5 Killer Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

Mobile users, in most cases, are on the go and this goes without saying that they are usually in a hurry. As a result of that, they are always on the lookout for fast, simple and effective solutions.

But it has been perceived that the retention metrics of average apps is pretty much low. Research has revealed that the average app loses more than 75% of the daily mobile users within the first couple of days or maximum 3 days of the launch. There can be a plethora of reasons for this.

Some of them may be that the app did not deliver what it had initially promised, it is buggy, the app is a pain to navigate through, it has many notifications and very frequently it asks for ratings. But the good news is that you can solve most of the issues with the correct design techniques.

You should keep it mind that with so many apps being launched every day, it is a must for you to stand out with your design. There is no question that a great concept can attract users to download the app but it is only through a great design that you can retain the existing users.

Even with the mind-blowing concepts many apps become a pain to be used for its poor design and bad interface. Here are some designing tips that you can implement today for augmenting the rate of downloads and retaining the users.

Plan Well for the Future –

You already have an idea, if you are in the web development industry for some time that the mobile hardware progresses at an astounding speed as compared with other devices. As the software evolves it outperforms the present hardware.

In case you start designing the app with the current configuration of the phone in mind, then by the time your app is launched in the market it would have already been outdated. The worst part is that your app could be beaten up by someone and his or her app would be more popular. One way to avoid this is taking the forward-thinking approach. So you should not focus on today for developing a mobile app. Rather you should concentrate on tomorrow to make sure that your app achieves success.

You should not be afraid to dream big.  A great app, in most cases, calls for good amount of investment. Moreover, mobile app developments take time and therefore, the chances are ripe that the technology will catch up by the time you release the app. That is why, it is vital that you look for the trends in the industry and take notice of what your competitors are doing. This way you will be able to take an informed decision. Whether it is design or your concept or your timetable, you should always think about the future and prepare for it today.

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Stick to the Guidelines of the Operation System –

Keep it in mind that every operating system has a different user interface and has different set of design guidelines for enhancing the aesthetics. If you are thinking of building a cross-platform app then you must go through the design guidelines of each platform. If you are not sure how to proceed. Then these guidelines often come handy.

In other cases, there are some vital differences between iPhone and Android devices. The iPhone does not have a back button and that is why you should devise a way to go back to the previous page.  The Android phones, on the other hand, do have a back button and that can be used to return to previous page. So you have to consider all these factors at the time of designing the app.

Focus on the User Experience –

Each and everything that is done online today focuses back on the user experience. Designing is something that is not different from that. When you look at other apps you will find that many of them do the same thing as your app does. Then how do you differentiate your app from the others?

This can be achieved by keeping things simple. When you are thinking of UI design the best design is that one which people omit or never see. Experts opine that the better the design, the more invisible it becomes. It is like the air conditioner in a conference room that is only noticed when something is wrong with the temperature. Otherwise, people hardly notice whether it is there or not.

That is why, it is best not to over-complicate things and offer a great design by retaining simplicity. It is for this reason that the choice of colours is so vital for the mobile app design.

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Know the Colours –

While designing your mobile app, colour psychology plays a pivotal role. You should require colours that promote readability and at the same time portray proper emotions. Some of them are written below.

  • White signifies neutrality, calm, balance
  • Green symbolizes growth, health, life
  • Blue stands for strength, trust, reliability
  • Purple showcases creativity, wisdom, imagination
  • Red signifies excitement, boldness and energy
  • Orange stands for confidence, cheerfulness and positivity
  • Yellow symbolizes clarity and warmth

You should choose the colours with contrast in mind so that it promotes readability through colours that work well together.

Optimisation is Vital –

For any kind of web design, optimisation is extremely vital. But for your mobile app it is even more significant. Remember that people want efficiency and speed and additionally, you also need to ensure that your app is not pulling too much battery power and data at the time of running.

 User experience is greatly affected with power-consuming design elements. Apart from that, this also creates the grounds for the app to be ranked down in the app-stores. The customers will be more inclined to use the app when it uses minimum battery life and data.

The above are some of the things that you must keep in mind at the time of designing a mobile app. The Product Design Software has been following the above suggestions religiously and that has played a pivotal role in helping it to achieve success.

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