10 Best Websites for Tattoo Designs in 2021

Making a new tattoo is always exciting, but it can also be stressful, especially if you are unsure what to get. Online tattoo design services can be very useful if you enjoy planning and reviewing the various options before visiting a tattoo artist.

Best Websites for Tattoo Designs

Some numerous apps and websites offer free tattoo designs, fonts, and sketches. Here is a selected list of the top online resources to assist you in visualizing and creating the perfect tattoo design for you.

1. Vecteezy

Websites for Tattoo Designs

Although tattoo images are widely available, high-quality electronic layouts are more difficult to find. However, the vector graphics website Vecteezy has a large collection of free and high-quality tattoo templates.

You can search the website for anything that piques your interest, though ‘tattoo’ returns over 2,000 results. Sort the images by license type. Because the community submits standard licenses, they are free to use. You can also use credits to acquire premium images or download them for free as part of a recurring Vecteezy subscription.

2. Inkbox

You have probably heard tattoo horror stories about bad ink or deep regret. Because tattoos are permanent, you may be put off by the fear of getting it wrong. With their temporary tattoos, Inkbox offers a choice. Traditional temporary tattoos are decals that frequently fade or refuse to adhere properly to your skin.

Temporary tattoos from Inkbox cause ink to enter the skin, but not as deeply as permanent tattoos. The Inkbox tattoo will fade as the skin regenerates. With an estimated lifespan of 8 to 18 days, they are the ideal workaround for anyone concerned about the long-term commitment.

3. Customtattoodesign.ca

Tattoos are individual artworks on the body for many people, so the models available are not appropriate for everyone. Custom Tattoo Design may be what you are looking for if you want to design your tattoo but are not an artist. Custom Tattoo Design will give you an estimate of the cost.

You select an artist to design the tattoo pattern after reaching an agreement on the estimated cost. Custom Tattoo Design (CTD) makes every effort to ensure that customers are satisfied with the result. The tattoo artist will send you a rough sketch to preview before you get the final design.

If you are dissatisfied with the design, CTD will refund your money in full. The final design includes a certificate and copyright authentication from the artist who did the work, after which you can get your personalized tattoo.

4. Tattoo.com

Websites for Tattoo Designs

Tattoo.com has grown to become one of the most popular tattoo-related websites since its inception in 1998. This website features tattoo-related articles and interviews regularly, outstanding information about artists, and a section for photos of tattoos submitted by users.

Make an account to gain access to the community characteristics of the site. You can save your favorite designs here, leave reviews, and upload your photos. Tattoo.com’s YouTube channel is regularly updated with interviews with other prominent musicians and tattoo enthusiasts about their body art.

5. Tattooton.com

This website features some of the most stunning tattoo designs. There are many themes, such as heart tattoos, elephants, and mandalas (Sanskrit letters), and each post includes some foundation for that type of tattoo.

This page, in particular, highlights some of the most complex and excellent tattoos by year. You can filter tattoo designs solely for men and women or fantastic and one-of-a-kind tattoo patterns. This website has not been updated since mid-2017, but it is still a great resource for anyone who wants to design their tattoo.

6. Tattoodo.com

Tattoodo is a social networking site dedicated to tattoo enthusiasts. Tattoodo, co-founded by Ami James of the prestigious Miami Ink, is one of the world’s most visited tattoo websites. This website and its associated mobile apps have 30 million users.

After getting recognition from international friends for his TV work, James began working on a comprehensive tattoo resource. Users can upload and browse photos, find and follow artists, watch videos, and read tattoo-related interviews and tutorials. Tattoodo also serves as a booking platform for prestigious tattoo studios all over the world.

Studios are listed by location, and consulting appointments can be made directly through the website or mobile app. This functionality also makes it simple to locate safe and reputable tattoo studios if you are away from home.

7. Tattoo-ideas.com

Websites for Tattoo Designs

There are no celebrity tattoo interviews on Tattoo Ideas, and Tattoo Ideas did not create videos or collaborate with well-known artists. Tattoo Ideas, on the other hand, keeps things simple and focuses on tattoos. This website collects tattoo designs submitted by users, body tattoo pictures, and some of the best tattoo ideas.

You have the option of browsing the entire library or filtering by section. Tattoos for areas such as the sleeves, shoulders, geometric shapes, and even funny tattoos are specifically divided into parts. Tattoo Ideas, like many other websites, offers some advice on what to consider when designing tattoos.

8. Check out my ink

Check out my ink is a fantastic resource for thousands of ideas. You can see photos of real tattoos on other people’s bodies here. If you are looking for inspiration, you can sort tattoos by categories, such as black ink or color, or view the most recent uploads. You can even talk to other tattoo fans.

9. Tattoo Trends

This lovely website is the best place to learn about the latest trends in tattoo design. It will display images of current trends as well as one-of-a-kind designs. Tattoo Trends is also useful for learning about the meanings of various tattoos. If you are looking for inspiration, Tattoo Trends has plenty.

10. Tattoo Johnny

Websites for Tattoo Designs

Tattoo Johnny showcases some of the most stunning designs available on the internet. Its gallery contains over 100,000 images and stencils, and nothing will inspire your creativity more than this website. There are numerous categories, ranging from animals to horror and tattoos for men or women.

Final thoughts

Tattoos are quickly becoming a well-accepted core component of our popular culture. People have expressed themselves through their ink, from famous people and instrumentalists to your workmates. Of course, because tattoos are a huge addition to your body, you should take your time choosing your favorite design. However, that is only a single part of the journey, and you must also know what to expect and best prepare.

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