10 Best Crossword Solvers App To Try Out in 2021

# Last Updated On: October 9, 2021 #

People who wish to have fun by playing games and willing to sharpen their brains must go for “Crosswords.” Today, there are many crossword games for a digital platform that keep players engaged for hours. These crossword games are entertaining and quite challenging to play.

Free Android Apps for Solving Crosswords

Below are the 10 best crossword solvers that keep players entertained and thus enjoy the game to the fullest:

1. Crossword Solver King

Gamers who love challenges and competition must go for Crossword Solver King. The game has 280,000 words and a combination that makes the game interesting to play. It has a simple interface that is easy to use, and players can concentrate on their puzzles.

The game also solves Anagram and makes it easy to find the missing word and complete the crossword. It is also working offline, so the game has integrated an English offline dictionary to solve the word puzzle.

2. Anagram Solver

Best Crossword Solvers

The name of the game itself suggests that it is mainly for playing anagrams. The game is also one of the best crossword solvers. It has hints, definitions, and support for bland letters to easily solve the puzzle. It is quite easy to understand the UI and have fun while playing the game.

If you are looking for a free crossword solver, it is a good option. The game is available for free, and features make the game entertaining.

3. Crossword Clue Solver

This type of crossword puzzle is mainly solved through clues. It needs players to understand the clue and accordingly play the game. It has the option to search based on clues and dots. The game gives the clues and consists of a thesaurus that makes it easy to find the word.

The game is played online and helps players to explore new worlds while playing the game. The simple UI with quick response makes it one of the best crossword solvers.

4. Shortyz Crosswords

People who live to play crossword in newspapers by famous publications would love to play this crossword game. The app keeps track of all the crosswords of famous publications like the LOS Angeles Times, US publication, and many others to present it on the digital platform.

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On opening the app, current-day crosswords from the publication will be available to players. So, it is just like solving newspaper crosswords but on the digital platform.

5. Crossword Cryptic

Best Crossword Solvers

Crossword solvers who are experienced and willing to solve some tough puzzles should go for Crossword Cryptic. Some beginners find it difficult to understand, and so for them, the app has a tutorial that explains everything in detail. The check option in the app lets you know if you are right or wrong.

There is even an option to customize the crossword, zoom the grid, and many others that make the game interesting to play. There is a good number of puzzles and crosswords that keep players busy for a long time.

6. CodyCross

Games are entertaining and challenging. CodyCross is one such crossword game with 4 different difficulty modes and a cloud sync option to save your last progress. The clues are easy to understand, and solving them, will give some useful letters to solve the other clue. So, solving a single clue will make it easy to solve the 2nd clue and so on.

Different power-ups are unlocked as players go forward in the game. The theme of the CodyCross is quite impressive and keeps players engaged for hours.

7. Crosswords with Friends

It is one of the best games, especially for beginners. The game is designed to play on different levels so that experienced players can challenge their friends. It is the reason the name shows, play crosswords with friends, and challenge to make game interesting.

The game is divided into different themes, and players must clear the crossword of the 1st theme to move on next. It keeps the excitement level high and encourages players to play more. The game also come up with daily crossword to boost the brain and have full enjoyment.

8. Wordalot – Picture Crossword

Best Crossword Solvers

Crosswords are just not limited to phrases or words, but today there are many pictures’ crosswords. One among them is Wordalot, where pictures are shows and words are hidden in it. Players are required to twist the brain and try to get words from it.

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The game gives hints, but players are required to spent coins on it. There is nearly 1000 level in the game, and players will find it more interesting. The unique pictures and decoding of the words make the game challenging, and players try to solve it.

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9. Dictionary.com

The app’s name shows that you will not only explore new words but also know the meaning of different words. There are word games that are represented in the form of crosswords. The crosswords are designed such that players can improve their skills and speed to solve the crosswords.

The crossword also gives some knowledge to players and includes the name of the scientist, location, and much more. So, players can have fun while learning new things. The words in the crossword also improve the vocabulary of players.

10. Crossword Puzzle Free

Best Crossword Solvers

Almost all newspaper has crossword in it. Many people find it difficult to get the time, so Crossword Puzzle free comes up with a similar type of crossword on the digital platform. The game also gives a hint and other help that make it easy to solve the crossword.

The clues have enough information that makes it easy to solve the crosswords. There are many settings options: to track the error or get help through the search box. The features and interface are quite impressive, and it makes the game quite interesting to play.


So, all who love playing crosswords in newspapers or magazines should try out the games available on the digital platform. These are some of the best 10 crossword solvers that keep players entertained and boost the brain. Most of these games are free and are available on the respective play store. So, download your favorite crossword games and have fun.

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