12 Instagram Story Viewer Apps for Viewing Instagram Content

If you’re crazy about peeping into Instagram stories of other Instagram accounts, here are 11 apps and online services that may help you. You might have used several Instagram Story viewers but they don’t keep your identity private. To play safe, you need to have an Instagram story viewer that allows you to do it anonymously.

Apps to View Instagram Stories Anonymously

The post lists 11 best apps that let you watch Instagram Stories without being tracked. You may choose one that suits your needs. Download it from Google Play Store and start using right now.


Let’s meet our first Instagram story viewer in the list. It’s VSCO. The app is available for download on iOS and Android platforms. It’s quite a handy app if you want to create magic in Instagram stories using classic-style filters and effects. The app is a must have app if you’re crazy about trending Instagram filters.

This popular Instagram stories app comes free and packed with retro-style filters. They turn your photos into a life like entity. What seems great with the filters available with the story viewer is that they can be adjusted in the way you want.

In addition to the story viewing, VSCO Instagram story viewer is loaded with several standard photo editing tools that you can use to edit photos to make them classy.

2. BlindStory

Our next app in the list is BlindStory Instagram stories viewer. This unique app enables instagram freaks to discover amazing and awestrucking Instagram stories anonymously. The app lets you access curated stories of Instagram users.

The only downside of the Instagram story viewer app is that it can’t access private profiles. In addition to making Instagram stories visible to you, it even allows you to store them to your phone for future access.

3. Profile Plus+ Story Reposter

instagram story viewer

This is another renowned app that you can use to view Instagram stories anonymously without downloading them. Like the previous app we covered, this app as well can’t access private profiles. That means, you can watch stories of a profile as long as it’s public. Just enter the Instagram username to view his/her insta stories anonymously.

The downside of the app is that you can access only one profile for free in a day. In order to access multiple or unlimited Instagram stories anonymously, you can opt for Profile+ PRO subscription.

4. Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro

It’s another anonymous Instagram stories viewer app in our list. The app comes loaded with an Anonymous mode for Instagram story view. Just activate the feature to let the app running in the background while you’re accessing Instagram.

The app leaves no trace that you’re on the spree of watching Instagram stories anonymously. The app also lets you download those stories on your phone so that you can watch them later.

5. Gramster

instagram story viewer

Now it’s turn for Gramster, our next Instagram stories viewer app. The app, like other apps in the list, allows users to watch Stories of any Instagram user whose profile is public. You can also use the app to download and view Instagram photos and videos of other users.

The app sends notifications about the new stories being posted. A PIN based authentication is also available with the app to avoid unauthorized access.

6. Story Saver for Instagram

view instagram stories

This is one of its kind apps that lets users download and watch Stories of other users anonymously. To watch stories, open your Story Saver for Instagram, input the user’s login, and tap the “Story” button.

It will load Instagram stories whether images or videos on your device directly. This is how you can watch the stories and highlights without being noticed. In addition to the above capabilities, you can also use the app to download videos and IGTV content. The anonymous stories viewer app lets users access to reposting videos and photos and share them with friends via social media.

7. Story Save

instagram story viewer

This is our next Instagram Stories Viewer in the list. The very first thing to do before starting to use the app is logging in to your Instagram account. Now, choose a public Instagram account by entering the user name.

Tap Stories or Highlights to open the content stream on your phone. The app is only capable of downloading Stories and Highlights instead of loading Instagram feed posts.

8. Story Saver

If you’re drilling down the online space to find an innovatively designed anonymous instagram stories viewer app, Story Saver is at your disposal. The app allows users to view instagram stories online of other users without being caught and by loading them to your phone.

With the help of Story saver app, you can repost photos or videos to your Instagram. You can also mark profile ‘favorite’ in order to have faster access to profiles’ content.

9. in Grabber – Story Viewer Instagram

view instagram stories

Like other stories viewer apps in the list, the app allows you to watch instagram Stories in anonymous mode. You can also load the stories on your phone for effortless browsing. Not limited to this, the app can also help you to download photos and videos from posts and IGTV as well. This is quite unique. You can also share the content via social media.

10. InstaStoryViewer.com

instagram story viewer

Instastoryviewer.com is the safest and fastest way to watch Instagram stories without disclosing your real identity. The app lets you view and download Instagram stories, highlights and profile pictures from instagram profiles.

The process of having free instagram story views from the web service is easy to use. Explore Instagram stories of multiple profiles and save them in your phone before they automatically get deleted. Even non-tech users can operate the app without any hassle.

11. Ingramer

view instagram stories

Ingram is another popular anonymous instagram story viewer. It’s an online web service that helps users to allow watching Instagram Stories without being traced. With the service, you can easily view all active Stories, Highlights of your Instagram accounts that are public.

You can also save Instagram stories on your phone to watch them later. Just write your username username in the search bar, click on the Search button and enjoy an unlimited stream of content.

12. Storieswatch.com

instagram story viewer

This is another popular online web service and Instagram story viewer to watch Instagram stories without disclosing your identity. The service allows you to download and view recent Instagram Stories anonymously without installing any app. To discover and watch ig stories privately, just enter Instagram username see and view all ig stories in high quality.

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