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5 Reasons You Need to Build Mobile Applications In-House

With the rise of smartphone technology, things have greatly enhanced beyond people’s imagination. Smartphones, very easily have become stereotypical items. Along with smartphones, several technologies have set off as a necessity in people’s lives.

Moreover, you couldn’t ignore the fact that mobile app development has also given revenue growth. Thus, app development trends began to materialize and grow. Users and application developers are both responsible for the evolution.

These trends have streamlined people’s lives in a lot of ways. Indeed, apps for mobile devices have dominated the world, and the demand for mobile app development companies like Etatvasoft and it’s  services now more than ever continues to escalate.

With 4 billion people going online, and 31 billion connected devices worldwide, apps are becoming the preferred option for doing business, for everybody, from customers, business partners, to employees.

A lot of organizations are trying to create in-house mobile apps with the belief that it is highly controlled and cost-effective. Nonetheless, it’s not as easy as one thinks since they may be unable to keep track of the development operations as per their choice. However, the option is ideal for big organizations, but in order to succeed, they should make it a long-term strategy.

Five Reasons to build in-house Mobile Applications

If you are not already creating enterprise-facing or customer-facing mobile apps, then you should. Check out the following reasons to do in-house mobile apps and consider it as the best solution for your brand.

1. Boost Efficiency

If you have a mobile or distributed workforce, secure applications on smart devices like phones and tablets are the best ways of connecting and exchanging business intelligence and data in real-time.

Utilizing secure and proprietary mobile applications, data could be updated and analyzed right away by technicians, salespeople, partners, as well as others who demand accurate and instantaneous data information to complete the process, anytime, anywhere.

2. Everyone is doing applications

Companies have increased their mobile spending since 2015, and more and more enterprises now have their own application store to manage apps that are corporate-authorized.

Today, it’s not only a mobile app development company that could build mobile apps, businesses as well are now crafting their own applications. They believe that they would reap the benefits of the specific kinds of mobile applications.

3. Mobile apps boost customer loyalty

Mobile applications today also boost customer loyalty. A mobile app company’s mere icon allows a tenacious peace of mind. Moreover, if the app is correlated with the loyalty program of the company, it even has an over positive effect.

Loyalty applications do not only abolish voluminous loyalty cards, they could enable smart features that are location-triggered as well, such as geo-fenced push notifications of reviews and discounts.

4. Increasingly-mobile customers

Purchases via mobiles have overtaken website-based and in-store purchases. For the younger generation of consumers, this is particularly true. People nowadays are hooked on mobile purchases.

Millennials are increasingly making purchases from their mobile devices, and the projection is expected to grow this year and in the years to come. In a report by the Mobile Path to Purchase by Google, 26 percent of all customers are using mobile apps as the beginning point when searching with the intention to buy.

5. Third-party app development is costly

While you outsource