Top 10 Gaming Trick To Solve Any Puzzle

# Last Updated On: June 20, 2019 #

With the rapid evolution in the technology world, computer games are the current addiction for most people.

They are not only a fantastic form of entertainment but also give a sense of accomplishment once you complete playing one. This is because they pose challenges to us humans and allow us a chance to solve them.

Top 10 Gaming Tricks

They are not simple challenges and thus, once you get to solve them, you feel accomplished in some way. Contrary to popular opinion, not all computer games can be solved by just about any person.

Some are too challenging for even the best computers gamers.  Puzzles are especially a hard lot.  A perfect example is the Big Fish Games.

That however, should not be interpreted to mean that solving such puzzles is impossible; far from it. In this section, we have compiled a list of gaming tricks that you can use when solving puzzles easily in the near future.

They will come in handy when playing the latest trendy games in town. Find them stipulated below:

Plan Ahead

Like with all things in life, you need to plan before you take action. This gives you a chance to determine which most possible way of approaching the puzzles is. You get to identify the perfect strategy that will help you reach the solution faster.

For example, if you are dealing with a puzzle that requires you to put bits and pieces in their right places to form an image, this will be a great time to identify the starting piece. This will guide you to the end.

Watch Out For Patterns

Identifying early a repeating pattern will help you reach the solution with much ease and faster. Avoid looking at complicated series.

When you are moving pieces, check how each movement affects the other pieces and from here you will identify a pattern. This will also help you not to get stuck and lack any possible movement.

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Don’t Think Too Hard

Sometimes, these puzzles are simple only that people take them as complicated and consequently become challenging when solving. The idea is to approach them with the mind of a child. Look at what is happening with an open mind.

As much as some can be challenging, rarely will you find one requiring advanced computational skills to solve. Sometimes, the answer is right in front of you only that you don’t take time to realize this.

The Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst is a good example. You only need to subtract numbers on the right to the ones on the right. According to tech news, the most surprising thing is that some people have gone ahead and developed so complex a formula to solve this. Unnecessary struggle!

Work in Reverse

Start from the end of the game (if you know how it will end) and work your way to the beginning. Working backwards is a popular technique in solving piping puzzles.

Fit the pieces from the possible end and connect them to where the beginning is. By the time you reach there, the solution will surface.

Group Items

Group together the items that look like they are related. Take for example, Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst. In solving this puzzle, you are given objects that are either ‘night’ themed or ‘day’ themed. Whichever puzzle you are solving, you can identify those objects that have a similar characteristic and bundle them together.

Keep Track Of Your Inventory

Knowing what you have, will help you solve the puzzle easily. As you collect objects throughout the game, look at those that you have and can help you solve the puzzle at each stage. Most time the key is hidden in your collection.

Keep Track Of the Attempts

The idea here is to ensure that you don’t repeat again a failed attempt. Take notes of all the attempts you are making. This avoids the need to remember your movements in the past. Simply use a piece of paper and a pencil to record the movements.

This trick can be used in solving a game like Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. Draw the map as you make your way into the forest to avoid getting lost.

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Press on to the End

Giving up is the easiest thing you can ever do to a problem but pressing on, now that’s a story to write home about. The only thing you need to know is that there is no puzzle that is unsolvable.

Thus, although it might get challenging at some point, you will solve it somehow. Safecracker’s Magnetic Box Puzzle was one of those puzzles that almost everybody declared was unsolvable. In the end, someone did. What do you know? Sometimes you just need to stop listening to other people.

Guessing is Allowed

Grade mathematic courses taught you this classic technique. Although this technique is not efficient (or reliable) sometimes it might be the only option for you. Simply guess a probable solution and check if it works. There’s no greater feeling than when this technique actually works.

Participate in Games Forums

Such forums will give you answers you may have about a particular puzzle and how to solve it. They will enlighten you in a great way. You will get an opportunity to exchange ideas with people who like working on puzzles.


Your puzzle solving skills can be enhanced by all means. After all is said and done, don’t forget to have fun. Allow your mind to relax and enjoy the game.

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