Importance Of SSL Certificates On Banking Websites

So is it really true or you are thinking we are just building stories? Do banks really need SSL certificate?

Yes, well folks the answer is certainly a YES. SSL certificates are essential for the financial institutions and banks. There are many reasons for this we will discuss them one by one in this article.

Importance Of SSL Certificates

Importance Of SSL Certificates

By now we assume that you know about SSL certificate and its importance. Still, for better insight let’s take glimpses of what SSL certificates are and why banks need them:

Hackers are snooping over the digital milieu to gain fiscal benefits at any cost. Here, the most beleaguered being the banks and financial institutions like insurance companies.

However, there is sure advancement in cyber security methods to counter cyber attacks and offer enhanced security. Nevertheless, the hackers are in par distinction to outstrip the security with their complicated spamming methods.

But with the plethora of online banking transactions and systems floating to and fro from the network, there hoists a huge apprehension to the banks and its clients/customers.

We are blessed with SSL Certificate cuts the first sod as it encrypts the online transactions that go to and fro from the website.

Still, let’s get started with a basic understanding of SSL certificate so that we are on the same pages further in the article:

Secure Socket Layer or SSL is a digital certificate that ensures smooth and secure transactions.

It encrypts all the confidential data that is transmitted from the browser to the server and vice versa. Thus, the data sent through your website is secure and protected. SSL implements a two key cryptographic system that encrypts data, this consist of public and a private key.

Here, the public key encrypts the data and further this encrypted information is used to decode the encrypted data.

One type of SSL certificate that is widely used by the online businesses, especially by banking institutions is the EV SSL certificate. Take a look at its specifications and an overview.

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EV SSL or Extended Validated SSL Certificate guarantees absolute security to a financial website (banking).

With EV SSL certificate the address bar gets green padlock bar and your company name that offers a secure lock sign – making it visible to the customers to gain trust and indicating complete authentication for security.

Why EV SSL certificate is a must have for a Banking Website is the catch here, read the below points:

  • EV SSL gives your banking website a secure and legitimate connection
  • It displays a secure lock sign and a green address bar with your company name
  • It improves the customer trust
  • It enhances the website’s rankings in the Google Search Engine, ultimately give great results
  • It encrypts the private financial transactions and other confidential details
  • It helps in increasing visitor’s assurance and boost conversion rate.
  • Gives complete data protection and maintain digital security

These days’ customers are very careful of transacting online. This can be because of increasing cyber crime and hacking attacks.

They are also aware of the SSL certificates and https use and they make sure they check the website before doing any banking transaction. If they see SSL certificate and https secure sign for the website they feel secure and move ahead with their banking transactions.

Have a look at some of the facts about EV SSL certificate that will support and validate all the above points:

  • EV certificate is the new type of SSL certificate that is cheap SSL and quite effective
  • This came into development to raise awareness and gain customer’s trust because there is a drift among them pertaining to increasing number of threat and phishing attacks. Hence to avert them it came into the picture.
  • EV SSL certificate is superb in assessing and detecting website forgeries effortleSSLy
  • This certificate makes sure that your banking website on which you work matches the SSL certificate requirement and classifications
  • It also ensures that the title-holder of the present website has been verified
  • Encrypts and authenticate all the internal and external communication from the website
  • A good feature is that end user easily identfy fake sites and protect your site from phishing attacks.
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 What’s the role of EV SSL certificate for banking websites?

The amazing benefits of EV SSL certificate make it great not only for banking websites but these days a lot of e-commerce websites have also started using it.

This ensures a loyal customer base and gains prominence on search engines rankings as well. Make sure the EV SSL certificates issued by authentic Certification Authorities, even this count for building customer’s trust for a banking website.

Eventually, Building customer’s trust it is very important to give them safe and successful online transactions and services, especially while dealing with finance and sensitive data.

Just to put final thoughts here, we all do banking for one or the other services and products. We would surely not want our sensitive details to get hacked.

Thus, safe banking is needed and this is possible when they get encrypted transmission of data. By using SSL certificates your customers feel secure and safe.

Importance Of SSL Certificates