The App Store Optimization Checklist to Rank Your App

Optimization is the key to success whether it is for a website or an app or webpage. Optimization leads to a good ranking in the search engine or an app store. Now, similar to a website, any mobile app also needs to be optimized to make it visible in an application store.

10 App Store Optimization Best Practices

For this purpose, Application Store Optimization (ASO) is required. App optimization is the process through which the app can be made visible in the app store.

App Store Optimization Checklist

Just as for a website, it is necessary to rank in the search engine, for a mobile app, it is necessary to get visible in the app store. So that the users can come to know about your mobile app when they visit the app store. There are a number of ways through which app store optimization or ASO marketing can be achieved some of which are described as below.

1. App title

App title is crucial to app store ranking. Keep a unique title for your mobile app which should be explanatory regarding your app and its use. Moreover, it should also include the description of your app and also some description about your branding.

This will help the users to know about what your app does when they discover your app in the app store.

Don’t keep a lengthy title and keep it relevant to what your app does. The keywords should be relevant and should be spam in any sense. In other words, your app title should represent your app which can make it easy for the user to discover your app.

2. Description of the app

 The description is another important part of an app search optimization. The description reflects the usage and the branding of the app.  Description is such a key that it can either make or break the search results in the app store.

So, description has to be given in the app and should be very cautious and efficient while giving the description of your app as it will affect the search results when being discovered in the app store.

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3. App icon

Mobile app users always demand their apps to be beautiful, elegant and attractive. They discover the apps and go only for those apps that seem attractive and elegant to their eyes.

So, it is very important for app optimization that you keep a unique icon for your app which not only is descriptive about your app but also seems very attractive and elegant to your users.

Icon plays a major role in the discovery of your app as normally, users go through all the apps seeing their icons first and their description in the second place. So, for getting discovered in the app store optimization, put a greater emphasis on your app icon.

4. App screenshots

 Screenshots are the best way of telling the story of your app to the users in a graphical and a visual way. So, include the screenshots while displaying your app in the app store.

The screenshots should actually tell the users what your app can do and how does it work and what are the ways they can use your app. So, screenshots are another important factor that affects the play store optimization for your app.

5. Keywords

 Keywords have been a part and parcel of optimization process whether it is a search optimization or an ASO. So, you have to be very cautious while mentioning your keywords as they will help you gain good search rankings in the app store. Don’t forget to mention the keywords separated by commas so that they don’t mix up and should also be unique enough to show you in the app store.

6. App ratings

 It is the rule or you can say the principle of every app store that every app comes with its ratings which are been given by the users after they use your app. Normally, it is the job of the marketer to grab good ratings for your app.

Moreover, ratings of your app directly indicate the performance of your app and through ratings, other users can decide upon whether to go for the app or not. So, ratings play a very important role in app search optimization.

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7. App reviews

Just like ratings, reviews are equally important when it comes to app store optimization. Again reviews are always given by the users who have used or are using your app. Their reviews play an important role for your app to be discovered in the app store easily.

It is the job of the marketers to ensure that the users write positive reviews about your app which will help your app gain popularity and a good discovery rate in the app store optimization.

8. App link building

 Link building has always been the job of Google. So, it is important that your app goes through the link building process in the Google Play where PageRank will play its part in the app store optimization.

9. App downloads

Downloads help you analyze the actual scenario about the search rankings of your app in the app store optimization. Moreover, it will also help you know your search rankings and you will able to know your improved ASO marketing.

Top 10 App Store Optimization Checklist

10. App conversion rate and revenue

The final and the important factor is conversion rate that helps you know search performance. You can analyze your search performance and implement the strategies accordingly by tracking your conversion rate.


 All the above-mentioned factors play a very important role in helping you with play store optimization of mobile apps.

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