8 Ways to Encourage User Engagement on Your Site

Having a website is no big deal, but people liking and visiting your site daily matters a lot. Of course, it’s not easy to engage people with a website. In fact getting people to view and like your website is an art in itself, one that not many people know. The more people engage to your website, the more popular your website would be, thus bringing in even more visitors.

8 Ways to Encourage User Engagement

How to Increase User Engagement?

1. Twist your writing

Ensure to use a writing style that’s both apt and interesting for your target audience. For instance, if you are targeting the younger generation, then you must try the causal way of writing. Likewise, for different audience, you need to use a different style that’s appropriate to them.

Besides this, readability of content also matters a lot. Apart from being informative, your content should also be simple and easy to read and understand. Writing in points and with subheadings can greatly help with the readability of an article. Also, keep your content short and precise, because visitors are more likely to read such content.  For concluding your write up, you can use a single punch line, it would suffice.

2. Optimize your internal links

Internal links can work great for your website. They are not just for the SEO purpose, they can also direct your visitors towards more interesting content on your website, thereby keeping them engaged and interested in your work. For instance, linking to other related posts on your blog allows readers to know more about a topic.

Let your visitors stick around by adding extensions.

3. Dig deeper with analytics

With analytics, you can check which page users immediately shift back to the Google form, and which ones stick to read on in-depth. Google analytics highlight a number of useful and relevant metrics for your site, including your page-load time, which is also important.

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4. Get social and take feedback

Users usually like to give feedback and site’s which are open to feedback encourage users to give their views and suggestion on everything. This shows that a website actually considers and cares about the views of the customers.

Allow customers to know about your presence on social media by promoting your page and let them speak up. Give them a way to follow you on social media and interact with you directly. Also, while writing content, make sure to end up asking viewers about their suggestions and comments. This is a great way to actively participate and interact with your viewers.

5. Encourage discussion and debate

Another good reason to be active on social media is that you allow your users to interact with each other. Different viewers will have a different point of view and perspective of looking at things that encourages healthy discussions on topics related to your website.

You can also consider starting a user forum on your website. Though it would require extra management, the investment is worthwhile. All you need to do is keep those discussions positive and intervene or escalate into something that’s not good for your website.

6. Send a daily newsletter

Adding your mailing list to your website allows you to interact with customers and offer incentives to encourage them to return to your site.

7. Surprise your customers

Surprising your customers with good things is a good way to keep them engaged. Posting great content isn’t enough; you need to sometimes go out of the way to pleasantly surprise your customers. It could be a promo or a contest, an announcement of something new or free gifts, all this gives your customers a reason to follow you and stay tuned to anything that you post.

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8. Offer variety

Give your customers something interesting and different all the time like quotes, graphics and related material. You need to be dynamic and versatile to match the needs of your diverse customers.

Increasing user engagement is all about giving them fresh and unexpected things to encourage them and boost their curiosity. Social media marketing helps you to stay connected with your views and the more you connect with them, the better relationship you can create with them, which keeps them coming back for more.

How to Increase User Engagement?

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