10 Latest Technology Inventions That Will Change Everything


latest technology inventions

2019 saw many rapid technological developments, and 2020 is no different.  The disruptive and new technology inventions will transform and accelerate many industries quickly. Be up to date with the new technology inventions to survive the stiff competition. Let’s look at the latest technology inventions of 2020.

With technology evolving, custom software development companies, investors and developers will evolve too. The trending technologies of 2019 like Blockchain development, the Internet of things (IoT), and so on will bring about many changes for every type of industry.

Recent Technology Inventions of 2020

latest technology inventions

These new trends have already set their base in the previous two years. But new technologies like 5G, which are the bases for many new inventions in electronics and other tech niches like IoT will become prominent.

In the last two years, there has been an advancement in software development technologies. Also, there has been an increase in the number of software development companies and developers. To ensure that you are up to date with the current trends to survive the stiff competition, let’s look at the recent technology inventions of 2020.

1. Blockchain Development

Blockchain is the technology of interconnected networks to store information that no one can steal or modify without access. 2019 will see the first enterprise application of Blockchain. It is a big step in Blockchain development as in the previous year.

Many industries will start using Blockchain for innovative collaborations to bring about crucial changes like making cryptocurrency an integral part of the business process. Others too are planning to incorporate this technology in their industry soon.

Industries like manufacturing and retail, healthcare, supply chain, and so on are using blockchain for streamlining their process. IBM in 2017 already launched its blockchain platform and is collaborating with different organizations. Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft are also planning the same.

Here Are Some More Predictions:

  • The government will adopt blockchain to store information due to the security it can provide.
  • Other technologies like AI, IoT and so on will too start using blockchain as they evolve.
  • The demand for blockchain developers and custom software development companies will increase.
  • Demand for education about blockchain development will increase too.

2. Solar Cells

Solar cells are the latest new scientific inventions we can talk about. This is an innovative market under continuous research and development. Solar cells are present in solar devices that are invented to save electricity by converting heat to focused beams of light.

We convert solar energy in various ways such as renewable energy, long-term energy, economy-friendly energy, etc.  It is mostly used in solar panels that cover a growing number of rooftops.

3. Smart Watches:

It is one of the coolest things and among the latest technology inventions that will be the trend-setter in the near future. It is a smartwatch designed with a touchscreen in the form of a wristwatch. It can perform calculations, digital time telling, translations, game-playing options, support apps, Bluetooth connectivity, record heart rate, and many more advanced features.

The evolution of new technologies is always a must to human life to make it better and easier. We have listed only a few recent innovations that will change everything related to that particular field. There are many breath-taking advanced innovations and some advances are still just out of reach.

4. AI

2020 is the year of artificial technology, the most talked about technology invention. The demand for this technology for every industry is going to be huge. It has been an incredible rise in artificial intelligence. We have finally made paperless offices a reality by using artificial intelligence.

This process is safer, faster, and more accurate compared to manual work. Most of the companies and industries are using automated processes as it helps to respond instantly with apt replies which gain a good impression by the users.

40% of businesses will ask custom software development companies to integrate AI as the central part of their products. The demand for developers will rise too as this is the key to transforming the digital industry. AI is the tech behind voice assistants, smartphones, and big data. As a developer, learning more than AI basic is the need of the hour.

Here Are Some Predictions:

  • Starting in 2020, AI-enabled chip will become central to speech recognition, natural language processing, and so on.
  • AI will boost Machine learning and provide AutoML technology which will let developers build advanced machine learning solutions. These solutions will be able to solve complex scenarios without the need for any typical training in ML.
  • AI and DevOps will converge to form AIOPS in 2020 and will benefit vendors and enterprises equally.

5. Progressive Web Applications

Progressive web apps or PWAs are a combination of mobile and web apps. They are the web pages or websites that look, feel, and work like a native/regular mobile application.  They are easier to develop, maintain and support.

Combining the power of both web and mobile apps, it aims to give the user a different type of experience like the capability to work offline and so on. It became a trend in 2017, but in 2019 it will take a more central stage due to the low cost and time involved in development.

6. Internet Of Things (IoT)

IoT is a system of interconnected electronic devices, home appliances and so on that can interact with each other and exchange data. Apple watch, Fitbit, and heart implants are already using IoT technology and other noted technology inventions.

The number of custom software Development companies getting a request for IoT integration will see an increase in 2019. Developers are also trying to sort the main issue of IoT security breaches.

Here Are Some Predictions

  • Alexa- the voice assistant uses IoT technology to connect with various sensors and follow our commands. In 2019, Alexa and Google home will become a part of the industrial sector. It can help to low the maintenance and management costs.
  • One of the most ambitious IoT projects of 2019 is connected industries. In this, several industries will use IoT devices to access a bulk amount of contextual information for the betterment of management processes, observe equipment for factory construction, and so on.
  • Smart energy projects of IoT will make households and businesses manage their energy use and their impact on the environment efficiently.

7. Low-Code Development

Custom software development companies will evolve a lot with low-code development. It will enable them to build and deploy applications for enterprises at a rapid pace. It is a recent technology, but it is growing fast and is useful for many businesses.

Siemens, the industrial manufacturing company recently bought Mendix- a low-code development company. It shows that this will be the biggest game-changer in the field of software development in 2020.

The reason is simple- it lets the developer create software without the need of having any expertise in code-building.

8. Cyber-security

The security of their data is the biggest concern for all organizations. A report says that 18% of companies suffered at least one incident of a data breach in 2018. Thus, to secure the privacy of their data, all businesses are looking for better and new scientific inventions by software development companies to safeguard data.

Some Predictions:

  • Software developers will adopt bot management to provide solutions to slow cyber-attacks. These solutions will aid them to identify and respond to various bot attacks.
  • The use of cloud services will increase, and with that, the use of cloud security solutions will increase too.

9. Google Driverless Car

This is the boss of all the latest technology inventions we explained. If you don’t know how to drive then do not worry anymore because Google driverless car has been introduced. These cars are operated by artificial intelligence that utilizes the input of sensors and some radar, which are attached to different positions of the car. You can relax and ride to your desired destination by instructing to drive fewer cars.

10. Lighting Control System:

This is one of the new inventions in electronics that have the ability to incorporate keypads of all dimmers and switches through mobile phones, remotes, etc. This is an intelligent network of lighting controls that allows you to control switches and dimmers.

This is less expensive compared to the wiring process and you can enjoy operating a centralized system with comfort at your fingertips.

You can book this service from online portals like Hometown and redesign your home at budget-friendly prices. You can avail special discount by applying for Hometown Coupons at the checkout page.

Latest Technology Inventions: Conclusion

In 2020, technologies will become a more central part of many industries. The coming years will see a lot more use cases of technologies like blockchain development and AI.  As a result, software developers and custom software development companies will have to buck up.

It is the right time for both developers and investors to start preparing for the changes that these technologies will bring.

All these innovative inventions made our work effortless and easy by reducing man power. Technology will get even better in the near future and we have listed 5 new technologies that will change everything. so, let’s get started:

Additional Tip:

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