12 Amazing Gadgets That Are Actually Affordable And People Swear By!

Once upon a time, the most advanced gadget a youngster would boast of was a CD player twice the size of his palm with a wire running through the entire length of his/her body. Or a handheld gaming device with barely enough detail to recognize any character.

12 Amazing Gadgets 2017

Yes, we are talking about the popular gaming console by Nintendo; the Gameboy. And no matter how backward those gadgets might sound today, they were the favorites among 90’s kids and used to cost a fortune back then.

Landing our time machine back to the future, that is today, we easily notice that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Gadgets have been designed to work at super-fast speeds and to occupy the minimum space in your pocket or on your work desk. We list down 12 such gadgets, that are not just amazing but are also light on your wallet:

1. RFID based Safety Card Holder

A gadget to own to safely purchase other gadgets would be an RFID based Aluminum hard cased card holder. Since essentials like credit cards and passports are getting embedded with RFID chips, a latest ring of thefts has been noticed among tech-thieves who use RFID readers to gain knowledge about the confidential data that our credit cards and passports hold. An RFID case holder blocks the Radio Frequency Signal from leaking through your hands by maintaining the signal within the case.

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2. External Battery

A lifesaving gadget for your electronic devices like iPADs, iPhones, Android phones. There is practically no travel plan which is complete without packing this essential power supply unit with you. The best part about them is that they fit in anywhere without taking extra space and are extremely affordable, thanks to the intense competition among its suppliers.

12 Amazing and Affordable Gadgets

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3. Flash drives and memory cards

For those among you who have the habit of clicking at least a hundred pictures of a particular place, only to sit down and choose that-one-perfect-click later on in the day. Imagine the amount of memory your devices may consume especially after the improvement in picture quality of cameras. Make sure you always carry some extra sets of memory cards and USB flash drives for instant file transfer. (12 Amazing Gadgets)

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4. Bluetooth speakers

Never get bored, or let others around you feel bored on a field trip or a camp night! Let the DJ in you take charge of the music as you embark on a road trip with your friends and family. A Bluetooth speaker is all you need to break the ‘awkward ice’ and keep the atmosphere alive.

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5. Wireless Earphones

Music heals everything they say. Moreover, if you are feeling the need to isolate yourself from the crowd or are just completing your last minute assignment, then an adequate dose of music is all you need in the moment. Plug in your device… Correction! Connect your device wirelessly with a Bluetooth powered earphone and eliminate the need to de-tangle your conventional earphones. (12 Amazing Gadgets)

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Studies have found that the amount of time you spend on adjusting your earphone is equal to the amount of time you actually spend on writing your assignments. We’re just kidding, no such study has been conducted. But you get the point, don’t you?!

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6. Android Tablets

If you are like us and a smart phone is just not enough for your survival, then you can go ahead and choose the most affordable Android tablets listed by Android Authority. The most trending Android tablets today are the Fire Series by Amazon and HotUKSavings is giving incredible deals on this exotic series.

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7. The Mini Series by Apple

And if Android Operating Systems do not go well with your fingers, then you can stick to iOS for their incredible iPAD series. The most affordable among the list of elites are the iPad Mini and iPad Mini 2. Regardless of the price, the efficiency and functionality of the Miniseries remains top notch, which is the major selling point for Apple Inc.

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8. Smart Android case for iPhone.

No, there is no mistake in what you’ve just read. This particular gadget will put an end to the Android-Apple battle once and for all. It’s being developed by Esti Inc. and has been labelled as the Eye. This case will run an Android phone and an iPhone on two independent sides of your existing handheld devices. With separate sim card, memory card and other dedicated slots, this is going to take the world of smartphones to a whole new level. (12 Amazing Gadgets) 

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9. MyTorch by Next Torch

One would wonder how would a torch make into the list of modern day gadgets? Well, time to hold your jaw while you learn the fantastic features about myTorch. This smart torch gets connected to your laptop via a dedicated software that has been developed to store valuable process data into your torch through a USB cable.

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You can select different levels of luminosity by adjusting it on your PC and even set the frequency of an SoS alarm situation. With 9 models to choose from, myTorch is giving us a valid reason to get lost in a wild forest, only to test the brilliance of this device.

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10. Dashcams

Designed specifically for car windshields, dashcams have become increasingly popular among the youngsters who wish to picturize and record their road trips and freestyle expeditions. A very useful byproduct of dashcams is its capacity to be used as a proof in road dispute situations where the videos and pictures can be produced as valuable evidence in front of the authorities.

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11. Digital weighing display

Traveler? Of course, yes. You can never hear a no for this term these days. And if your trips frequently involve taking flights to and fro between countries and/or states, then you definitely need to have a digital weighing scale to avoid the overweight luggage embarrassment at the airports. This handheld device can save you a lot of time and help you in packing your travel bags and distributing weights wisely.

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12. Universal adapters

Another essential gadget for travelers and professionals who have to switch between countries. To save you time and money on a foreign land where your plugs do not match with the sockets, a universal adapter will do your job quite alright.

So, instead of waiting for the hotel staff to search for a proper adapter while you watch your laptop battery drain away, help yourself with this amazing invention.

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We hope the above list of gadgets saves your precious time and hard earned money, and makes your life a whole lot easier. Happy shopping!

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