Tips for Digital Marketers to Increase Online Traffic and Revenue

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Digital marketing is growing by leaps and bounds. 2017 is going to be nothing different. Each year business owners decide that this time it will be different, that the profits will multiply and income for the business will be greater than before.

How to Increase Online Traffic?

We have in store for you certain piece of advice that will help you boost online traffic and at the same revenue.

How to Increase Online Traffic?

1. Update Websites On-Page Issues

It is 2017 and it is hard to imagine a business without a website of its own. If you don’t happen to have a website, then you can still get into the game by having designed one for your business. A website can prove to be a double-edged sword for business owners. Why do I say this?

It is because if the company website has been around for some time, it is a given that some or all of the information therein is outdated. Thus, the need for constant updating of your website is what 2017 demands. Ask yourself, is your website mobile friendly? If not then it means the update is long due. (Contd.: How to Increase Online Traffic?)

According to one study, users come across a dozen of sites during their browsing hours over the internet that is laden with errors of all forms. I imagine that these businesses have either ceased their operations or just don’t care about the customer. There are faster ways to lose a customer and this is one of them.

Updating of the site is similar to your Windows updates which pack improved security features and bug fixes as these are integral to operating system’s functionality. When you update a site, your website and the customer visiting are both protected from the threats lurking online in terms of Trojans, viruses, hacking, loss of private data/information and the likes thereof.

2. Utilize PPC and Social Media Ads

Not all followers or leads are generated organically. There are always means to generate traffic inorganically and there shouldn’t be any shame in it. The business and social media pages of a brand you see, do you think they are all real public? The concept of “going viral” is overrated.

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It is the paid advertising that is driving the traffic and spreading the word far and wide, across the globe. Not all the money in the world can save you from poor content but what the contention is not how good/bad the content is rather about getting noticed and without paid advertising (PPC and social media), it is not possible (or is at least pretty slow).

3. Integrate Marketing Tactics

Business owners will have to adopt multiple marketing tactics and then integrate them to achieve the desired goal. People used to learn about things via gossip and word of mouth back in the day but now there are a lot of venues where people can get their hands on the information.

By coordinating marketing tactics it means using digital advertising for delivering a consistent message (whatever you or your brand stands for) to the target audience. These include email advertising, PPC, social media, and video ads. In this way, it becomes hard for people to miss the message. (Contd.: How to Increase Online Traffic?)

Another way business owners can capitalize via coordinating marketing activities is by running online and offline marketing campaigns simultaneously which largely includes content marketing. It is indeed true that you might need a considerable quantity of content on a daily basis but it is way easier if you engage a premium article writing services within your plan.

This too yields maximum effect in conveying your brand’s message. But be sure that the message across all online mediums and through TV, radio, print ads, ooh advertising etc. is consistent.

4. Create More Content

While advertising may have the upper hand but creating more content is still the most relevant advice. Customers are becoming more aware day-by-day so they have learned to navigate past their way to ads (such as ad-blockers) whereas content marketing is one discipline which never fails.

If the content is engaging and serves as a value addition to the customer’s knowledge base then there is no way your content will, not only be read but also shared on social networking sites. In other words, it is an indirect means of increasing your website’s traffic.

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Creating more content does not mean at all that you have to keep on developing unique and compelling posts solely by yourself in terms of meeting up the daily dose of your website’s official blog and other publications. (Contd.: How to Increase Online Traffic?)

Today most of the online brands do not write instead they opt for quality oriented content and article writing services that ensures them on time delivering of absolutely unique and compelling content.

There is no surefire way to know whether your banner ad was viewed by the visitor but if there is a topic that interests him, he will interact with the site for longer periods of time and that is your cue. Meaning, your content is holding his attention. Moreover, this reduces your bounce rate for the site.

So 2017 is a year of remarkable wonders and streamlining processes further by bringing ease and convenience to both business owners and visitors/customers alike.

The list of digital marketing tips highlighted above is not exhaustive as I am sure there will be many number of methods whereby you can increase web traffic and subsequently your revenues.

How to Increase Online Traffic?