Top 10 Online Video to Audio Converter for 2020

# Last Updated On: May 17, 2020 #

Everybody enjoys streaming the videos and watching them online. But some times it is difficult to watch the videos online. We have the option of backing them up. But there might be times when you just want the audio but not the video. Well, this decision looks quite odd but it is not so. The article elaborates top ten Video to Audio Converter software available for download.

Yes, the videos, which we see online on either YouTube or any other social platform wherein you can find videos of your choice, can be easily converted into audio. This is vitally done to extract the audios from the videos, which we find difficult in finding. At the same time to find out the particular soundtrack in that particular video.

Top 10 Video to Audio Converters

To overcome these situations we must find the correct tool to convert these video files and extract out the audios. Therefore, we have plenty of converters that follow up this but here we are going to discuss some top 10 videos to audio converters.

The three key elements required in the video audio converter are that firstly, it should support the format; secondly, it should have great speed and thirdly should be able to access different features available.

1. Convert Files

video to audio converter online

This is the most commonly used video to audio converter app with quite advanced features of high speed. This helps in keeping the original quality of sound and does not cause any change in the audios.

This video to audio converter free software has the 30x speed than other ones and can convert more than 1000 formats. The more add on features include editing, compressing, burning, and transferring the videos. Its fast and good quality output makes this conversion software the perfect one.

2. Freemake

It is worldwide software that is being used by more than 180 million users since 2010. This is completely free video to audio converter that does not consume your time in registration and instead directly helps you to convert your videos into the audio.


  • Convert Videos Fast And Simple.
  • Pull Visuals From YouTube And Other Websites.
  • Cut, Join, And Rotate Clips.
  • Rip And Burn DVD/Blu-ray.
  • Convert 4K and Full HD Online.
  • Convert Movies With Subtitles.
  • Embed Video To Websites Online.
  • Upload Clips To YouTube.

It can also directly convert the videos from youtube into the audio track and help you get the audios. But it has one disadvantage that it takes a little more time to covert and also make your sounds little clunky.

3. Handbrake

video to audio converter

It is among the powerful video to audio converter online that has a unique feature of converting from any format easily. It supports all the formats and can convert your videos easily along with some editing add on features.


  • Video Conversion Presets
  • Input Sources Support
  • Basic Video Manipulation.
  • Live Video Preview.

This software is free and open for all so you can easily access it. The only problem with this software is that it is not user friendly as you need to be perfect enough for doing this and it is not well recommended for beginners.

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4. DVD Video Soft Video to MP3 Converter

This is Youtube video to audio converter can convert the videos of very limited formats. Although it supports limited formats but the ones that are quite popular. This is a free software that can be used easily. But because of its less applicability this only converts into MP3 and WAV lossless audio and does not include some of the extra features in it.


  • Superb free media software
  • Performs exactly as advertised
  • Free Video to MP3 Converter
  • Its interface is clean
  • Can convert batches of videos with ease

5. FAE Media Video to Audio Converter

this software, which is applicable for windows, has the feature to support 300+ video files that can be extracted without disturbing the quality of the audio. At the same time, it has a variety of audio formats to which the video can be converted. This is quick video to audio converter app that is free but the only disadvantage is that it has the very basic tools for editing and not the advanced ones.

6. VLC Media Player

video to audio converter

It is a well known tool to convert audio to video and vice versa was  developed by VideoLAN. Although this software is not only meant for this purpose but can function in this manner as well. It supports the compression of the audios and videos and in a way can convert them.


  • Convert Audio or Video Files to Any Format.
  • Stream or Download YouTube Videos.
  • VLC trick to Record an Audio or Video.
  • Record Your Desktop and Webcam.
  • Capture a Screenshot VLC trick.
  • Create Bookmarks.
  • Coolest VLC trick to set Video as a Wallpaper.
  • Add Watermarks On Videos.

The most common formats can be easily converted by this software. It also has the feature to compress and edit but cannot be used by everyone easily as it needs experts in this.

7. Free HD Video Converter Factory

Although this is free software to convert video to audio mp3 but has access to some of the magnificent features, you have to buy the premium access. Besides this, the users can easily convert the video files to audio.


  • Audio Converter.
  • Batch Support.
  • Compress Video.
  • Converting to UHD (4K), FHD (1080p) etc.
  • Online Video Downloader.
  • Supports 300 formats and devices.
  • Video Uploader.
  • Volume Tweaker.

The tool that is used to convert video to audio mp3 customizes most of the formats and also has a youtube downloader tool by which you can directly convert from youtube.

8. VideoProc

video to audio converter online

This is the best video to audio converter for PC to date that has been counted in the top 10 video to audio converters. Although this is paid software but you can still try it on for free and then switch to its premium model. One of the main reasons that it set to worthy to be paid is that you can easily use the software without getting disturbed by the ads. This in turn saves a lot of time.


  • Quality-oriented High Speed Media Converter
  • Built in media download engine
  • Simple yet Powerful Screen Recorder Component
  • Innovative Interface Makes Video Processing Pretty Easy
  • Tool for trimming, editing, converting and compressing videos

With the free trial of this video to audio converter free you can just edit or convert your videos up to 5 minutes so you need to purchase it to enjoy the whole of the editing of the videos. This software is quite easy to operate with different formatting.

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Also offers the users to cut, edit, trim, snapshot, or even the correction in the video. Well this software is quite easy for the beginners and they can easily convert their video into audio along with maintain the quality.

9. Movavi Video Converter

This is paid software, which allows 7 days free access, but you can just convert the initial portion of the video in this free trial. Whereas if you opt for the pro access than you can enjoy all the features of the software. Although this software is not that cheap but what you pay is worth it.


  • Lightning-fast conversion
  • Any device, any format
  • Music and pictures, too
  • Complete Editing Package

The high-quality video to audio converter for pc and phone allows you to get the original quality of sound and efficient time. The resolution is so perfect that you would appreciate this software. This software is available for windows as well as mac. It is a modern software so remains updated with the new versions.

10. Any Video Converter

Video to Audio Converter

This is another paid software but it is not that expensive as other software. With In the free version the very basic tools are available to convert and make editing possible. You need to upgrade and must go for video to audio converter download to premium to get access to the most of the distinct features.


  • Record & capture video screen with high output quality
  • Download videos and music from YouTube and 100+ sites in batch
  • Convert Video & DVDs & CDs & BD to 200+ formats for various devices
  • Burn any video to blank DVD disc to create DVDs
  • Edit video clips with cut, crop, and speci

Although in this software if you install the free version then it is mandatory to install the additional software. But it has been reported that this additional software has not proven to be safe. This software is not that easy for the users to operate but if you keep practicing you will soon understand it.

So this video to audio converter software helps you to access according to your needs and requirements. This way you can easily convert your videos whether from youtube or somewhere else and get out the soundtrack if required.

At the same time this software helps you to edit and make videos interesting and as per your need. Therefore, this gives you a clear view of the top 10 video to audio converters that can be used which are either free or can be purchased.

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