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(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

8B website builder is an amazing tool for those who want to float their business or personal websites without being intimated by hardcore programming and coding. The platform is an absolute solution for those who are looking to launch their maiden websites at almost no cast and with maximum efficiency. Read our comprehensive 8B Website Builder Review here.

The website builder comes loaded with some really handy features that help users publish a trendy and fully functional websites in few hours. From signing into the platform to publishing a website, the entire process is easy- going, hassle free and quick.

8B Website Builder Review – Build Website in Minutes

8B Website Builder Review

Before diving deeper into what’s the 8b online website builder and how does it work, let’s have a look into what actually the platform is.

8b website builder is an intuitive website building platform that allows you publish great looking websites without even having any knowledge of coding and programming. This is probably one of the best software for developing mobile-optimized websites.

Due to its ease of use, the platform is used by professional web developers, web designers, UI/UX Designer, app development agencies across the world.

Once you will start using 8b online website builder, you will find this application far better than other website builders in the marketplace.

While using the 8b, we found that it’s an easy to use and competitively easy website builder that works around a basic drag and drop system to produce innovative personal and corporate websites. The USP of 8b is it’s compatibility with Google’s AMP.

This is how 8b goes forward to accelerate the user experience, improves conversion and drives good amount of traffic on the website.

Another good thing to note about the builder is that it’s totally free for professional and non-profit usage. The builder comes loaded with a number of original and professionally built website templates.

Using the builder, you can create and run a website online right from your pc, mobile devices, smartphone or tablets.

Trendy Templates:

8B Website Builder Review

In order to let you create a wide range of personal and corporate websites, 8b packs a huge library of beautiful and fully-loaded templates.

These templates make the website designing process convenient and quick. The website builder brings forth a huge catalogue of trendy templates span from different industry niche including agency, event, portfolio, shop, photography, sports and travel.

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These themes are aimed at allowing users to produce perfect websites as per their business needs. The best thing about these templates is that they are fast loading, mobile optimized and eye catching.

Moreover, these templates can be customized as per the needs and offer users complete control over how the homepage and other elements of a website look.

All the templates that come with the 8b website builder cover a range of styles to give your website a professional look.

As we already said that that templates offer full control over the website, you can drag and drop sections into your pages. These sections are made to serve different purposes while you are building your website.

These pre-built templates make it easy to add headers, insert tables, testimonials, and more to your upcoming website.

As of now, 8b comes packed with templates and themes from 18 different categories. These templates are mobile friendly that means they can fit any screen size whether tablets or smartphones.

With 8b’s intuitive interface and dashboard, you can control the elements of templates with ease.

Whether you want to change typography and styles or need to download your own images, you can do it all regardless of the template you are using.

8B Website Builder Review : How It Works?

As we have already said, from start to finish, the website publishing with 8b online website builder is an easy going process. All you have to follow these steps and your website is ready to take off.

A- Choose a template

This is the first step in the process. You can choose a website template for your website from a huge catalogue of fully functional and mobile responsive templates.  Irrespective of the industry you are in, you can find a suitable template from the inventory.

Currently the website builder comprises of templates for multitude of niche including Agencies, Companies, Consultants, Events, Hotels, Photographers, Portfolios and Online shops.

B- Edit your website design:

As soon you’re done with template selection, you can start customization of the website.8b lets you easily customize the look and feel of your website This is the step where you can unleash your creative instinct to finish off with an awesome piece.

All you have to do is double click the elements you want to customize. No need to download them separately.

Play as much as you can with your website’s styling by customizing its colors, fonts, text, web backgrounds, images and other elements. With 8b website builder, you can offer your website an awe-inspiring look and style.

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C- Publish the Website

When you’re done with all the editing, styling and customization, it’s time to hit publish button. Once you finally publish your website by putting everything in place your website is open for billions of audience globally.

The best part of the process is that your published website will be mobile friendly and responsive by default. This is why they fit in every screen size and device (including smartphones and tablets) they are opened in.

8b Pricing:

Another good thing about the website builder is that it’s completely free. You needn’t to pay single penny to choose templates, making customization and using any of its elements. With you free account, you can access to all the features and functions of 8b.

Free–to-use doesn’t mean that you will also get a domain name, hosting and SSL for free. You have to pay to respective vendors for buying them. If you already have purchased an SSL certificate, you can connect it with your website.

Our thoughts:

Our designing team tested the website builder and found it at par what it claimed. It’s innovative, easy to use and time saving. We will recommend you using 8b website builder if you want to float a basic website with standard features.

If you’re planning to launch a huge web portal or an e-commerce store, limited possibilities with the builder may disappoint you.  However, if you want to launch a stylish website quickly and without intimidating coding hassles, we will recommend 8b website builder. We hope that our 8B Website Builder Review will help to make your website development process easy going and quick. Best of luck.

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