12 Instagram Story Makers: Create Visuals for Instagram Stories

It is fun creating Instagram stories where users post pictures or short-form videos that appear on Instagram for the next 24 hours. Over time, this feature has become very popular due to the many options that make them interesting.

Several available apps will help you to make amazing visuals for your Instagram stories. This is because some of the Instagram story maker apps add effects and animations to the stories. Some others will give you a chance to use a more advanced photo and video editing feature.

Top 12 Instagram Story Maker 2020

Nevertheless, Instagram offers you with creative options to create stories by using more specialized Instagram story maker apps. Although these apps make work easier in making Instagram stories, some of them take a lot of time to navigate, which makes it hard to know all their tips.

Here are amazing Instagram story maker apps that will help you make enticing Instagram stories that your fans will enjoy viewing!

1. Storyluxe

Instagram Story Maker

It is one of the latest template apps that will help you make eye-catching content. It has various Instagram story templates in the likes of instant films, neon, floral, Polaroid, and more. It is known for having both current yet creative templates.

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The good thing about it is that it was the first template to create Instagram stories dedicated to an event because it allows you to capture many memories at once.

2. Unfold

This app offers you an easier way to upgrade your story’s content. Use templates to make Instagram stories; it is possible to create cohesive content at corresponds to your brand. If you are not comfortable using these templates in Adobe Photoshop, it is good to go through your phone via the unfold app.

3. Story boost

Are you looking to add a professionally animated Instagram story? Then the story boost, the animated instagram story maker has many transitions to offer. You can create slides that are smooth at ease. The animation and the engaging transitions will be hooked in so that your audience taps away from your posts. Besides, it helps bring the viewers to real life as it makes simple product super-engaging.

4. InShot

Instagram Story Maker

It is a video and photo editing app. It helps create Instagram stories. With its many amazing features, you will create amazing visuals. Its features will help you cut, split, crop, merge, and even trim videos. Besides that, it adds background and other amazing effects to your Instagram video story.

You can also add music and sounds of your choice. With this app, you can make a slow-motion video or fast videos. It is a great app that can be used by either amateurs or experts. It has several features that you need to create Instagram stories.

5. Story-art

It is the highest-rated story-editing app and instagram story cover maker for Instagram. The app offers you with several preset templates that you can use to make your Instagram stories with ease. Besides that, it offers many options for adding design effects. You can text with different fonts, themes, filters, and other design effects.

6. Canva

Instagram Story Maker

It is a widely known photo editor. You can use to make beautiful photos with texts and other effects. It has a big collection of templates that you can use to create engaging Instagram stories. Apart from these features, it has several photo editing features. That will help you make beautiful features that you can share online.

7. Adobe spark

This app is easy to use yet do not need expertise in designing. You can add several effects on the photos and the videos on the instagram story maker online app. For the Instagram stories, sounds can be added from your phone. All these effects can help make great visuals that your fans will enjoy.

8. PhotoGrid

This app has several templates specified to make Instagram stories. It is a simple and easy to use app that will help you make Instagram stories. It helps enhance pictures using features like filters, font, stickers, etc.

This offers you with editing features like clipping. This helps you remove the background or any other part you want to eliminate. Apart from that, it has other beautifying features. Some of them enhance you with makeup when taking selfies and profile shots. Its selfie camera helps you take selfies that get beatified. Besides, it can be used to create memes for Instagram stories.

9. Typorama

Instagram Story Maker

This app allows you to add fun and attention to grab attention over your Instagram story. It helps you create nice designs with ease. To hack this, you need to choose a background and begin typing your message.

This is because the app has several typography layouts, fonts, and interfaces. Besides the advanced text tools, it offers you photo editing features. These include the filters and overlaying images. That means it has everything you would need.

10. Cut story

It is an iOS instagram story video maker app that allows you to make a series of 15-seconds video. It could be for your Instagram stories or just normal but needs to be cut. One of the main challenges you might face when posting this video is that your story may need to be shorter.

Then here you will need to have less than the 15seconds. Luckily, this app is a savior. It comes in to help you solve that problem and create a continuous stream of 15-second videos that you can post.

11. Microsoft Hyperlapse

It is an app that quickly creates time-lapse videos at ease. Then you need to share videos on your Instagram stories. You can use the app to modify the speed of the existing larger videos. Also, with the help of this app, you can change the speed limit. That means you can slow it or increase the speed several times of the usual speed.

12. Tezza app

Instagram Story Maker

It is a very cool app that will help you make cool edits to your photos. It is one of the best apps when it comes to presetting, as it has simple tools for editing. These edits make it easy to bring your Instagram story’s posts to life.


The use of the story editing apps is an excellent method of making your Instagram stories stand out and get the attention of your audience. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand or not. These apps can help you to send your message across and get the attention of many people.

There are several other photos and video editing apps for Instagram stories from which you can choose. It is good to allow your creativity to flow by using these apps. You should note that it all not about posting daily. Rather, the apps help employ a strong strategy that includes fun and creative ways of engaging your Instagram audience.

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