5 Reasons Why A Great Web Host Is Important for Your SEO

Most website owners are, for the most part, fixed on bringing the aesthetic appeal or visual of their site to another level. It is because they believe that the aesthetic appeal of a website will generate a lot of new customers or visitors.

Why A Great Web Host Is Important for Your SEO?

Great Web Host Is Important

However, all of your effort, time, and especially money spent on the website’s design will all go to waste if your website is not found.

For sure, you know how relevant content is, but did it ever cross your mind how you can get your site rank high in search engines? By that, we mean the backend work. A crucial place, to begin with, is the quality of your web hosting plan.

Sadly, web hosting is, more often than not, neglected and disregarded, but it plays a crucial role in identifying or gauging the SEO rankings of your site. How critical is quality web hosting is for Search Engine Optimization? Here’s why.

1. Speed

We all know that speed is a crucial factor in determining your SEO rankings. In a nutshell, the loading speed of your web page significantly impacts your SEO rankings. Let’s face it. The internet is a highly combative place, and users got small tolerance or have short patience to view the content on a slow-loading website.

Fortunately, you can oversee a few factors influencing your website’s loading speed — for instance, content and coding.

However, much of it really rely upon your web host. Speed wavers or shifts, and thus, you should see to it that the loading time of your site is in excellent condition.

Meaning, check if there are any concerning or significant changes in the loading time of your website.

Some of the hosting-related things that you can examine on include the accessibility of a CDN (content delivery network), the kind of hard drive tech used, and whether the web host is optimized or suited for your CMS (content management system), like for example WordPress.

Once you are confident that you have done all there is on your end, yet you’re website is still experiencing slow speed, do not act rashly and leave your hosting provider. Consider reaching out to them and ask them if they can help you out in improving the performance of your website.

2. Uptime

Have you noticed that most web hosting providers claim 99.9 percent uptime? Well, there is definitely a reason for such callouts. For the most part, you can determine how accessible or the availability of your website through the quality of your hosting plan.

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The poorer the quality, the frequent or many times your site will experience downtime. And we all know that if your site is down more often, it can damage or hurt your SEO rankings.

However, if your site is available more often or, at the very least, all the time, particularly when search engines crawls your web page, it is likely that your pages will belong in relevant searches.

Keep in mind that the more often your website will go down, your user experience can vary or oscillate more often as well. So, ensure that you check the availability of your website regularly. If you notice any concerning issues, contact your web host provider.

3. IP Location

The IP location of your host can, believe it or not, have a huge effect on your SEO rankings. In most cases, search engines rank sites with physical locations in the same area as the web host provider. Therefore, try to look for a host that has servers in your location to improve the SEO potential of your site.

Physical location can also impact the speed of your website. For instance, if your audience is in another country different from where your host is situated, then those people will likely have slower loading times, resulting in an adverse impact on the success of your site.

4. SSL / HTTPS Support

Nowadays, an increasing number of sites are switching toward utilizing https to secure and shield their website traffic’s user data. For this reason, Google has set SSL or Secure Sockets Layer as an SEO ranking determinant.

For now, it may still be regarded as a minor SEO ranking factor, and it should not have a strong influence. However, in the future, it will eventually become a crucial SEO ranking factor. If you wish to use https for your site, ask your hosting provider to know how you can get SSL certificates.

5. Security

If your website has poor security, then it is likely to get   hacked. Keep in mind that unsecured websites can be damaging to the SEO of your website. Fraudsters and hackers can enter your site, make spammy-looking pages, and inject thousands even millions of unnatural backlinks to your website.

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And all of these things are what Google likes to penalize. Even if you have determined the spammy pages and have it eradicated, Google will, for the most part, give you a penalty already.

Furthermore, poor web security boosts the likelihood that your site could get infiltrated with malicious attacks. And this can lead to being blacklisted by Google and or displaying a security notification in the SERPs.

With all of these being said, before you select a hosting plan, be sure to check if they offer strong security tech choices to protect and shield your website from hackers.


Just like most SEO and digital marketing game, much of it is common sense. We need a web host that is quick and solid as clients are anxious and won’t hang tight for slow-loading websites and they surely won’t endure a site that is inaccessible.

Google won’t redirect web users to slow-loading sites too. As such, we need a web host that is secure, so we don’t finish up being hacked. Furthermore, we need a web host that is within the country where your target audience is located.

Excellent Web Hosting Solution won’t magically increase the SEO rankings of your site to the highest point. It doesn’t work like that. With that said, you have to get the SEO nuts, and bolts dialed in and pursue an organized SEO process.

Be that as it may, an excellent hosting is an essential to solid SEO results. This is the establishment that strong SEO results are based on.

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digital Xperts
February 13, 2019 4:33 pm

this article is very nice and very helpful for me

February 20, 2019 6:30 pm

Speed is paramount in SEO so does the security. And a reliable web hosting provides you the best version of both. Thanks for highlighting these important points.

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