) between your apps.

Now, you can concentrate on more important tasks and cater to customers’ needs in these tough times.

7. Hootsuite

Businesses are long using social media to brand, market their business and sell products/services to their customers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms,

When people are forced to live in isolation, it has become more than important for businesses to connect with customers on social media, which are now their primary sources of information. Hootsuite is a successful resource for online marketing that helps you manage your social media network channels and dramatically increase brand exposure and awareness.

You can use this tool to create content efficiently, engage with your audience while seamlessly managing crisis communications.

8. Survey Monkey

Online Tools to Boost Business During Coronavirus

Forced to work from home or remotely, these unstable times have affected the employees’ work-life balance. Companies have to adopt essential listening tools to know the challenges their employees are facing and the feelings they are experiencing.

Employee surveys are the best way to do so.

Survey Monkey is popular survey software that comes with free questionnaire templates created by experts to get feedback from your employees and customers. When you survey the employees during rough times and also take action on the result, it will show empathy and send a message that you acknowledge their stress.

All this boosts employees’ morale, efforts, and productivity.

9. Slack

When companies across the world had to suddenly manage the responsibility to support an entirely remote workforce, lack of efficient collaboration tools and proper training for communication within the team working remotely became their major challenge, says an article published by CIO.

Seemingly, most companies’ search ended at collaboration tools like Slack that replaced email and text messaging for the team in no time. Compatible with both desktop and mobile, Slack helps teams collaborate and share files, anywhere, anytime.

The communications are segmented by creating various channels as per different topics, teams, or projects. Connecting teams via instant messaging helps shorten timelines, lower costs, foster honest relationships, and increase productivity.

10. Lumen5

Online Tools to Boost Business During Coronavirus

Videos are gaining colossal traction amongst consumers who are liking to see the products in action. Nearly 85% of internet users in the US prefer to watch online video content on their digital devices.

The choice can be well understood. Motion content is entertaining, engaging, and easy to digest. Lumen5 is an awesome tool that helps you create videos in a blink. When using this tool, when you click on a portion of the text, you’ll be automatically presented with the relevant media that can fit with those words.

There is a huge library of photos, clips, videos, and audio files for you to choose from.

11. Dragon Metrics

Online shopping, getting updates on COVID-19, productivity suggestions/tools – people are almost staying online 24×7 for these needs and more during the COVID lockdown situation.  To boost your business, you have to make sure your prospective customers are able to find you online. This is where tools like Dragon Metrics come in handy.

It helps you have an efficient SEO campaign in place and targets the audience actively looking for your products and services or something belonging in the same category.

Bonus tip:

If you own a blog, you need to revamp it to make it relevant ASAP for today’s situation. A simple way would be to use WordPress themes for business or free BuddyPress themes while developing a dedicated content strategy for the same.

12. Marketo

Online Tools to Boost Business During Coronavirus

Marketing automation is the need of the hour to reduce cost, resources, and increase creativity, effectiveness, sales, and revenue. Marketo is an amazing tool that helps marketers plan, manage, and measure their online and offline marketing campaigns.

With useful features like sales collaboration, real-time updates, forecasting, scheduling, and cross-selling, they can closely manage and qualify leads and pass them onto sales.

Final Thoughts:

These unprecedented times are threatening the existence of many businesses like restaurants, travel companies or brick and mortar retailers while opening great opportunities and higher demands for some companies like productivity-related SaaS products and eCommerce sites.

Businesses have no other option than to adjust their online strategies before the competitors. Reliable tools like online quiz platforms, marketing automation tools, collaboration apps, video makers can help you swim upstream.

At last, it’s imperative how you are talking to your customers and addressing their concerns to thrive in these challenging times.

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