5 Ways Mobile Technology Has Impacted the Business Travel

Business travel has witnessed several upgrades, thanks to modern mobile technology. Smartphones can help businesses in significant ways and business travel is one of them.

Impact of Mobile Tech on Travel Business

Mobile technology has made business travel convenient and cost-efficient. The ability to plan the entire business trip through smartphones has empowered businesses. You don’t have to rely on corporate travel agents to book a flight or hotel and plan the business trip.

Mobile technology offers convenience, on-the-go interactive travel solutions and seamless travel experience. In this article, we will look at 5 ways that mobile technology can change the world of business travel.

5 Ways Mobile Technology Will Shape Business Travel:

1: Time-Saving Mobile Booking Apps:

 Some business trips can get scheduled suddenly, requiring you to book tickets on the spot. Trying to get in touch with a travel agent or rushing to the airport to buy the ticket may not be a smart idea.

Thanks to booking apps, business travelers can book tickets through their smartphones. According to a study, 60% of business travelers booked a travel ticket using their smartphone at least once in 2014.

The booking apps will become closely integrated with businesses’ corporate systems. This would make mobile apps the primary method to plan and book business travel. Buy smartphones on easy EMI and enjoy the convenience offered by the booking apps.

2. Easier Travel and Expense Management

 Business trips are a mix of meetings, car rentals, business lunches and dinners. This means managing receipts through the trip and filing expenses after.

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Smartphones take the manual work out of the equation. You can take a picture of the receipts and save them electronically. Upload them to the expense management platform in real-time.

You can easily review and submit the bills and receipts for reimbursement. You won’t have to worry about having additional expense management work once you go back to the office.

3. Rise in Mobile Payments

 Cash payments gave way to card payments, and mobile payments succeeded the latter.

Providers like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Wallet have contributed to the mobile payment space. They have made travel easier for business travelers and their employers.

More and more credit card companies and banks are getting on the mobile platform. This will make mobile payments the primary choice of business travelers.

4. Greater Security and Visibility of Virtual Payments:

Smartphones allow you to capture travel expenses and data in real-time. This helps you keep track of expenses before they cross the budget limit.

You get the ability to pre-approve expenses before the business trip even begins. Smartphones support virtual payment platforms that offer a secure payment solution. This helps in reducing the risk of fraud. Virtual payments also offer greater visibility.

They help you control costs by establishing a pre-approved travel amount for individual business trips. It eliminates the inconvenience of cancelling and reactivating credit cards for business travelers.

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5. Increased Personalization

Personalized recommendations are everywhere – from search engine results to online shopping recommendations. Mobile devices will take personalization a step further in business travel.

They will offer better personalized recommendations based on user activity and preferences. This will help business travelers at every stage of the travel.

You can plan the trip efficiently, book tickets easily, track expenses and day-to-day logistics when you are on the road. You will get personalized recommendations for rental car companies, hotels and air carriers based on your travel history and preferences.

The Future is Bright

Today’s business traveler seeks the convenience of self-service travel solutions. Mobile technology offers the same and enables business travelers to stay connected at all times.

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