Top 10 Best MP3 Song Download Apps to Use Today

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2021)

Listening to the music is always a pleasure; with a lot of mp3 music downloadable options it becomes easy for everyone to download both the old and new songs instantly. You can avail a lot of mp3 downloaders online; you should choose the one which has more trust and security.

These MP3 song download apps should provide you with various options and supports to deliver high quality songs that can be easily downloadable.

Basically mp3 files work by shredding or stripping the sounds that are recorded. It is actually needed to reduce the file size. You can even convert your YouTube video into this mp3 file using different tools.

Mp3 is very compatible and playable in any kind of device. In this blog we will discuss the top 10 best MP3 apps available in the market.

 1. 4K Video Downloader

 Top rated MP3 Music downloader app in the market, which supports downloading options from all the popular websites. Videos are available in the 4K quality. It avails the download options in the resolution of 4K, 8K, HD 720p &1080p.


  • One of the best features is that it offers In-app proxy and Smart Mode.
  • You can extract YouTube subtitles.
  • Even download songs from the YouTube playlists and channels.
  • Downloads 3D and VR videos.
  • It is used in all the desktop applications.

2. Freemake YouTube to MP3 Boom

 It is also one of the best apps that many people are interested in. They make fine conversions of videos especially YouTube videos into mp3 formats. About 8million people enjoy this app worldwide. It is powered to convert high quality YouTube videos into an efficient mp3 file.

During the conversion of the file, there is no loss in the quality of the product found by using this app. You can easily download videos and convert it mp3 otherwise you can even download directly as mp3 without affecting its quality.

The best part of this app is it is more user-friendly and quality of the audio will not get affected.


  • Automatic detection of High-Quality MP3 files
  • Efficient way of Song discovery
  • Batch conversion
  • Preview file before starting the conversion process

3. Free Music Downloader + MP3 Music Download

When it comes to android application, this is the best app. It is a free tool which makes the searching and listening to high-quality, CC-licensed music files easy. You can search the song by choosing the artist, album, track etc. You can even listen to the songs in both online and offline mode.

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  • Easy search and download of mp3 audio
  • Share music with friends
  • Play music offline
  • A vast variety of options available to choose from
  • Multi-thread download

4. Fildo

MP3 Song Download Apps

This application is best for android apps; you can download high quality mp3 songs in a simpler manner. It merely acts as a third party interface and you don’t need any license. The Fildo lite version is very compatible with Windows, XBOX, and iOS devices. It has a vast library of songs where you can search for your favorite list without any hassle.


  • Fast download options available
  • Streaming of high-quality files
  • Intermediary platform
  • Easy and clean interface

5. MP3jam

MP3jam offers a very good platform with a vast list of more music galleries for free. You can make a research for the albums, songs by artists in the app and available them to download. It is highly recommended for personal use. It has a own set of search algorithm in order to deliver best results for the users.


  • High-Quality mp3s
  • Discover the artist and music in a easier manner
  • Fast download options

6. YMusic

MP3 Song Download Apps

 One of the YouTube to MP3 downloads. It is tailor-made for YouTube audio extraction. You can save a lot of data using this app, since it avails you an option that you can listen only to the audio by muting the videos. In a simple manner you can download the file using the app.

It is customizable for your screen and play on your own widgets, enjoy a continuous playback of songs.


  • It is integrated with Jockey playerYou can search in a very fast manner and download of mp3 files
  • Customizable interface
  • You can mute the video and listen to the audio alone

7.  Sound Cloud

SoundCloud- Online community for music followers, for the past many years it is one of the best platforms for those who want to share the music with different people.

It is a perfect intermediary between people who want to listen to new music, and the people who create and share it. You can customize the playlist of your own and start listening to our music of your interest. For fresher’s this is a great app to expose their talent to the outside world.


  • Upload and share music in a easier way
  • It gives you a space to follow upcoming and favorite artists
  • You can build customized playlist
  • You can download a high-quality file

8. Reverb Nation

MP3 Song Download Apps

It is the best platform to share music to your fans and artists. It is slightly different from other apps that are available in the list. The music list that is available in the app is countless. They are curate for audience convenience. You can join this app and create music and gigs with the artists you want and start sharing your music to the world.

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  • It can be used for promoting and sharing music with your friends and family
  • Digital distribution of music is available
  • Good crowd review
  • Avails you the electronic press kits

9. Songr

Convenient mp3 app downloader lets you download different mp3 music files from the internet. You can search the song quickly and download them in a heartbeat.

The app researches on ten different search engines to get you the results you were searching for.It offers a smooth, fast, and uncompromising output file with high quality. You can avail preview before you start downloading the song.


  • Free and fast mp3 app to download
  • Makes research on 10 different search engines
  • Friendly user-interface
  • Preview of files available
  • Easily customize

10.  Free Music a nd Video Downloader

MP3 Song Download Apps

This software helps you to download both music and video content from a variety of online sources. You can simply type the name you need in the search box and you get the relevant result.

The download process available is very simple and it is easily customizable. You can download up to 10 files at once, so it is very easy if you have a list of songs in your mind you can download them in a stretch.


  • Batch download-where you can get 10 files in one download
  • Options available
  • Customizable and user friendly interface
  • Relatively fast download

Final Thoughts:

 Above discussed were few of the best apps that were used to download the mp3 files in a very good quality. Everyone loves to have their playlist in a manner with all the lovely songs they want to hear.

These apps provide you with a wonderful gallery for you to listen to ‘n’ number of songs. They are very much customizable and supported in all kinds of devices you have. So what are you waiting for, start downloading these apps and fill your playlist with the music you love to hear.

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Chad Ostreicher
December 14, 2020 8:18 pm

I’ve used SoundCloud extensively in the past, but I think I’ll check out Y music and Fildo and take them for a spin. I’m always looking for new ways to discover and stream new music, thanks!

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