Top Plugins for SEO Optimization of WordPress Site

Anyone who has used WordPress probably tries to figure out ways to make their work simpler. One sure shot way to do so is by the use of plugins. Even an SEO expert can sometimes make mistakes that can be a loss for the customer in terms of money and time.

Top Plugins for SEO Optimization

Top Plugins for SEO Optimization

So to make the situation more cost-friendly, there are specific ways you can optimize the SEO of your WordPress site. SEO optimization will make sure that your search engine rankings increase. Here are a few ways how you can achieve that.

1. An SEO pack for all purposes

WordPress has varieties of plugins that are built to make your work a lot easier. This all-purpose plugin is helpful because it covers all of the basics of SEO optimization, for example, meta-tags, title, content description, and keywords. However, if you keep the field untouched, then it does not operate on it. So you do not need to use it on every message.

2. Social SEO

Get your site listed on social bookmarks so that your customers can click and you can divert traffic to those sites as well. However, doing so with hand coding might cause you some problem mainly if you have limited resources.

Here, the Sociable plugin comes to your rescue, and it can add up to 99 social sites and bookmark them on your WordPress website. You can also add your own site as well. This plugin is very much customizable and easy to use.

3. Plugin for positioning of Google

With the help of this plugin, you can find necessary keywords for your website. It is a tool that is fast and easy to use. You can use this to get your keywords more effectively.

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4. Sitemaps plugin

It is not a keyword or marketing related tool exactly. However, with the help of this plugin, you can be sure that your site will be more accessible for Google search engine to crawl, and thus will make it appear on top search results more efficiently.

Of course, this is still a theory, and there is no evidence of its worth yet. However, so far reports show that using this method benefits the sites. Besides, you will not go wrong using a sitemap for your WordPress website.

5. Plugin for cross-linking

With the help of this plugin, you can specify keywords with an automated hyperlink. It may come handy as it gives you the ability to affiliate deals. This way you can add your name in the market with keywords, and this will help improve your internal linking.

6. Using twitter plugin

With the help of this plugin, you can connect your WordPress website to your Twitter account and improve your SEO. When you add this plugin, it will show all your recent tweets at a place on your WordPress website for visitors to see. You can choose where this will show up on the webpage.

7. Plugin for detecting reference

You can use this plugin to add to our URL, and this will provide the visitors with a greetings message. So if your site has users, then you can give them a small welcoming message for that warm, personal touch. You can also ask them to check your other posts and also click on your other links.

This plugin radically improves the interaction between you and your website users. Of course, more communication means more traffic and better SEO.

8. Plugin for checking any broken links

With the help of this plugin, you can observe if any link is broken and find out about the 404 links on your WordPress website. You can then remove the dead links from the hosting web-site. This plugin is also useful in finding missing pictures, and it will also notify you once it finds out the missing images.

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9. Plugin for SEO friendly image

It may come across as a shock but even images can play a big role in SEO ranking. If you use SEO optimized, relevant pictures they will have a chance of getting higher ranking for your website in Google image search.


Overall, you can get professional help for building an SEO friendly WordPress Website. Not only will it improve your website and brand image, but it will also help you find potential customers.

So you must put enough thoughts into it and take the matter very seriously.  Make sure you find out about all of the SEO packages before opting for the one that suits you the most.

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