Top 10 Most Popular Website Builder Templates

Looking for professional and feature rich website templates for your new business website? Listed below are top 10 website builder templates (Freemium) that you can use to to build a full-fledged website with all the necessary features in-built to manage your business.

Top 10 Website Builder Templates For Businesses

1. Wedding Website Templates:

Wedding websites have twirled the job of organizing wedding from a daunting task into an interactive cakewalk. There are many free wedding website templates facilitating you to establish your dreams and look your conception approaching life. One’s own website permits our friends and family to be acknowledged without giving a single stress to you thus making your life facile and enjoyable.

To start with this most famous template among top 10 website builder templates we are listing, just click “create your website now” wedding websites are almost created. You just have to follow the simple steps steered by easy questions and the given instructions.

The wedding website dashboard will start to act like a self perpetuating personal helper facilitating you with a catalog of reminders like forthcoming events, tasks, timelines, and many more.

You have various options to make your choice for designer templates to make your website according to your own personal idea. You can conveniently append tools to facilitate your visitors book flights, know the weather, and more.

top 10 website builder templates

Wedding websites permits you to spot and interact with the retailers and vendors. It facilitate you to maintain a checklist, lineup your budget plan and guests, make a timeline and seating arrangements, put a binder, photos and an encouragement board. Wedding website builders are laden with attractive features:

  • Modern wedding design
  • Drag and drop website creator
  • Fully responsive design accessible on most of the devices
  • Already designed pages can be customized
  • personal blog to narrate your thoughts
  • Subscription form facilitating to make own online audience
  • Handy widgets with premium qualities creating a enrapture photography samples.
  • Google fonts facilitating to create an attractive printing style for websites with bunch of text formats.

2. Travel Website Templates

The impel to tour can never annihilate.  It is very difficult to search people least interested in traveling on this globe.  Since ages exploring through travel is recognized as an attainable experience and digitization boom has taken this tour and travel at its zenith, making it the most loved niche.

All public means of communication and accommodation are now just a click distance from you, facilitating you to experience your travel before your journey.

Most Popular Website Builder Templates

The actual significance of digitization for bestowing momentum to the standard of travel for all those unquenchable travelers has been made easier by forefront website responsible for encouraging a web visitor to tour around the world and also provides many services with travel linked features.

As a businessman dealing in travel retail, it’s indispensable to maintain the faith that your ideal visitors keep for website for each thing associated to traveling starting from picking up the destination on the basis of response related to accommodation and flights.

To run your travel agency or for any other business, having your own website facilitated by the website builders customized to make the flawless travel websites, is very much facile.

This not only makes life easy for travelers but also aid you in enhancing your business as nowadays in this digitization era, people are more inclined towards internet for online research to decide the vacation plan.  To grow your business you have to put content at proper place, nothing better than website.  The travel website builder templates are loaded with immense features:

  • The travel website builder template is loaded with significant designs, along with wide range of customization options such as image galleries, slide shows and web page that are spectacular.
  • The template shows a firm customer support tool.  Visual effect is the foremost thing of a travel website, which is taken care by website builder template.
  • The falling drag and drop designed builder facilitates you to devote more time for creating an exciting content instead coping with designing the web page.
  • The templates are responsive, very handy for users to go through your content to make their tours.
  • These flawless top 10 website builder templates for travel are loaded with color palettes, one page designs, images and free fonts.
  • The theme also provide platform to retail your information regarding travel such as maps, books, travel memento, and many more regular products that may charm travellors by providing an e-store.
  • You can add your own blog to your website as website builder templates provide attributes like blog styling, tagging, comments section, etc.
  • Also, above this you can link your social networks to promote your posts, pages, and advertisements.

3. Medical Website Templates

Providing medical aid, selling medical products, and imparting medical related information through a website can be significantly impressive in conveying benefits to the website visitors, which is a driving force for the achievement of the website.  A decade back, no one even imagined to get medical help by just a click, which is now a common practice in the medical field.

Most Popular Website Builder Templates

The credit for these achievements only goes to medical websites that facilitates ailing person a speedy solution with ease.  It’s known to everyone that setting a medical unit is a costly affair and then come the actual need of medical website providing the cheapest platform for setting an online consultancy along with retail medical products.

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This website is helpful for employee management, starting from maintaining attendance to creating payroll data.  Anything concern with personal management can be easily completed by medical website builder.

You can make announcement regarding job vacancy and schedule of employees for 24/7 medical assistance.  All these can be possible by using an advanced medical website builder template. This template accompanies may features:

  • A neat and latest outlook
  • Illustrated composer integration
  • Extensive theme customization alternatives
  • Multi language assistance
  • Layer slider plugin

The medical website-builder templates establish one platform for all necessary medical assistance.

4. Educational Website Templates

The modern education system shows a different prospect of imparting knowledge.  The global digitization is the driving force behind this change.

This digital gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers having internet connection provides exposure to unlimited knowledge but also enable them smart and fast learner.  Teaching can be executed in a fascinating way with more curiosity and content enriched by authorizing internet access.

Starting from sharing various references for topics studied in class to giving assignments through a committed website for classrooms accordingly.

top 10 website builder templates

Nowadays, it’s not hidden to anybody that the websites are not necessarily the outcome of HTML and CSS coding skills, but can be developed by website builders and so does the education website builders for building educational website.

The educational website builder templates are feature enriched.

  • The instinctive drag and drop designed builder
  • The count and range of effects given to website is appealing.
  • The ordinance contains the presence of various features related to multimedia to engross kids.
  • Full check on access to control the editing and viewing liberty of students and parents.
  • Cohesive blogging facilitating to publish school news and notices for parents, class homework, marks, and many more that build your website less time depleting for official work and more value enhancing source.

5. Photographers Website Builder Templates:

Earlier the professional photographers advertised their work through albums, brochure and business cards, which is now being replaced by online photo galleries.

Website builder for photographer is a specific digital tool facilitating an appropriate and utilitarian online portfolio, thereby making half of their work facile.   For an enthusiastic photographer looking for exposure for photographs to get display, an exclusive websites for photographer is just the anchorage they want to be famous.

The website builder template is the solution for creating your own website without any hassle.  The following features you must look before going for any templates:

  • Capable to furnish image enriched content:  You can excel out with a website builder template having exemplary content and multiple image formats.
  • Latest and captivating templates: Such templates attract the audience at a glance and are easier for developing your website.
  • Retail digital products: The templates must have the features to facilitate the retail of digital products.
  • To make your website unique you must have customized website that can easily change colors, texts, pictures, layouts and background, thereby creating your website as per your need.

6. Website Builder Templates for Cafe and Restaurant

Internet has accommodated its presence all around us.  If it is used to find a job for bread and butter, at the same time it is used to search restaurant serving that bread.  Website builder templates for developing websites for cafe and restaurant build a significant website enhancing their restaurants’ marketing power, thereby, encouraging them to stay intact in their business.

Other than delicious food, the characteristics such as updated food menu, lively photos from kitchen and delicious food items, event calendar, reservation process, and facility for online order are bonus to charm visitors.

The templates must be loaded with following features:

  • Easy to operate website
  • Mobile friendly
  • Highly integrated
  • Significant customization
  • Efficient content management attributes
  • Completely synchronized between website and mobile application

7. Fitness studio and Gym Website Templates

This is another top 10 website builder templates in the list. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, people are forced to be concerned about their health and diet.  As a result, they seek for health services provided by fitness studio and gym.

Health services are booming and along with that many fitness experts are establishing an earning business in way of neighborhood gym, fitness studio, private health coaching, and many more.

Just to enhance their business, they are bound to develop a website for advertising and promoting.  These website builder templates are facilitated with superior features:

Educational Website Builder Templates

  • Integrated channel to illustrate and publicize fitness solution: This theme provides multimedia enriched and complex websites introducing your health aids and enough space for you to put abundant regarding your educations as a trainer, the list of health trainers working with you, instruments used for health, and location layout, cost, health related information.
  • The theme facilitates with 24/7 support system administering various tasks and many more utilitarian aids.  There are provisions to convert your fitness web page into an online retail segment.
  • The theme provides subscription counts, configurable pop ups, news information, and niche retailing communication attributes creating the fitness website contributory in building more outlook for future.
  • To be unique from many other fitness services, it is substantial to have elevated standard, which can be facilitated by your fitness website.
  • This template is loaded with contemporary style, art design theme, extensive quality pictures, bright and captivating colors.
  • Very responsive and can be easily operated on mobile app.
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8. Website-Builder Templates for Writers:

The momentum relished by online based writing and blogging can also be credited to various freely used and competence platforms and website builders that aid people develop visibly astonishing and characteristics enriched website.

This template has variety of designs starting from normal to captivating ones with features like social media link with just one click, latest comment management, SEO characteristic created into the base, variety of options for bloggers and authors are present massively.  This templates not only permits user to build ready-made websites in no time, but also allow them to link with the viewers in a proper way than was ever feasible.

Using website-builder template for writers will facilitate you in providing an enormous firing table for you. This template is loaded with immense features:

  • Content book elements that can be effortlessly taken up from editor side bar and move up to the screen to place your content to be visible as per your choice.
  • Whole site exploration aiding in locating post, documents and comments as per the need.
  • SEO for enhance visibility facilitating to avoid traffic and make your website the most visible link on search engines.
  • This theme is easily synchronized between websites and mobile app.
  • 24/7 support system to avoid you to fail in content refurbish.
  • Viewers’ input provision to enrich your content.

9. Templates for Beauty Salon:

Salon is always an evergreen business due to various reason responsible for its feasibility.  If you are into this business and want to popularize it then you must enter the virtual world and create a website for beauty salon.

This will massively increase the customers’ count. The salon website facilitates you to stand out of the crowd and allow client to book appointments, which will be a great step towards your business success as your salon will be at reach of customers.

You can advertise your retail products and allow your customer to buy online, thereby increasing your sale with your virtual set up.  To create such websites, there are number of website builders template loaded with immense features, such as:

  • Rich and clean colors and layouts to make your page more attractive.
  • Readymade templates for salon facilitating you to develop website within a minute.
  • Flexible customization feature.
  • Blank templates, numbers of free images, single page design.
  • Link with social media in just a click.
  • Provision to add eye catching blog.
  • E commerce retail platform.
  • Both desktop and mobile feasibility.
  • Free text mode, photos, page control, photo editor facilitating you to explore with the looks and content of the web page.

10. Website Builder Templates for Hotels:

A hotel is popular by the services it provide but even if being a great service provider, not promoted appropriately, can lower down its customer count.

Word to mouth communication is a good way for advertising but not the best way.  To popularize your hotel and making it stand out of crowd, there is a need of inline promotion through its own website.

Website not only enhances your popularity but also help you to maintain your customer link, booking records, profits, and above all it will be just one click away from your customer.

Website will provide the real view of the hotel rooms and permits you to specifically provide extensive quality images of different rooms.  It facilitates facile online reservation system for booking room.  Online payment facility helps you to maintain your cash flow.

The website is loaded with feature of internal setup for managing your hotel operation and staff. The website builder template is loaded with features such as:

  • Easy to change color shades and backgrounds.
  • Text and multimedia content can be adjoined in just a click.
  • Google maps, reservation forms, feedback form are annexed to your website.
  • Option for regular updation of your website.
  • 24/7 support desk.
  • Desktop and mobile accessible

Top 10 website builder templates : Conclusion

That’s all from our list of top 10 website builder templates. If you have any other website template that you think should be in the list, do tell us in comment box. Than you for stopping by.

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