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11 Best Sites to Find Royalty Free Stock Images

High quality images add value to a web design project whether personal or commercial. It may seem difficult to find high quality stock free images, yet there are several resources online where you can explore and download all kind of stock photos. These image repositories provide free images without any restriction in both free and paid modes. Find here top eleven sites to find free stock images, videos and vectors.

Websites to Find Royalty Free Stock Photos

We have compiled this article to help you out in your search for good and high quality images. Instead of hanging around Google search to find a resource and juggling with its pros and cons see through this curated list of website for royalty free stock images.


This is one of the most popular databases of royalty free stock images so far. The website hosts a database of 1.7 million+ high-quality free stock images. The photos available here are available under Creative Commons CC0. Besides free images Pixabay is also a great place to download videos, vectors, and art illustrations. If you are looking for a place to explore a massive ever data base of high-quality free stock images, Pixabay is the right choice.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash is without second thought the most searched and used resource for stock free images. The platform boats of its active photographer community that thankfully adds daily dose of fresh stock photographs in its library.

The massive royalty free stock images database at unsplash lets users choose from a collection of images personal and commercial use. You can find an absolute collection of HD images using an innovative search box given there. Unlike similar websites, Unsplash provides curated collection of stock photographs.

3. Pexels

royalty free stock images

Pexels provides the finest collection of HD stock images with stunning visuals for blogs, websites and photographers. The collection of amazing photographs you find here is simply second to none. There is no place better than Pexels for A-grade high-quality images. Images available on the website are sorted with a unique ranking mechanism. This is to make sure that best photographs should meet the right users.

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You will simply hail Leaderboard of Pexels that allows users direct access to some of the finest quality free stock images for commercial use. If you have zeal for photography, Pexels organizes theme based competition and challenges to invite photographers to compete and win prizes.

4. Icons 8

Icon 8 is the one stop shop for photos, vector graphics, icons, and even music. Icon 8 fulfills all your needs of free media resources. You can even create a beautiful and ravishing photo collage by picking up collection of people, objects, and backgrounds. Customize your photo collage with head turning visual elements like never before.

The platform is different from other resources as you can discover photos and videos on the basis of various moods and sentiments like happiness and dancing.

5. StockSnap

This is our next resource for free stock images websites available for download under Creative Commons zero license. It’s a frequently visited place for users to discover and download high quality photo categories like business, school, nature, and travel etc. The platform has a mega collection of ultra HD photographs as well for you.

6. Kaboompics

royalty free stock images

The website is created by an ace photographer Karolina Grabowska. It’s an ideal place for awesome range of royalty-free photos. Photos available here are stunning and of high quality. Not only this website is a proffered choice for users, ace publication houses such as CNN, BBC, and Forbes all have used photos from this massive resource.

7. Shopify Burst

As name implies this free stock images resource is from none other than Shopify. This is a perfect destination for royalty-free photos with extensive array of images that can be used for personal or commercial projects.  Images and HD photographs are available here without any copyright restriction. Burst offers you a wide category of royalty free stock images you can choose from.

Shopify burst has a dedicated section for online business ideas that lets you choose photos of your choice and create a business collage. Burst has a vast collection of image libraries that aspiring startups can use to launch their online store.

8. iStock

The platform offers a subscription based pay-as-you-go model that lets users purchase curated collections of photos for personal and commercial projects. iStock offers a massive library of royalty free stock images including illustrations, videos, and audio as well.

You can purchase photo credits as per your needs. These credits are available as monthly plans. If you have limited budget to spend on images and visual mediums throughout the project, iStock can be great place to hang on.

9. Picspree

royalty free stock images

Picspree is a suitable choice for free stock images if you have budget constraint. This website is for royalty free images with a multitude of photos to choose from. The resource hosts an array of high quality photo galleries consisting of stunning and eye candy stock photographs spans through landscapes, travel destinations, and architecture. Beyond this, you can add bit of spice in the collection by uploading photos of your own.

10. Negative Space

Negative Space is our first choice for royalty free stock photos and images. The website allows users to share stock images without any copyright limitation. Users are always free to pick those high quality photos and share them with their community.

The platform hosts a massive collection of free stock images for commercial use ranging from every niche say technology to lifestyle and fashion to health. The USP of the platform is its filters that let you sort and choose photographs on the basis of category, copy space position, and color etc.

11. Picjumbo

royalty free stock images

Picjumbo is the right choice for free stock images for your next website or designing project. The place has a wide collection of high quality HD stock images added and updated daily in Picjumbo database. These royalty free stock images span across a varied range of industries and are suitable for websites, bloggers and vloggers. The platform has both free and paid packages as pr your business needs.

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