Top 10 Best Travel Planning Apps for Android

If travelling is your habit and you’re on trips frequently, you need to have a travel planning app installed on your smartphone. These apps help you to organize your trips right from leaving for trip to returning back.

Top 10 Best Travel Planning Apps Android

Having a right travel planning app on your smartphone is the only way out to make your holiday or business trip comfortable and worth remembering.  I am listing here top 10 Travel planning apps for Android and iOS. 

1. TripIt Travel Planner

Top 10 Best Travel Planning Apps

The app is pretty easy to use and available for free download. Once installed, you are required to forward travel confirmation emails to the service for the app.

After receiving the emails, the app prepares a travel itinerary for you. The app asks you to grant accedes to the app. Access can be given by following a few email rules to send your travel booking information.

Once the rules are created, TripIt will send you timely alerts about cab pickup, chauffer arrival and hotel check in.  The TripIt travel planner app lets travelers sync calendar with app so that travelers can get timely notifications of all the schedules as per the calendar.

2. TripCase

Best Travel Planning Apps

Like the TripIt, TripCase is available for download on Android and iOS. TripCase gives travelers a way to manage all their travel documentation in one place.

Its user friendly and convenient user interface lets users add train, flight, hotel, rental car, and other information to app’s dashboard.

The app comes packed with a timeline based itinerary view that helps travelers to see the entire travel plan along with the time and place.

3. RoadTrippers

10 Best Travel Planning Apps

Meet RoadTrippers, our next best travel planning apps for Android. The apps boasts of its inbuilt map specially designed for travelers.

The app showcases a huge catalogue and lists of locations that include local diners, restaurants, offbeat attractions, museums, campsites and more.

All you need to do is to find a site that you want to visit. Add the site to your travel plan. Now, RoadTrippers will redraw your complete travel map with options to share the details of your trip with your friends and relatives.

 4.  TravelBank

Top 10 Best Travel Planning Apps android

If frequent traveling is something that pulls your traveler’s instinct, TravelBank is your bet. The app takes care of all your needs when you’re on a business trip. You can use the app to manage your receipts during the trip.

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It helps you escape from annoying situations like damaging or missing important receipts. With TravelBank travel app for Android, you can click a mobile picture to scan your receipts such as restaurant bill or hotel bill and save in your mobile storage.

5. Guides by Lonely Planet

Best Travel Planning Apps for Android

‘Guides by Lonely Planet’ is a unique travel planning app that combines together Google Maps-style points-of-interest and local travel suggestions.

The app comes pre-loaded with guides that suggest you options for eating outlets and points for sightseeing in a particular city.

The travelers can select the important details about different places just by selecting the dot on the Google map. The app offers you approximately 1000 points-of-interests mapped for each guide and budget calculator.

6. Sygic Travel

This most popular Android Travel planning app provides detailed information on city based nightlife adventures, events and shows and tourist areas. If you are interested in taking part of an event of your choice, the app will let you do this.

The app gives you unbiased and detailed reviews about shows, events or tours. You can add them to your travel plan. Once added, Sygic Travel takes care of complete itinerary.

7. Mobile Passport

The mobile passport app travel planning app comes handy in case when you are returning from abroad and don’t want to engage in tedious checking process on airport.

When you arrive at the airport, open up the app, answer a few customs questions on the app, take a selfie, and submit the form to the authorities.

The form is received at the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). This way you can the long annoying checking queues. To verify your identity, you have to present the the Mobile Passport confirmation to the customs agent.

8. PackPoint

The PackPoint travel planning app helps you to prepare and organize your packing list. The organizer lets you pack your travel bag based on the weather conditions and what activities you plan to enjoy on your vacation.

This best travel planning app for Android prepares for you a list of list of gadgets, clothing, accessories, toiletries, and other stuff that you would need to carry for the trip in the given weather.

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9. Kayak

Kayak is our ninth app for travel planning. The app scans through the widest range of travel websites to find and book the best hotel, flight, or rental cars for you. The app pulls some exclusive and travel deals and mobile-only rates to help you save big bucks during travel.

Kayak, the finest Android Travel planning app helps you manage your travel plans from a single dashboard. Using the app you can organize free flight status updates, airport terminal maps and security wait times from its innovative dashboard.

In addition, the app also helps travelers to discover shops, food, coffee, chargers, restrooms and lounges and more around the airport.

10.Google Trips

This is a Google owned fully featured and a perfect travel planning app.  The app lets you organize your upcoming trips in the most sophisticated manner possible.

You can access all your travel related information at one place just by logging in using your Google account.

Once logged in, you can access more information about your trips, preferences and trip recommendations. The app saves all flight related information at single place including accommodation reservations, top most attractions, best restaurants, bars, and cafes.

top 10 best travel planning apps

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