Top 7 Google Search Alternatives You Can Try in 2019

Have you ever thought your digital life without Google? The answer is a big no. When it’s search, it’s Google. But, this comes at cost. Google stores our very personal data and information on its servers to customize the content it presents before us.

Sometimes this extreme personalization turns into nuisance when users are flooded with too much of tailored content and ads targeting them.

Top 7 Best Google Search Alternatives

Literally, Google isn’t the last shot, when it comes to search engines. I can tell you about dozens of search engines that offer equally astounding search features and unbeatable privacy.

Therefore, if you find it annoying and irking to be chased by Google wherever you go, you can go with our list of Top 7 Google search alternatives right here.

1. DuckDuckGo:

If privacy is something that matters you the most, DuckDuckGo is for you. The ultimate privacy it offers makes it the top alternative to Google search engine. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you online. This means you won’t see awkward ads and tailored content following you wherever you navigate.

It has quickly gained popularity because of the user privacy it offers. The website never tracks you or your online activities which means there are no ads following you.

The search engine comes with a clean and tidy user interface and allows users to bring search results from noted search engines like Yahoo and Yandex. Adding DuckDuckGo extension to your browser keeps your activities private.

Besides having all the standard features of a search engine, DuckDuckGo offers a unique ‘Bangs’ feature that allows searchers to search sites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, or YouTube right from the interface. All they need is to start their search query with an exclamation mark! (e.g. !a, !w, !facebook).

2. Bing:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

Bing is the second most used alternative to Search Engine Google. The Microsoft owned search engine offers a multitude of search tools to offer awesome user experience to searchers. Yahoo powers its search results and it’s known for its ever-changing background displaying beautiful pictures of animals, places and more.

The search engine displays a beautiful grid of large thumbnails for video search results. On hovering over, the thumbnail offers a preview plays the video on the same page with a single click

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Besides search specific abilities including conversion, translation and spell check tools, Bing offers its app for iOS and Android apps stores.

3. Yahoo:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

Long before Google, Yahoo ruled the search ecosystem as #1 search engine. Even today, the #2 search giant Yahoo has a huge chunk of user base using the platform for their queries. Yahoo is unequivocally the top alternative to Google search engine.

Besides standard search results, Yahoo has a lot to offer. The platform offers multiple services from a single interface. The search engine acts a news aggregator that brings breaking news, headlines and in-depth analysis of events from across the world. The platform also offers an email service, online shopping, online games and a travel directory.

The search engine supports 38 languages and is currently the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox. After its integration with Flickr, Yahoo has started displaying better image results as well. Last, but not the least, Yahoo deserves an applause when it comes to respect user privacy.

4. Qwant:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

Meet our next best Google Search Alternative. Qwant is a France based search engine that claims to aim at searcher’s privacy. The website doesn’t track user’s record or manipulate searcher’s personal data for ad-targeting.

Qwant comes with an elegant and eye catching user interface highlighting trending topics, news stories on its homepage in a very readable format. Search results on the search engine are displayed under three categories: Web, News, and Social. An AI powered music section is also there to help music geeks discover new music and lyrics.

Although, this Google Search alternative isn’t that powerful and feature packed, it’s preferred by a huge community of searchers for its privacy feature.

5. Swisscows:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

Swisscows is the next in the list of top best alternatives of Google search engine. Like DuckDuckGo, privacy is the USP of this search engine. The search engine is a right choice for the parents wants to see child-appropriate search results for their kids.

The engine comes packed with a built-in filter that weeds out pornographic and violent content from the search results.

Thanks to its privacy-focused approach, this Google search alternative doesn’t store any personal data, IP addresses or search queries. The search engine has its servers based in Switzerland.

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Therefore, it’s bound to follow the strictest privacy laws in the world. The Swisscows search engine is powered by Bing.

The most interesting thing about Swisscows is that its ad system is solely targeted based on searcher’s query rather location.

6. Search Encrypt:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

It’s another search engine in the list that respects searcher’s privacy. SearchEncrypt claims that it doesn’t track any identifiable information and puts in place local encryption to secure your searches.

The search engine is associated with many premiere search engines and network of search partners to display the search results. The search engine is visited by over 23 million visitors each day. It deletes user’s local browsing history automatically every 15 minutes of inactivity.

7. StartPage:

Top 7 Google Search Alternatives

Other than Google, StartPage is another search engine with its own set of search results. The search engine includes search results from Google without any user information tracking. StartPage isn’t merely a search engine but also offers proxy service to help browse websites safely and anonymously.

The search engine offers a custom URL generator to prevent cookies from being generated while user is browsing the internet.

 Google Search Alternatives 2019

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