Top 10 Random Secret Santa Generator (Apps) for 2021


Christmas is fast approaching! Are you getting ready to plan for the day? One of the crucial things that will come to mind at the Christmas celebration is the secret gift from Santa. In this digital age, there are applications like the secret Santa generator for everything you are planning.

To make your Christmas fun more exciting, you can explore a wide range of variety of free and paid Secret Santa organizer apps. These apps are available both for Android and iOS apps and are absolutely free to download and use.

Best Secret Santa Name Generator

We are sure that these apps will add fun and frolic to your festivity. Use any of these apps and make your near and dear ones happy like never before. By using these apps, you can anonymously gift your loved ones something they would really love. 

Similarly, there are several secret Santa applications for both Android and iOS mobiles to please your friends and relatives to add more to the festival. Are you excited to find the top-rated apps for sending Santa gifts? Here it is!

1. Secret Santa SMS

If you are planning to throw a party on this Christmas or if you want to surprise your friends and relatives with a gift, executing the secret Santa idea will be a great choice. This is because manually assigned secret Santa for everyone can become a challenging task.

When you are leaving it to the application, it will create the group of people you are inviting for the party and set some limit for the secret Santa gift. This secret Santa name generator application will also send an auto-generated message to all the members.

Here, the names of the person for which the secret Santa with the maximum budget is presented will also be given. It is honoured as one of the most favourite secret Santa apps for the people.

2. Tick Tick: to do list

Next application in the list is the tick tick: to-do list. As the name indicates, you can understand that the application is meant for setting reminders and works as per the planer.

The secret Santa online generator application has a lot of things that will help you plan a secret Santa as you can sync your reminders and the list across the device and on the top of the application that comes with a sleek calendar and its widget keeps you on the track.

If you have a busy schedule, the application will be more helpful to make your Christmas more wonderful and joyful.

3. Secret Santa Organizer

 Secret Santa Generator

Secret Santa Organizer is the free online secret Santa gift exchange organizer that will definitely make your work easier with the best results. You can use it to better plan your secret Santa party with a friend, relative and colleagues.

Initially, you have to create the wish list to let Santa know what you are willing to have on this Christmas. With this, the wish list will be sent to the secret Santa. The app will randomly assign the persons to each other to give a gift to the other one.

In this way, you can keep track of the number of people taking part in the secret Santa party, and you will be sure that the recipient will love and present making it more valuable. Download secret Santa maker to make the upcoming Christmas day more fulfilled and share your love.

4. Draw Names – Secret Santa Online Generator

It is the simple platform that will allow you to submit the names and email addresses of friends and relatives to organize the secret Santa gift exchange on Christmas. You can use the group that already exists in the previous year or create a new group.

Every group chooses one person to be the organizer of the entire event. The organizer will add the names and email address of everyone in the group and send the email regarding the gift exchange on a special day.

This app will usually draw names for all the participants and email them to draw the names. The people in the group can submit the gift that they wish and send questions to Santa in case of necessity of any other information.

5. Sneaky Santa

It is one of the other secret scant gift generators that you can use to organize the secret gift for the upcoming Christmas. This Christmas secret Santa name generator will allow you to frame the rules for the name drawing, send an anonymous message to the person whose name you draw and willing to share the gift on the day.

To have this application for gifting, you have to create the group with the people to send the gift. Then, enter the name of the gift idea as per your wish and draw the names. Now, you will be able to check what the people are willing to have. It is as simple as that to present a gift and spread joy on a special day.

6. Pikkado’s Secret Santa Generator

 Secret Santa Generator

Another interesting choice for an online secret Santa generator for most people is Pikkado.  It is the tool to allow you to create a dedicated group, launch the invitations by emails to ensure that the people want to participate in this secret Santa event.

They can draw the names and send the secret Santa names for their friends or relatives. The app will also allow you to simulate and perform the virtual draw and reuse your groups every year. Further, it also comes with the simple rules that are easy to follow.

So, this is found to be the perfect group when it comes to the corporate secret Santa events to have more fun.

7. Santa’s Secret Keeper

It is the other preferable secret Santa app for both android and iOS mobiles.  It will allow you to create multiple groups without any limitations on the number of people to add for each event.

The event creation will allow you to set the minimum and maximum gift price as well as custom instruction for everyone to read, but the real features that will set the app apart from the other are the ability to prevent the certain participants from matching with each other.

This digital secret Santa generator is also fantastic for groups of friends or families who want to avoid drama at the festival and who want to resolve the issues that exist for a longer time.

8. Secret Santa Service

 Secret Santa Generator

It is the other noteworthy gift generator that comes with the cool design and aesthetic appeal to the one who is not into the whole cute cartoon Santa. The app will focus more on productivity and functionality with the ability to enter the name, assign roles and email targets of the participants to target all taking less than a minute.

It makes the entire process easier and offer lovable gifts for everyone in the group. Download the app to make the upcoming Christmas day to be exciting and fulfilled.

9. Elfster – Free Random Secret Santa Generator

From most users, it is one of the apps to be honoured to be the best for both iOS and Android mobiles.  Along with creating the secret Santa events with the custom data, time and name, the app will also allow the organizers to set a gift budget and offer the gift suggestion to their loved ones.

This secret Santa generator is available on both the iOS and Android device and also has a web version for family members and friends who cannot have the smartphone or tablets. If you are willing to have the application to make the Christmas day the best one, it is better to install it.

10. Private Notebook

 Secret Santa Generator

It is the app that indicates the proper execution of the process at the right time and notes the necessary things about Santa. This app will allow you to create the list and protect it with a password. You can load the gifts and share the gifts to earn more love and make your loved ones feel happy.

Secret Santa Online Generator: FAQ

What is Secret Santa?

A secret Santa generator is an online Secret Santa gift exchange. It helps you organize a secret Santa party with friends, family, or colleagues. During Christmas when people around the globe exchange gifts, secret Santa apps randomly assign persons to each other to give a gift to one another.

How does a secret Santa App Works?

Most of the apps work alike with certain add-on features. Users are asked to create a party on the app/website homepage. There should be at least 3-4 participants there with the first participant being the list administrator. The list administrator gets a confirmation link by e-mail. 

Once the administrator validates the link, a Secret Santa list is prepared and users in the list get your Christmas message along with the name of their Secret Santa gift buddy. It’s as simple as. 

Have you now got an idea on the various Secret Santa applications you can use for the upcoming Christmas to share your love to fellow people? Make note of the list and download the right app to start celebrating the big day.

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