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10 Apps for Editing Photos Before Posting on Instagram

Ready to post your “photo of the day” on the much-popular Instagram? Well, before you hit that share button, we suggest editing the picture for a pro effect. Although Instagram has its own set of editing tools, there are plenty of professional photo-editing mobile apps that serve the purpose better. So, let’s explore them through this blog.

More than 100 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram each day, as per Omnicore findings. Fascinating, isn’t it?! With such staggering stats and popularity, you can imagine the relevance of the need to stand out on this platform with a great photo.

Tools for Editing Photos Before Posting on Instagram

But, that doesn’t mean you’d have to invest in a professional camera set-up or hire a photographer for every cutting-edge image that goes on your feed. A photo-editing app would do the needful. For free or a little price. Read on ten Apps for Editing Photos before posting on Instagram.

From cropping the image to enhancing the color and clarity, these apps make your photos attractive in mere minutes. We’ve made a list of such apps below detailing their availability and features so that you’re saved from the endless search!


Apps for Editing Photos

With over 50 million installs, VSCO can be called one of the most admired Instagram photo and video editing apps. In fact, there are 199,910,348 posts with #vsco at the time of writing.

The photo editing app offers hassle-free imports and edits of your photos. With its Contrast, Fade, Grain, and aesthetic film-like tones, you can turn any ordinary image into a professional one with ease.  The free version of VSCO is loaded with 10 presets while the paid membership offers access to advanced editing with 200+ presets.

Available on: Android and iOS

2. A Color Story

A Color Story lets your photo tell its tale with vibrant pops of color. Having one million+ installs, this app provides you with Instagram grid planning and preview, helping you enhance your page’s appeal. The app makes fine-tuning photos a simple task, thanks to its impressive line-up of effects and filters designed by leading photographers.

There are 100+ movable effects along with curves and HSL options. Interestingly, you can also create and save your custom filters easily to sprinkle some uniqueness. A Color Story is free for basic features. Upgrade to premium to unlock all its filters and advanced tools.

Available on: Android and iOS

3. Snapseed

Apps for Editing Photos

Snapseed, a Google product, is an image editing app that offers you as many 29 tools and filters to brighten up your Instagram. Known for its simplicity, the app can open both RAW and jpeg files. Its installation figures stand at 100,000,000+, indicating its popularity.

Whether it’s Black and White, Vintage, Drama, Blur or HDR Scape, the effects bring your photos to life. In addition to saving your favorite looks, Snapseed also allows you to remove unwanted objects and people from your pictures. What’s more? You can also correct portrait poses and adjust face-lighting.

Available on: Android and iOS for free

4. Priime

If you always get confused about which style would best suit your photo, then Priime is your solution. The app recommends smart styles that would make your photos look more spectacular based on their original setting.

Additionally, you can edit both RAW and non-RAW images at a lightning speed without compromising on resolution. The wide colors, live photo editing, and filters created in association with top photographers of the world is another plus.

Available on: iOS for $2.99 (provides in-app purchases)

5. Adobe Spark Post

Apps for Editing Photos

Spice up your Instagram posts and stories in seconds with Adobe Spark Post’s thousands of professional templates. You can not only add captivating Design Filters but also include experts-curated stunning typography to your photos.

In addition, the app offers impressive video animation, instant resize, fun layouts, auto recolor, and much more. When you run out of original ideas, you can always use the app’s free stock photo library. Adobe Spark Post’s basic plan is free. Unlimited features are available with paid plans.

Available on: Android and iOS

6. Layout from Instagram

Apps for Editing Photos

Up for creating a cool collage out of your photos? Then Layout from Instagram is your go-to photo-editing app. It’s super simple with great layout options that can mix up to 9 snaps in a fun frame.

Wondering what’s more? You can flip, mirror, zoom, swap, replace, and resize your clicks. The app also lets you capture shots on-the-go with its Photo Booth mode. For a more finished look, you can use Instagram filters.

Available on: Android and iOS for free

7. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker

Admire those stop motion videos? Well, you can make one yourself with the Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker minus any hassles.

This photo editing mobile app can transform your shots into a motion video. All you gotta do is align the pictures, choose a filter, video ratio, and one of the royalty-free music pieces from its library. It’s an amazing way to document your travels or product videos. The app, with its built-in camera functions, is free. It offers in-app purchases.

Available on: Android and iOS

8. A Design Kit

An offering from the creators of A Color Story, A Design Kit lets you beautify your photos with its creative brushes, hundreds of designs, stylish backgrounds, and interesting sets of fonts and stickers.

If that wasn’t all, the app also features over 200 collage styles for you to seamlessly put together an elegant memory. The app comes with free basic features and in-app purchases along with a premium monthly membership plan of $3.99.

Available on: iOS

9. Boomerang from Instagram

Boomerang is another fun app from Instagram that lets you document your life in a fun short video. With 100,000,000+ installs, this widely popular app captures a sequence of ten photos and converts them into an engaging video that keeps looping back and forth.

The app has only one button; one tap on it and the app handles everything for you, making it extremely smooth to use. Boomerang has built-in social media sharing features. However, you can also save your creations to the phone gallery.

Available on: Android and iOS for free

10. Pixlr

Pixlr, previously known as Pixlr Express, offers you more than 2 million blends of free filters, overlays, and effects for a flawless Instagram feed. With Pixlr, you can edit the entire or a part of your shot. Moreover, you can remove red-eye, auto-correct colors, and use Focal Blur, Double Exposure, and preset collages for a polished photo.

The app also has eye-catchy fonts to make your images more interesting. There’s a downside – Pixlr doesn’t offer ad-free experience. Use in-app purchases for ads removal and more features.

Available on: Android and iOS

All Set to Edit a Photo?

Since we just explored 10 best photo editing apps for Instagram, it’s time for some real action now. Don’t worry; editing a photo isn’t as difficult as building a photo editing app. Try a few apps from the above list and settle for the one that’s both easy and effective for you. Feel free to share your experience with us.

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