Top 5 Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs You Can Try Out

Blockchain and Affiliate Marketing. Well, you heard it right! They two get along very well. No one might have ever even thought of the merging of these two. And that’s the real potential of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs

Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs

The major reason that the affiliate marketing was linked with the blockchain technology is the speed with which the transactions can be conducted and also the higher security and transparency offered by this really revolutionary technology.

And guess what, these are the same reasons that have kept affiliate networks stable till date!

And the real fact lies in the point that the Blockchain Technology can actually provide more positive outcomes for the affiliate marketing industry. For the beginners in the field, the adoption of blockchain technology makes the affiliate marketing process much easier and cheaper for all the parties involved and moreover, it follows a completely decentralized format.

Blockchain technology also supports in tackling even the most challenging difficulties faced in the affiliate marketing industry like fraud detection and tracking. For the persons who are already involved with the affiliate marketing process, then you will be knowing that tracking the clicks generated is not so easy task!

To differentiate between the organic and inorganic traffic is not so easy. And at most of the times, the traffic will be bigger than what we can imagine.

And such instances can be avoided with the usage of latest technologies like Blockchain technology or smart contracts. Smart contracts allow the persons associated with the advertisement or publication to make the tracking fraud-free and more accurate.

Or in other words, you do not have to depend on an HTML code snippet to track down the clicks and user engagement. Blockchain Technology is undoubtedly the future of multiple fields for sure!

Well, we will discuss some of the top Blockchain based affiliate programs down here. Keep reading and choose one from the list if you’re looking for a really good Blockchain based affiliate platform.

#1. Hoqu

Hoqu has a really interesting tagline. It states that “Experience Marketing at a Whole New Level.” Their site claims that they are one of the first affiliate marketing platforms that work in a decentralized way based on smart contracts.

Hoqu makes sure that the real power of Blockchain technology can be utilized by every participant and thus experience a favorable income. The major thing that they do is to cut off the brokers as well as other third parties involved in the process of affiliate marketing.

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And hence Hoqu allows the associates involved like the merchants and its affiliates to stay in touch with each other and the things can be executed as planned.

Hoqu makes the process of affiliate marketing really less costly when compared to other platforms. It almost cuts up the various transaction costs involved with the process up to 45% and charges only a commission of 0.5%!

Other exciting features involved include its completely free to join. By simply signing up you can become a member of the Hoqu program and can begin to conquer your marketing goals one by one.

Hoqu provides affiliates with a chance for fair and transparent deals through their smart contracts.

#2. AffiliateCoin

AffilaiteCoin is another leading blockchain based affiliate program. This is also a completely decentralized affiliate marketing platform.

AffiliateCoin would be the best choice that you can make if you are in search of a really safe secure affiliate marketing platform to conduct your transactions. Affiliate Coin makes use of smart contracts and hence the users do not have to worry about the security-related issues.

AffilaiteCoin also only charges a very less commission so that it allows the publishers to earn a better revenue as compared to other affiliate tracking platforms. Also, it allows the transactions to be conducted in a much faster manner, which is a very common problem with the conventional platforms. They are also entirely free to join.

#3. Attrace

Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs

Attarce is also one affiliate marketing software that deserves to be included in the list of top Blockchain based affiliate programs. It makes use of the Blockchain technology, and hence it supports the direct communication between the publishers and merchants. They also charge a very less transaction fee which is about only 0.5%.

Attrace makes use of an effective link tracking technology and makes sure that each and every link is tracked effectively.

Or in short, the publishers can track their overall performance with ease. Since the transactions are stored in Blockchain, all the participants can be viewed by every participant in the network.

They also provide the facility for joining their Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

#4. Bitcomo

Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs

Bitcomo would be the best place that you will be looking for if you are really eager to see the best results from your marketing campaigns. Bitcomo is a CPA Ad project for the Crypto projects and hence as an advertiser, the benefits you receive from the campaigns run through their platform are high.

Moreover, you can achieve all this without actually spending much money as compared to other mediums. They only charge a very less commission fee.

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There are more than 10,000 crypto-niche direct publishers within the Bitcomo affiliate program.

The publishers can make sure that the clicks or traffic generated are of high quality or not.

The affiliate activities are all secured using the latest technological advancements and hence the entire processes are safe from fraudulent activities. Bitcomo would be the best choice you can make if you are really interested in CPA marketing.

#5. Reftoken

The final one included in the list is the Reftoken. It also works as in the same mode as the other ones listed out in the list performs. They also provide their services on the basis of really great smart contracts.

They support the communication between the different players in the process on a real-time basis and also the transactions. Reftoken also delivers the payouts on an instant basis and the affiliates do not have to wait for a long time as compared to the other ones that are used nowadays.

Since all the deals are depended upon smart contracts, the risk of fraudulent activities is very much less or almost impossible. This is, of course, one that you can worth looking for!

Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

It’s a well-known fact that Blockchain technology is all set to revolutionize the affiliate marketing software industry soon. Already there have been a lot of really good platforms out there but then this list has tried to bring out the best Blockchain Based Affiliate Programs. Make sure that you visit each of the one listed out here before taking the next step.

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