Why is Your App Failing to Get Enough Appreciation?

It is not an easy task to be a mobile app developer. Thousands of mobile apps go live on a daily basis. As of May 2019, more than two thousand new apps roll out on Google Play Store alone every day.

Even if you had a unique idea in the initial phase, chances are that, upon app execution, you will have a competitor who will have a similar app like yours. The high volume means that it is a lot tougher now to survive in the competitive world of mobile applications.

Gartner reported that only 0.01 percent of mobile apps were considered as financially successful in 2018.

Reasons Why Apps Fail

Reasons Why Apps Fail

Furthermore, 67 percent of app developers are below the app poverty line. These numbers are scary but are vital as they will help you understand the reasons behind the failure. There are many obstacles in the way to making a successful app.

Starting from the app development process to the execution and later in the support level, many factors prevent the majority of apps from making an impact.

In this blog, we discuss some of the rooted problems that might be preventing your app from becoming successful.

We will also try to find out answers to these overarching problems so that you can alter your strategies and increase your chances of success.

1. Lack of market research:

Many people hasten to the app development process without proper research. They assume that they have a unique idea, and hence, users will fall in love with it. But they are wrong.

Even if you have an excellent idea, you still need to research your market and check out what your competitors are offering. After having some data on hands, you can decide how to design and develop an app that users will appreciate.

To help you further with the process, you need to look into the following areas.

Define your target audience:

Analyze the market and the audience that will make your customer base. You will need to figure out their preferences and design an app that meets their needs and desires. You will also need to look into the latest trends and see if your idea fits into those trends.

Research your competitors:

Once you define your target market, you will need to spot the most popular apps in your category on Play Store and iOS app store. Search for your competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

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It will also give you valuable insight which you can use to create a unique value suggestion. It is better to get a reality check and come up with something unique than to develop an app on an idea that won’t work.

After you get a clear idea of who makes up your audience and competitors, you can start working on developing your app or you can take help from professionals like AppVerticals. When you have spent enough time analyzing the data, you can avoid market failures.““

2. Poor design:

A study shows that it takes only one-third of a second for customers to make a decision on a business. The statistics apply equally to mobile apps.

Today, most apps are abandoned by users because of poor design. Users often associate an app design with its performance. A bad design portrays a bad image of the brand and makes it tough for marketers to convince users to buy your product or use your service.

The font, icons, logo, and navigation all contribute to the design of an app. The Color theory also suggests that certain colors appeal more emotionally to people than others. So, you need to be mindful of this fact too.

Having said this, you do not always need flashy visual effects to create an app that grabs users’ attention. Consider Twitter – a leading name in the digital world – for instance. It demonstrates how an app with a simple design can still garner millions of users across the globe.

3. App crashing and freezing issues:

Users do not like an app with bugs, one that crashes or takes forever to load. A survey by Dimensional Research found that 61 percent of users expect an app to load within four seconds.

It also observed that 53 percent of users would uninstall an app if it crashes or freezes. Once a user gets offended and leaves a negative review, it reduces your chances of getting new customers.

To avoid this, you need to test your app on various devices and make sure that it runs smoothly in unfavorable circumstances. You can also get inspiration from Airg spam free apps like Hookt and see how it successfully operates on various networks with high traffic.

Testing your app in different environments for usability and functionality is crucial because once the users discard your app, they are highly unlikely to give it another shot.

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4. Lack of flexibility:

Many of the app startups that hit the market failed to create an impact because their developers were too shortsighted. They lacked flexibility and had no clue what to do when they hit an unexpected obstacle along the way. As Eleanor Roosevelt puts it;

“Be flexible but stick to your principles.”

If you have a brilliant idea, you need to be flexible to bring it into life. Even after developing your app and launching it on app stores, be ready to change its features if customers’ feedback suggests you do so.

If you consider users’ recommendations, they will appreciate your app even if you fail to deliver an efficient update. At least you gave it a shot and tried to make your app more flexible.

Many developers stick to the same mindset and use the same strategies that once kept their app startup afloat. To succeed in the long run, you need to constantly analyze your market and keep an eye on your competitors.

Be vigilant and don’t be afraid to embrace changes that will help you provide a better user experience.


These are some of the reasons why your app might be failing to get enough appreciation from the users. The only way to avoid them is to hire a team of professional app developers, so you can rest assured that none of these mistakes will haunt your mobile app.

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