Mobile App Retention: The Need Of The Hour For App Developers


Increase Your App’S Retention Rate

With the rapid increase in smartphone applications usage, millions of apps exist in the market today. Considering that most of the apps are free, retention rates of apps are decreasing day by day. The article throws light on how to increase your app’S retention rate.

Mobile app developers are going through an engagement crisis, because it is easier than ever for a consumer to find an app that is similar to theirs, and it takes only a few seconds to switch apps.

This phenomenon has made it highly imperative for apps to increase their retention rate, which is the percentage of active users of your app over a specific period of time. It is supposed to increase, while the churn rate, which is the percentage of users that quit the app after a specific period of time, is supposed to decrease.

If you want to ensure an android or an iOS app development, it is integral to understand the concept of app retention and churning better.

Importance Of App Retention Rate:

Retention rates showcase how good the app’s performance is and how good the user interaction is with the app. The more advanced the retention rate is, the greater are the chances of the user permanently converting into a paying customer.

Analysis of the retention rate helps in figuring out numerous causes for a business losing money. Repeatedly catching up with your metrics and taking strategic steps to keep it increasing is the best way to ensure that your app, user experience and your profits are all improving.

How to Increase Your App’S Retention Rate?

Increase Your App’S Retention Rate

Despite mobile phones being the top medium for consumers to interact with companies, the brands are unable to deliver a great experience, which is why consumers seem to be churning. To fix this problem of app retention, utilize the following tactics that will positively impact retention:

 Proper Functionality & High Quality

The most integral step in advancing engagement on your app is to create a secure mobile app. Almost every app faces minor bugs initially, which is why repeated testing is required to facilitate its smooth functioning.

It goes without saying that in a highly competitive market, if your app falters in proper functionality, your users will quit the app without giving it a second thought. You cannot afford to let your app crash, lag or load slowly, as it will affect the metrics.

Always ensure that you’re partnering with skilled mobile app creators that have the knowledge to create high-quality products.

Easy Onboarding

Creating a smooth-functioning onboarding experience drastically reduces abandonment rates. The simpler your app is at the beginning stage – an easy sign up, few information fields and simple functions- the less likely are users to abandon it.

First impression is the last impression, and your app is no exception to this rule. These tips can help you create a seamless app onboarding process.

  • Provide simple login options and make the account creation easy.
  • Offer feature education to your users to create familiarity.
  • Teach gestures/actions required for the app.

Mobile Personalization

Personalization of any kind gives a more attractive and unique experience to any user. The more in sync the experience is with the user’s requirements and likings, the higher the chance there is for them to continue using the application.

Displaying the user’s name on the screen and during messages is a great way to personalize, but providing push notifications that are relevant to the particular user creates a greater impact.

Users are always demanding personalization, and it’s important to meet their demands. Give them that required personal touch by modifying their interactions based on their choices, locations, and distinct behaviors.

Use Push Notifications

Push messaging performs certain essential functions. It creates a high recall value, as it constantly reminds users that they’ve downloaded your app, which is vital when you’re competing in a market with several apps like your own.

When used effectively, it helps encourage usage through aiming at messages similar to the user’s interactive statistics and preferences. It also helps engage users when it provides them a captivating reason to return, like promotions or discounts for a service or product.

Facilitating Two-Way Communication

Getting feedback from your users proves that you care about their input and it helps direct the app in the way the users like.

An additional benefit of establishing an open line of communication with your audience is that they won’t post any kind of negative reviews on the app stores about your app, if they can first reach out to you with their grievances and you can resolve them.

Addressing grievances, questions or any kind of concerns will enhance your rendezvous with users and retention rates, will establish mostly positive reviews, and develop long-term brand faithfulness.

Ways to Increase Your App’S Retention Rate: Conclusion

In competitive times like today, the goal for any app developer is not just to get their app downloaded, but to retain users to build strong brand loyalty. Retention of users and engagement of the app are as important as acquiring users.

To increase the average lifetime of your app, you’ll have to convert users to long-term customers. The tips listed above can help in significantly developing any iOS or android app and improve retention and sets your application apart from all its competitors.

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