10 Best Sudoku Games for Android In 2021


Today, games are the best thing to make us entertained and get relaxed from work stress. There are a wide variety of games that keep players engaged. But if you love puzzles and wish to sharpen the skill, you will find “Sudoku” the best option. There is a lot of variation, so let’s check out the 10 best Sudoku solvers for android.

Best Sudoku Games Online to Download

1. Sudoku.com

Best Sudoku Games

It is one of the best sudoku games, with a wide range of puzzle games to keep players engaged. There are daily sudoku challenge, seasonal event and much more that keeps the aura of the game. Sudoku.com comes with 6 difficulty levels so that players can play according to their choice.

The game also has unlimited puzzles and hints to solve the puzzle and continue with the game. Many other features like auto-save, colour themes, and even statistics make the game interesting for all. It is one of the best sudoku games for both beginners and experienced players.

2. Genina.com Sudoku

If you are looking for the best sudoku game that keeps you entertained and comes up with all the features, go for Genina.com Sudoku. The app is equipped with different difficulty levels s, so players can select based on their experience.

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Moreover, it has undone and redo options along with hints that help players to solve the Sudoku. The app interface is impressive, and the numbers are visible, which helps players concentrate on the game and solve it as soon as possible.

3. Sudoku Solver

Best Sudoku Games

Many people are just beginners with Sudoku and so lookout for a basic app. So, for them, OkayCode Sudoku Solver is best in every way. It looks like the traditional game that earlier comes in the newspaper or magazines, so players who cannot cope with the new style find it the best.

It has a simple design and is available for free. Players are required to enter the number and twist their brains to get it correct. So, players playing Sudoku for the 1st time on mobile or tablet will find Sudoku solver best for them.

4. Super Sudoku

Games are always about graphics and interface. But when you are playing Sudoku, it needs just concertation and tricks. So, Super Sudoku comes with a simple interface that helps players concentrate on the numbers and update the level of gaming.

The games have various themes so that players can change them based on their favorite color. Players are free to check their achievements and can play it offline.

5. Anadolu Sudoku 3

Best Sudoku Games

If you are the one who loves to play Sudoku offline, Andoku sudoku 3 is best for it. The game has more than 20,000 puzzles in various difficulty levels that keep the players busy. It is hard for beginners to learn about the techniques, and so Andoku sudoku 3 comes with tutorials to teach players.

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The game also has a cloud sync option that keeps the level saved. The free version of the game has ads, but if you, the paid version is ad-free.

6. Sudoku by Brainium Studios

It is one of the classic and full-featured sudoku games for mobile and tablets users. Players are free to select difficulty levels based on their skills and likings. Some of the features by Brainium that make the game easy to play are auto-error checking, auto- notes, undo, hint, and many more.

The hint in the game gives a full explanation of the mistake that players can avoid in the future. The game is equipped with different themes, font and feel free to select the orientation.

7. Sudoku – The Clean One

Players looking for an impressive, engaging, and free sudoku app will find Sudoku- The Clean One as the best option. As the name suggests, the game has a simple UI and helps players concentrate only on the puzzle.

Players are free to select the theme and difficulty level in the game. The progress is stored, so even if you are running out of time, hold and play it later without losing the game.

8. Sudoku – Sudoku Puzzle, Brain game & Number Games

Best Sudoku Games

This game is best for both beginners and experienced players. The game is more than just Sudoku as it has number and brain games that help players develop skills and sharpen their brains. The simple design of eth sudoku and different difficulty levels make it suitable for people of all ages.

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The game is equipped with different features like auto-check, daily challenges, free hint, note mode, and much more. The game comes in various difficulty levels, and thus have fun while playing Sudoku. The game’s dark theme is appropriate for all players who love to play the game before going to sleep.

9. Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku is one such game based on logical reasoning and has all other features that make it enjoyable to play. Sudoku is not just for entertainment or fun but also helps to sharpen the mind. Beginners try out with the easy level, while pro players can opt for the difficulty level.

It has more than 5000 sudoku games that come with different challenges to make it exciting. It can pause and resume the game and other such options that make killer Sudoku different from other such games.

10. Sudoku Free by AI Factory Limited

Players who are looking to get something new and exciting must go for Sudoku Free. The graphics and interface of the game are impressive and are also one of the reasons that keep players connected.

The game comes with 5 difficult levels, and it compromises more than 1500 puzzles. There are some unique features of the game, like statistics reports showing the average competition time and other such information. The game is available for free and is compatible with both smartphones and tablets.


These are some of the best Sudoku games for android users. All these games are available for free and paid versions, so feel free to play the puzzle and improve your skills. These sudoku games are easy to download on your android device, and you are free to play at your favorable time.

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