Why Do You Need to Change a Printer Toner Cartridge?

(Last Updated On: June 2, 2021)

These days printers become an indispensable asset for every home and office. It’s easy to use functions eliminates the ease of travelling from one place to another for documents and photos print outs.

Owing to the countless benefits of this technology, when it breakdown or stop printing relevant results that becomes a great concern for its every user. But, many times the solution to the problem is simple, that your printer needs cartridge replacement.

In this article, let’s have a detailed study about reasons to change the printer cartridge as well as methods of refilling and repair. Let’s begin now:

Know about Laser Printers Toner Cartridge

Laser printers, regardless of model and brand are refilled with special toner powder. But if you choose to refill it with low-quality toner, sooner or later, it will come with sad consequences.

As a result, it may need repair or sometimes require new printer installation. Therefore, one needs to be little-bit cautious while choosing a cartridge brand. You can buy toner cartridges from original brands at a lower price at Supply Link USA.

Reasons to change Cartridge

By using the printer, there are some major defects that you may find in your printer. These common defects are the basic reason to replace your printer inks cartridge. Let’s discuss them:

  • When your printer starts delivering low-quality results like pale prints. This means that it is a clear indicator that your photo drum becomes unusable. At the same time, you may be other defects like delamination of the coating, cracks, etc. which motivate you to replace your cartridge.
  • If your printer delivers black stripes between printouts, this means that your ink tank is overfilled. So, in order to fix the issue, you need to shake out the waste toner from the tank.
  • Sometimes, your printer starts delivering poor print quality in the form of staining or toner poured in. which is a clear sign that there is a broken magnetic shaft.

How to replace a laser printer cartridge?

Before starting replacing or installing process on a new cartridge you need to have must have a handful knowledge about all the associated parts of the printer. Here are the steps that you need to follow to change ink cartridge:

  • Remove the printer doors to make it an easy cartridge removal
  • Separate the drum from the printer by straight pulling out.
  • Then remove the cartridge by pressing the release button
  • Take your new cartridge and shake it well before unpacking
  • Put the replacement cartridge in and do not forget to pull off it’s sealing.
  • Check the drum with back and forth position
  • After reinserting printer check its all access points
  • At the last stage, your printer is ready to use
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Note: while installing cartridge in printer you must read the user manual instructions carefully. Remember your it must be clean and free from any damage. After inspecting every aspect carefully, then only proceed for the replacement process.

Why Replacement Is A Better Option?

In order to save some money, many people prefer to go with a cartridge refilling option. But indeed, its a bad idea for the long run. You printer get damage to extreme conditions that it will be hardly repaired.

Therefore, the original printer manufacture always recommends its users to use the original cartridge only. As it will cost you a little bit more but you do not have to compromise on quality parameters. Let’s discuss these reasons in the more elaborative form:

  • A Refilling Will Not Be Durable

The cartridges which are refilled by the users will not deliver durable results. The basic reason behind it is that every manufacturer has its own theory to create the toner for the printer. Therefore, when you change the brand means you also change the components which adversely affect your toner.

  • Printing Quality Usually Suffers From a Refilled Cartridge

It is hard for the compatible or non-original brands to match up their print quality results with the original bands. Therefore, in such cases, there will be great variation found in their print results. That makes refilling a bad idea over replacing with original cartridge.

  • A Poor Quality Refilling Can Actually Damage Your Printer
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As you know poor quality of inputs can damage any device, so the printer is not an exception to this. Compatible or fake bands have the great ability to destroy your any high-quality printer. Therefore, only a few people avoid spending money on these non-original and compatible cartridges

  • A Refilled Is a Health Hazard

As the myth that replacing a cartridge is health hazardous process. Because most cartridges don’t decompose easily, the used cartridge will not go to the landfill and if you ’ll be using the same cartridge, one less new cartridge will need to be manufactured.

But all these myths are not true. As refilled cartridge results for consumes more energy, paper wastage, and toner wastage. If you take reprint it will directly affect the environment in the same way.

Bottom Line:

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find out the solution that why you need to replace your ink cartridge. Remember, changing cartridge the time to time always help you to deliver high-quality results and save energy and print outs.

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