Now An IRCTC Android App For Booking Unreserved Tickets

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #


In way forward to encourage paperless ticketing and helping commuters of unreserved category,IRCTC has launched an Android app. By using this app, travelers of unreserved category can obtain tickets from their Android phone.

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The app named UTS is now available for download on Google Play and has been developed by IRCTC’s Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS). Once booked, you can present its soft copy (sent to your mobile phone) to ticket checker or may take a print out of the same when asked.


This new initiative is aimed at encouraging paperless ticketing system and giving commuters big relief from lining up at the ticket window for unreserved tickets. After completion of the app, users receive a registration ID number for the creation of an electronic wallet.

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Commuters are required to load the money for buying the ticket through e-wallet mobile payment system. The money can be loaded through either online or via a ticket counter.

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Commuters can top-up the e-wallet at ticket counters or on the IRCTC website using a credit or debit card. Besides ticket reservation, UTS app can be used for renew season tickets.

-App For Booking Unreserved Tickets

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