What Is The Basic Qualification Required To Join ISRO?

Brief Description about ISRO

ISRO stands for Indian Space Research Organization and it pioneer of space agency of Indian Government. This space was founded in the year 1969 to develop an independent space program, and its primary motto is utilized modern space technology which will assist in the betterment of the national growth. The headquarter of ISRO is located in the city of Bengaluru which is a part of Karnataka.

Basic Qualification Required To Join ISRO

The departments of space supervise the activity of ISRO, and they directly report to the prime minister of India. The chairman of Indian Government Space Commission and Secretary of Depart of Space holds the chief executive spot of ISRO.

ISRO first built its own satellite Aryabhata, and in the year 1975, it was launched by the Soviet Union space station. ISRO was the first agency to successfully to reach Mars orbiter in the first attempt which helped Indian space agency to reach top tier position.

In 2016, ISRO became the first agency to launch twenty satellites in a one payload successfully, and one of the satellite belonged to Google. In 2017, ISRO made a world record by launching 104 satellites in a single PSLV C37 rocket and due to this many renowned space organization decided to collaborate with ISRO.

Benefits of Working in ISRO

Many Indian yarns to work for ISRO and this fact are evident that huge number of candidates applies in the ISRO recruitment process. The number of benefits associated with working in ISRO is huge, and these advantages are:

  • The work culture in ISRO is fantastic, and most of the employees working in the different facility are quite friendly. The work time is fixed as an employee has to work five days in a week with eight hours per day but sometimes especially during launch time the work time increases.
  • Working in ISRO is highly helpful for people who love challenges as in some division same group of people have to do operational work, designing and testing. It serves as a great platform for people who want to excel in their job and vast knowledge in Rocketry is a crucial factor.
  • Like other Government sectors, ISRO also offers promotions to its employees and they following a departmental promotional committee system. The DPC is an independent association in ISRO that assess the work of every employee in each division and depending on the final review the employee gets a promotion.
  • Financially, ISRO offers a lot of stability, but they don’t pay as much as private rocketry organizations. The pay scale is quite remarkable in different grades, and they are higher than pay scale offered by different private and public sector enterprises. Along with the salary, ISRO offers a varied number of allowances like child’s education, health insurance, leave and travel concession and performance related incentive scheme.
  • The respect an employee gets from their family, friends and neighbors can’t be matched with anything else. Even strangers meeting ISRO an employee looks up to them with high dignity.
  • An ISRO employee leads a normal life like other working people, and they can easily spend a lot of time with their family. A lot of people interact with them socially as well as personally to know about their work, and many institutions invite employees to spread awareness about rocketry and space exploration. Although some ISRO centers are located in remote places, but employees socialize among themselves.
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Basic Qualification Required For Joining ISRO

The basic requirement of ISRO is quite simple, and ISRO recruitment process occurs every year for different post although the number of vacancies varies every year. All the recruitments conducted by ISRO offer various opportunities to young aspirants, but every post comes with a set qualification criteria.

Every qualified aspirant has to first appear for a written test followed by series of the filtration process. ISRO recruits new minds in two ways first through Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology final result and another through Centralized Recruitment Exam conducted by ISRO Centralized Recruitment Board.

ISRO directly recruits graduates from Indian Institutes of Space Science and Technology who has a minimum CGPA of 7.5, and they are mostly hired as Engineers or Scientist ‘ SC ‘.

The process of joining through IIST is long enough as you will have to get a chance in joining IIST which conducts one of the toughest entrance exams and then maintain a CGPA more than 7.5. But it is less competitive than general recruitment process conducted by ICRB.

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The criteria an aspirant need to have to join ISRO by passing ICRP recruit process is that they need to have a certain type of bachelor degree with a minimum aggregate of 65% throughout all semesters. These required bachelor degrees are:

  • The Bachelor of Engineering (B.E).
  • The Bachelor of Technology.
  • The Bachelor of Science. (Engg).
  • Sc. with AMIE or Grade IETE.
  • Diploma with AMIE or Grade IETE.
  • Sc. with B.E or B.Tech.
  • Diploma with B.E or B.Tech.

ISRO through ICRB recruitment mostly recruits candidates who have specialization in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. However, these degrees are even classified further in various sections.

Applied electronics, power electronics, electronics and communication, electrical electronics, instrumentation technology, industrial electronics, electronics and power, communication, electronics, electronics and instrumentation, telecommunication, power electronics, etc. are some of the division of electronic engineering specialization.

The classification of mechanical engineering contains industrial management, mechatronics, aeronautical engineering, production engineering, production management, industrial production, metallurgical, manufacturing engineering and aerospace engineering.

However the number of classification for computer science engineering is quite small, and they are information technology, computer science, and information science.

With all the required qualification, the candidate must not be more than the age of 35, but disabled person and ex-serviceman has some age relaxation. The basic eligibility criterion for joining remains same every year and aspirants from any college can take part in the recruitment process. There is a myth that only students from highly reputed institutes only gets chances in ISRO, but in reality, candidates are selected based on their performance.

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