Top 10 Best Free Texting Apps for Android


Even though the world has moved to instant messaging online, still there is a demand for standard SMS. If your parents are still chugging along with a feature phone and you are using a smartphone, then SMS is the only way to connect with them apart from calls. In this case, you need a free text app that offers you a reliable service with instant delivery of text messages.

Best Free Text and Call Apps for Android

There are many free texting apps for both android and iOS. Here are the top 10 best free texting apps for your mobile that offers instant delivery.

1. Text free

It is a free text and calls app that enables you to create a custom phone number with a local area code. Users can send free SMS and MMS to anyone with a dedicated phone number. The main advantage of text free app is that you can text anyone even if they don’t have the app installed.

It is one of the best texting apps that can be used to send free SMS and MMS from your computer. In this free text app, you can also enjoy the facility of a group text with multiple users. Text free app is completely free for sending texts.

2. TextMe

Textme free text app

It is one of the best free talk and text app which lets you create a custom phone number. The text me app enables you to send text messages and MMS to anyone for free. Like text free app, the text me app also allows you to send free text messages to users who don’t use this app.

This is a really great feature of this app. Through this text me app, you can easily share your dropbox photos and videos via text directly. Users can easily access the features of the text me an app in an instance by signing up.

It also has the calling feature, but users need to watch the advertisement videos to enjoy free calling minutes. With this feature, you can also call any phone number easily.

3. TextNow

TextNow app allows you to create a local phone number that can be used to send free SMS and MMS to anyone. Text now app free is a great texting app, and users will love the no-nonsense experience with this app.

With this best and free texting app, you can make your messaging easier. It offers unlimited texts and picture messaging to the US and Canada. The users can use the available emojis, stickers, and GIFs to make the conversation more enjoyable.

You can keep your conversation under security with a lock and key away from others in this app. It supports a Google smart lock, so you no need to remember your password while unlocking the private chats.

4. TextMe Up

It is an awesome new free phone text app for free texting, and it is similar to Text Free and Text Me. This app supports more than 40 countries around the globe where users can send free text messages without any limitation.

You can also send text messages from their computers, which is really helpful. TextMe Up app also supports phone calls with a credit system. The other advantage of the TextMe up app is you can create multiple phone numbers from one account and switch between them seamlessly.

5. TextPlus

It is the app that supports free and unlimited SMS texting, picture messaging, calls, and voicemail. With this free text and call app, you can message and call your friends with a valid phone number, and also, you do not need any other phone service.

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With this free text and call app, you can send and receive unlimited SMS, calls, and MMS. There are also no restrictions or charges on the number of multimedia messages. In addition, you can also enjoy group texting, and it is completely free.

6. Talkatone – Free Text App

free text app

It is a pretty old free text message app that offers free texting services. With this app, you can create a local phone number that you can use to send free SMS and MMs, including images, voice clips, and GIFs for free.

The best feature of this Talkatone app is the end-user will receive text messages without having the Talkatone app installed. It is a great free texting app, and you will find the service much more reliable than other apps.

7. Google voice

It is a text and voice messaging app launched in 2009 to provide a new way to interact with users. The working principle of the Google voice app is very similar to other apps on the list; that is, you can create a new phone number that lets you call and text free of charge.

And so great thing about this free texting app is that you can access Google voice even from your computer. This app is a great alternative for a free texting app which you definitely need to check out.

8. Textra SMS

free text app

Textra SMS is a user-friendly free text app, and you can receive and deliver information quickly. It is a fantastic and feature-rich SMS and MMS app with a customizable alternative to your stock Android messaging app.

Textra SMS has 180+ material design themes, dark and light auto night modes, bubble and app icon color, scheduled SMS and MMS, message blocker, GIFs, etc. The exclusive feature offered by this Textra SMA app is free forever.

9. Chomp SMS– Free Text and Call App

Chomp SMS free text and call app has all the advanced features such as passcode app lock, privacy option, scheduled SMS senders, backup, etc. It is one of the messaging apps that has been in existence since the early days.

The user can customize the app with over 100 themes which are for free. The main advantage of this app is it is highly customizable, available for free, and comes with block listing features.

10. Pulse SMS

free text app

Pulse SMs app is highly customizable, and it has tons of themes, GIFs, and sound effects. This app also has spam blocking features, delayed SMS sending, and advanced search in contacts and messages.

It allows the user to customize every conversation. The advantage of this app is it boasts tons of customization, delayed messages, excellent material design user interface.

Wrapping up

All the above listed best free texting apps are some of the best free messaging apps which help you to connect with your loved one. You can install and use these apps to stay connected with your loved ones around the globe.

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