Indian Railway Enquiry System – NTES: Complete User Guide

National Train Enquiry System NTES was launched in 2014. The NTES live train app has been developed to give live updates on train timings. Indian Railway had introduced NTES train enquiry system or National train enquiry system NTES.

This is a mobile application that provides users information on the arrival and departure timings of a particular train on their mobile phones. The NTES live train app has been developed by CRIS, the IT wing of Indian Railways. The NTES train enquiry app can be used for various enquiries including train timings.

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NTES Train Enquiry System for Live Train Status Updates


This system was produced specifically to provide real-time train details and timings to passengers. This application can work on smartphones running on the Android operating system. 

By using NTES app, you can get all the information regarding the arrival as well as the departure of any train running on Indian railways. This national train enquiry system NTES app is developed by the IT department of Indian railways known as CRIS.

What is NTES National Train Enquiry System?

CRIS has added more power to the NTES Indian railway enquiry system by developing the NTES train mobile app and a desktop application on Windows 8 platform.

Some of the prominent features of the mobile app are thespot your train’ feature which offers real-time information such as current position, expected time of arrival, and departure at a particular station. 

Features of NTES Mobile App – National Train Enquiry System 

NTES railway enquiry is a back-end system of Indian Railways which provides accurate information to the commuters about train schedules on a near real-time basis. NTES online leverages the availability of various interfaces like nationwide unique rail enquiry number 139, website, mobile interfaces, touch screens, enquiry counters, and display boards at stations.

  • Spot Your Train with diversion information
  • NTES train time updates
  • NTES Live Station updates
  • Train Schedule with save feature
  • Trains between Stations
  • Canceled Trains
  • Rescheduled Trains
  • Diverted Trains
  • Manage favorite trains, stations, and train schedules


How NTES National Train Enquiry Works?

We frequently get into a situation when some trains get canceled or their routes have been diverted. The situation comes as a disaster for those who have to board on the train from a station. Some passengers eager to know if their train or on time are running late for some time.

It’s also important for some passengers to check if the train is rescheduled or canceled. To address all these real-time travel scenarios, NTES app comes in handy. App’s live train running status keeps you updated about all this information in real-time.  

  • The information about the trains and their schedules is obtained through the back-end system known as the national train enquiry system. This is eventually known as NTES status. The information is passed to the commuters after which it is made available to the passengers.
  • This back-end system works for a large number of interfaces to get train information like unique rail inquiry, apps, websites, the window where you ask for your inquiries, and even display boards at a railway station.
  • The IT department has leveraged this system by the development of mobile applications and software for windows operating systems. There are a lot of unique features provided by this application.

For instance, there’s a feature of NTES train enquiry known as spot your train that you can use to get National train running status in real-time. Moreover, you can also find out things like the arrival and departure time of the train and a lot more.

Train Running Status On NTES Railway Enquiry App: Information Required

To find information about a running train in real-time, or to know train’s live running status you have to input few important details. These details include train number/ name, Date, and Station name or code. train running status ntes provides complete and accurate information on trains, timing, scheduled arrival, and scheduled departure. Before heading for any journey, it’s recommended to go through ntes train status details at once. 

NTES Train Enquiry – Live Train Running Status

Live train running status by National Train Enquire System helps travelers to track the exact location of any train in real-time.  The estimation also includes the timing of train arrival at any particular station en route. While tracking the Live Train Status via NTES app, keep in mind Last Reported Location” and “Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages.

Live train running status for railway trains implies that you would be able to know the precise location of any train along with its real-time delay status. It would also be inclusive of the estimated arrival of your train at any specific station. The two major aspects deemed imperative while going through Indian railway ntes app would be:

1. Last Reported Station Info on NTES National Train Enquiry System

The term Last Reported Station indicates the station based that is the basis of train running status being tracked. In addition, the Last Reported Station indicates that the train has either arrived or departed or crossed a particular station. In layman, the last reported station by Indian railway NTES is the information of arrival or departure of a train at a particular station. This information counts in the running status of your train.

2. Estimated Time of Arrival info on NTES National Train Enquiry System

Next is the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) that tracks the expected time when the train might arrive at any of its upcoming stoppages. This is probably the time when the traveler should be coming to board the train.  This NTES status information is also known as ETA and is the time that is required by the train to arrive at a particular station. You can use this metric to find the time at which you should board for your train.

3. Last Reported Station info on NTES National Train Enquiry System

Another pointer in the NTES train enquiry app is the last reported station. The indicator states a stoppage or an intermediate station that’s not actually a regular stoppage but the train is supposed to cross the station.

4. Last crossed station info on NTES National Train Enquiry System

This one is yet another metric provided by this app. Through this metric, you get to know the stations passed by the train at which the train doesn’t stop.

NTES Indian Railway Enquiry App- Key People Behind 

Official website of CRIS says that the National Train Enquiry System or NTES is the part of the Integrated Coaching Management System (ICMS) within CRIS. The project is currently led by Shri Shiv Kumar Prasad, General Manager and an IRTS officer. He has over 20 years of experience in the field of Railway operations. The other key person behind train enquiry app NTES is Priya Srivastava. She is tech lead and Principal Project Engineer of National Train Enquiry System. She has an impeccable track record of 20+ years in the IT industry.

NTES Train Running Status on IRCTC Train Enquiry App- Key Features

It would not be wrong to suggest that the live train status updated of the train from any specific station arrives with eight to ten minutes of the train arriving, crossing, or departing the station. However, most of the ntes live status updates could take more time than the train reaching a particular station. It may take up to an hour to provide the right information.

As the name implies, train running status is a feature available in the National Railway Enquiry system run by Indian railways. The feature tells travelers the exact location of a train that has just departed from its origin. Indian Railways NTES app lets travelers track the train in real-time. The app helps in having the live location of your train at the time of tracking.

The app displays information about where a train is at current. In addition, it also fetches information about the time of departure, real-time delay, and estimated delay and time of arrival at each station throughout the route. The facility provided by NTES National train enquiry system is called Live Train Running Status.

1. NTES Live Status on Indian Railway Enquiry System

By far, transportation by train is the most comfortable and affordable means of traveling for Indians. Moreover, transportation with a train is the best way for a comfortable commutation. However, Indian trains are known for their late timings. Therefore, to avoid troubles while traveling, you can use ntes live status feature.

When it comes to commuting comfortably, you should look forward to traveling by train and tracking it by the national train enquiry system. The train has been the cheapest and comfortable mode of transportation for people.

However, traveling by train could be troublesome if you were unaware of the live train running status in the region. It would be a boon for the people to look for the National Train Enquiry System ntes live status.

2. NTES Live Station Updates



The Last Reported Station would indicate the station based on which the present live train status would be determined. The Last Reported Station in ntes train enquiry would also convey the train has departed, arrived or crossed that specific station.

NTES Live Station would be pertinent to mention here that the Estimated Time of Arrival or ETA value would provide the expected time of arrival at any of the upcoming stations. It would be the best possible time when the traveler at the upcoming station would expect to be there for boarding the train.

The last reported station tracked by the national train enquiry system live station feature could be the intermediate station or stoppage. The intermediate station would be the stoppage or place where the train does not have a regular stoppage and expected to cross the station.

3. NTES Live Train Status

The running status of a train is much more accurate than any other metric. That’s because running trains change their status very often. Hence, a user needs to check the updates more frequently to get better and accurate results.

With the help of this app, you can get the status of your train on your mobile in real-time. Moreover, even you contribute towards this data by using this application and keeping your location data turned on. 

NTES Live Train Status: How to Check on Indian Railway Enquiry App? 

  • Go to NTES link or You can check the live train status on our site as well
  • Click on ‘Spot Your Train’
  • Enter your train number
  • Select the Train Station
  • Select the date
  • Click on ‘Show Status’

The status of running trains tends to change frequently. Therefore, it would be recommended that the user should check the status updates regularly. Closer to the estimated time of arrival, the information of train running status should become more accurate.

You could also check the train status on the mobile through advanced internet. The mobile devices have been powered with advanced technologies to suit your specific needs. You could check the live train status while on the move and provide the precise status along with the delay status of the train.

4. Train Schedule on NTES App

Another significant feature of NTES online app is the ‘Train Schedule’ feature which provides a complete schedule of a train and its all stoppages. The feature also gives information on train’s scheduled arrival/departure at the station, distance, and day count.

The train schedule is yet another praiseworthy feature of the NTES national train enquiry system. This feature lets you know about all the stoppages of your train, their arrival time, departure time, and the rest of the schedule of your train.

5. Trains Between Stations


Moreover, there’s another feature too known as Trains between stations that lets you know about all the trains that are running between two specific stations. Furthermore, you can also know about the trains that are canceled for the routes.

You should also know that the actual upcoming station time is lesser than that shown in the app. Therefore, if you are using the NTES Live station feature to get the details about upcoming stations then you must plan your trip beforehand.

“Trains between Stations” feature of national train enquiry NTES helps to find out the list of trains available between two railway stations. The mobile app displays one more feature ‘Cancelled Trains’ that informs all trains marked as canceled.

Any delay in train reaching the upcoming station would be less than what has been reported from the last reported station through ntes enquiry app. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to plan accordingly.

NTES Train Enquiry Live: Other Key Features:  

1. Spot Your Train


This is the first option that’s available at NTES national train enquiry system app.  Spot your train tab is available as a first option on the site. This NTES option is used to track a train’s online LIVE status. Alternatively, you can use this Indian Railway enquiry app to spot your train. NTES Spot your train feature on NTES train enquiry app is the most powerful feature of the train enquiry app.

2. Complete Train Schedule


Needn’t say that NTES app can help you with your travel planning. This official live train enquiry app tells you everything about a train schedule including arrival, departure, delay, and cancellation. National Train Enquiry System NTES app provides commuters full schedule of the train you’re looking at.

3. Cancelled Trains


There are occasions when Indian Railways find no way out but to cancel the train. This could happen due to bad weather, declared emergency, and catastrophe. The option is available on the National Train Enquiry app that furnishes details of canceled train using. The tab provides complete information about canceled trains.

4. Rescheduled Trains

NTES rescheduled train tab informs if a particular train has been rescheduled for any reason whatsoever. To let travelers in sync with trains rescheduling, the tab comes in handy. So, if you’re heading to any place, it’s recommended to scan through rescheduled trains option on the National Train Enquiry System app. It will let you know if the train is running right time or has been preponed or postponed.

5. Diverted Trains Info on National Train Enquiry System

This tab of NTES train enquiry app tells about trains that have been diverted from their existing routes. The information available on diverted trains is validated by Indian railway authorities so you can trust the authenticity of the information. So, before selecting a particular for your journey, it would be recommended that check through the NTES Live status app to find the train’s diversion status.

6. Special Train Enquiry Live on NTES App

Indian Railways introduces special trains or temporary trains to handle the peak hour rush during festivals. National Train Enquiry app has a special tab for providing information on special trains. You can check the status of these special trains on the app and make travel plans accordingly.  

7. Heritage train Info on National Train Enquiry System

If you love Indian Diaspora and eager to witness its world-famous legacy, heritage trains from Indian railways are the best way out. On NTES app’s heritage train info tab, you can get complete information on India’s luxurious trains.

Various details of these heritage trains could be found on NTES railway enquiry app. Just go through the app and find as well as book train as per your requirement.

8. PNR Enquiry on NTES Train Enquiry App

You all are aware of the PNR numbers. You must have seen it in the left-hand corner of the ticket. NTES PNR number is used to track the reservation status of a passenger on the train. Just input the PNR number and click go. You can now see the details of the ticket bought.  

9. Seat/Berth Booking via NTES Railway Enquiry App

Not only you can check the seat and birth availability on the National Train Enquiry NTES app, but also book tickets for your next journey. While booking the tickets via the train enquiry app, you can make choice for preferred birth and food (if available on the train). Don’t forget to keep the journey details and payment information with you to make the process faster and hassle-free.  

NTES Train Enquiry App – How to Download?

When understanding ntes Railway enquiry, you should consider some essential aspects. These would be deemed of great importance for determining the estimated time of arrival of the train. NTES railway information app accommodates the details of the trains canceled through the entire route or on a partial route.

  • First of all, open the app drawer in your android phone and navigate to the play store.
  • In-play store, search for NTES application and you will get the app with the developer name of the center for railway information.
  • Click on the install button for that application and wait for the application to download and install it successfully.
  • Once the app has been successfully installed, you will get an option to open the app. Therefore, click on the open button and provide all the permissions to the application.
  • Once you provide all the permissions to the application, you’ll be able to use it with ease.
  • The status updates of the running train via National train enquiry system have been relatively more accurate when it arrives from the GPS user application. Train status updates from the previous stop usually arrive in a delayed manner.

Check Train Running Status on NTES IRCTC Train Enquiry App: Steps

You can get the information about the live train running using National Train Enquiry System (NTES) enquiry app. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to check train running status through the National Train Enquiry app:

STEP 1: – Head on to the IRCTC official website at

STEP 2: Click on ‘Trains’ on the menu bar. Now choose ‘Track Your Train’ from the dropdown list. It will navigate you to the train tracking page of NTES.


STEP 3: – Enter the number of the train in the box shown


STEP 4: You can see the journey details of the train on the screen as a list. You can now select the journey/boarding/arrival station and the journey/boarding/arrival date from the given list. 

STEP 5: The info showed the train running status info includes current position of the train, the name of the last updated/reported station, the distance between the current location and the station requested, the status of the train at the requested station, expected arrival, and expected delay.


In addition to the above, you can also check the Full Running Status by clicking on ‘View Full Running’ button.

Live Train Running Status: Useful NTES National Train Enquiry System Abbreviations

National Train Enquiry app by Indian railways uses certain abbreviations and terms to pop up details passengers ask for while booking tickets or enquiring information. We are listing here some of these abbreviations.

ETA and ETD:

ETA stands for an expected time of arrival, while ETD stands for an estimated time of departure. Both the terms are tentative and inform about the expected time when a train is expected to arrive at or depart from an upcoming station. To note, the ETAS and ETD may change during the journey as trains recover time during the course of their run.

ATA and ATD:

These are other important terms used in NTES train enquiry app. They are Actual Time of Arrival and Actual Time of Departure, respectively. ATA refers to the time your train actually arrived at a station or departed from a station en route. It simply means once a train arrives or departs from a particulate station, ETA and ETD become ATA and ATD.  

Scheduled Arrival/ Scheduled Departure:

These are the arrival and departure timings of a train at a particular station as per the Indian Railways schedule. The timings are scheduled without any delay.

Other Indian Railway Enquiry App Terms:

  • RT: Right Time
  • PF: Expected Platform
  • UA: Update Awaited
  • CNC: Cancelled at this station

139 – Indian Railway Enquiry Number

In case you want to enquire details about Indian Railways booking or other rail enquiry, you can ring 139. This is a 24×7 helpline of Indin Railways that provides accurate and real-time information on PNR status, arrival and departure times of trains, availability of seats in train, and train fares of different classes.

You can also use SMS to get this info on your mobile phone in form of text. To get the info via SMS, type your PNR, and then input the PNR number of 10-digits after giving a space before sending out the SMS.

National Train Enquiry System: How to Check Fare?   


In case you’re searching for a way to find train fares for the trains, you can check it out right from the fare enquiry tab of the Indian Railway enquiry portal. Just follow the below steps:

  1. Head on to the portal by clicking the Link

2. Enter Train number

3. Enter Journey Date

4. Enter Source Station

5. Enter Destination Station

6. Enter Class

7. Enter Quota

8. Click Get Fare Button   

Indian Railway Inquiry System (NTES): Tatkal Rules

Tatkal Ticket Reservation Rules

Provisions in the Tatkal reservation category are proposed by Indian railways from time to time. From train fares to reservation charges, all are revised as per the Government’s discretion. Read on to know the latest amendments done to Tatkal bookings by Indian Railways. With every revision in fare, the amount is automatically updated to the National Train Inquiry system or NTES.      

  • Tatkal tickets under NTES are issued for actual distance of travel.
  • A Tatkal berth/seat is booked in multiple legs until the chart is prepared. While the chart is being prepared, unutilized portions are made available to the General RAC/Waiting list passengers.
  • You may also boo Tatkal tickets in Executive Class of premium trains like Shatabadi and Express trains as well.
  • Tatkal booking window opens at 10 AM for AC Classes and 11 AM for NON-AC Classes on One day in advance from the actual date of journey excluding date of journey.
  • Indian Railway doesn’t issue duplicate Tatkal tickets. In exceptional cases, a duplicate Tatkal ticket can be issued with payment of full fare including Tatkal charges.
  • While booking the multiple Tatkal tickets, all the passengers are not required to furnish the identity in the form. Only one passenger needs to produce a valid document to authenticate the identity.

Tatkal Ticket Refund Policy

At the first place, Indian Railway doesn’t issue a refund on the cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets/duplicate Tatkal tickets. Refund is only entertained as per the rules mentioned in Para 2 of instructions contained in Commercial Circular no. 53 of 2006 issued vide letter no. 2006/TGII/ 20/P/Tatkal, dated 30.06.2006.

Following are the circumstances, you can get the full refund of fare and Tatkal charges for the tickets booked via National Train Enquiry System NTES under Tatkal scheme:

  • Refund is initiated if the train is delayed by more than 3 hours at the journey originating point of the passenger.
  • Refunds will also be granted if the train route has been diverted and the traveler is not willing to travel on this new route.
  • You will also be entitled to the refund if the train is to run on a diverted route and your boarding, as well as destination station, are not on the diverted route.
  • A refund will also be issued if the Indian railway fails to attach the coach in which Tatkal accommodation has been earmarked.
  • If the traveler has been offered lower class and he is not intended to travel. In this case, he will be given a refund of the difference of fare and also the difference of Tatkal charges of applicable.

NTES National Train Enquiry System:  FAQs

As we have served all the important information related to Indian railways National Train enquiry system or NTES, some query might be running in your mind. This FAQ is an attempt to answer all those random queries.

Currently, the national train enquiry system app is developed for Windows 8.0 and soon other mobile platforms will follow the suite. Stay tuned to know more about the National Train Enquiry System. We will keep you updated on how to use the app and what are the new feature it is getting.

What does it mean by train coach position?

Coach position helps to locate your coach on the railway platform. The position of the coach starts from the engine. If you have got a seat in coach 11, it indicates the 11th coach starting from the engine.

What is the Railways train enquiry number?

You can dial 139 from your phone number to find the information about the trains from any part of the country. 

How to check the train ticket status?

It’s easy. Just input your PNR number in the given field of NTES railway enquiry app. It will show the current status of your booked ticket.

What are the main features of NTES Railway Enquiry App ?

As already stated, NTES train enquiry app can provide you real-time updates on the train schedules, rescheduled trains, Cancelled trains, diverted trains, and special trains. You can also check the NTES mobile app for train running status and PNR status.

The NTES train enquiry app is a great development by the Indian railways that makes traveling through train less hectic. Therefore, download the app right now and start using it to enhance your traveling experience. That’s all we have for today.


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