13 Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online in HD

# Last Updated On: April 6, 2021 #

No one can deny his / her love for cartoons. Whether you’re a kid, an adolescent or an adult you must have spent hours in watching your favorite cartoon shows sitting on the couch. In your quest of finding the best cartoon sites we are here to help. We have compiled a complete list of best cartoon website where you can watch your favorite cartoons without paying any fee or signing up.

Best and Free Websites to Watch Cartoons Online

Visit to one of these websites and start watching your favorite cartoon shows online. Read on the list of our popular free cartoon streaming sites to watch anime and cartoons online:

1. Cartoonson

Our list of best online cartoon websites starts with Cartoonson. The website is absolutely free to use and a perfect place for watching cartoons online. The platforms allow cartoon freaks an opportunity to stream their favorite cartoon in HD. You can find a massive catalogue of your favorite cartoons.

The website has an innovative user interface and can be enjoyed across devices. Whether you’re looking for old cartoons or new, the website houses best cartoons sorted by the studio, character, show name and series etc. This website is free to use and requires no sign up at all.

2. Gogoanime

Watch Cartoon Online

If you are an ardent fan of dubbed anime, Gogoanime is the destination you should be looking at. Gogoanime provides a unique and innovative user interface with a black colored theme. The website hosts anime sorted in into four categories namely movies, new season, anime list and popular. The website is well-built and fully responsive.

3. YouTube

It’s true. Your heartthrob music streaming website YouTube is also an abode for best cartoons you love. The platform is one stop destination for some of the best cartoons. Its huge cartoon repository makes it one of the most preferred websites to watch cartoons online. You can discover all types and genre of cartoons across number of categories.

YouTube has a separate mobile app designed especially for the cartoons. The app lets children curate cartoons and kid-themed videos of their choice. The platform has plethora of the channels especially dedicated to cartoon videos that are available for free.

Moreover, users can also find an extensive array of animated feature films and random creative cartoons from professionals. Watching cartoons on the platform is free and can be done with or without sign up.

4. Toonjet

Cartoon Online

This is our next cartoon streaming websites online for free cartoon watching online. The platform houses classic cartoons like Tom and Jerry and Disney’s Mickey Mouse. You can also enjoy watching contemporary cartoons shows like Pokemon and Samurai Jack series. While watching cartoons online on Toonjet, site allows you to give feedback on any of the episodes and rate the cartoons.

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You can watch cartoons online on this platform with and without registration. You can enjoy your favorite cartoons without registrations. With registration you can track the history of the cartoons you watched.

5. WatchCartoonOnline.com

This is another fantastic cartoon watching platform for browsing and watching your favorite cartoons online for free. The USP of the platform is its user friendly user interface and amazingly smooth navigation.

The only downside of WatchCartoonOnline is some annoying ads popping up while you’re watching the cartoon shows. You can filter cartoon on the basis of categories dubbed, subbed, movies, series, and other cartoon types. If the website is banned in your country you can use VPN to access the site and unlock its features.

6. KissCartoon

Websites to Watch Cartoon

The platform hosts an extensive array of cartoons for cartoon lovers. Like many other websites in the list, this website too offers a unique user interface and ability to search the cartoon achieve. Besides its impressive library the platform offers categorized sorting of cartoons by series, movies, genres and ongoing series etc.

There are other filtering options too that can make cartoon watching an easy going affair. If you are fine with randomly appearing annoying ads, you will really appreciate high-speed playback and streaming of cartoons on this platform.

7. Toonova

watch cartoons online

Toonova is the place for cartoon lovers searching for anime and cartoon of their choice. The platform is completely free to use and can be used without sign up. You can also create your own anime list as well. Users can create custom anime without registration. In case you want to explore a platform where you can watch cartoons without creating an account, Toonova is a solid platform.

8. Cartoonito

Websites to Watch Cartoon

Meet our next cartoon watching website in HD loved by children. Cartoonito houses animated cartoons and a feature called Cartoonito club tales where children create custom cartoons for teaching to teach fellow children.

The platform has a massive repository of songs and different learning material related to your favorite cartoons. This is the place where cartoons are more than a fun element. Instead they are available there with an educational flair to help children learn a lot of things.

9. Cartooncrazy

Those who are just crazy for cartoons and search for the best website to stream their moving anime for free, Cartooncrazy is perfect for them.

In the list this happens to be the most renowned and popular free cartoon streaming websites where you can watch your favorite cartoon and anime without even downloading them. The website is available across countries with content in full HD.

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10. Cartoon Network

watch cartoons online

This is the best website to watch cartoons online. This one is the favorite of all the children across the world. It’s estimated that the platform houses over thirty thousand films and cartoon videos plus thousands of videos adding on a daily basis.

 The platform is equally loved by both adults and kids. The website lets you filter cartoons by your favorite character. The good thing is that the platform is completely ad-free.

11. Disney Junior

After cartoon network Disney network is another top notch platform for watching best cartoons of the time. The place is an abode for second to none classic cartoons you have cravings for. All your favorite cartoons are available for free on this platform and in varied range of categories.

A search bar is also given for the users to help them search through their favorite cartoons by name, year and length. Cartons are available in HD quality. If Disney Junior is not available in your country you can use a VPN to access it without any hassle.

12. Nickelodeon

Watch Cartoons Online

Nick is another popular and quite a famous platform for watching cartoons online. The website offers best cartoons in HD quality. The platform is known for its uncluttered and innovative user interface made with eye candy color combination loved by children.

The only downside of the website is that hosts cartoon shows that are exclusive to the Nickelodeon itself. On the website you can search for your favorite cartoon on the basis of different filters and watch cartoons online without hussle .

13. Fox

Like other cartoon streaming websites in the list Fox is another cartoon website that offers free cartoons online in HD quality. Cartoon lovers can enjoy a plethora of high quality cartoons hosted on Fox. Fox is the place where you can watch popular cartoon TV programs such as Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and the Simpsons etc.

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