Jigsaw Puzzle Apps That Are A Must Have When Going On A Trip

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2021)

It is quite cumbersome to bring along your jigsaw puzzle on a trip. Besides, the pieces could easily get lost, or worse still, you have to keep on completing the same image time and again.

Jigsaw Puzzle Apps That Are A Must Have

However, with a jigsaw puzzle app, you can play wherever you are at any chance you get. Besides, you will have endless puzzles to solve at different levels, adding to the excitement of playing. Discover some of the top apps that are a must-have when going on a trip.

Jigsaw Puzzles Real

Luckily, you can download the Jigsaw Puzzles Real app for the perfect jigsaw experience, just like playing the physical one. You have over 2,400 free photos to complete in 35 different themes.

And if these images are not to your liking, you can use personal photos stored on your device. You decide the number of pieces and rotation to play with – no need to pay to unlock photos.

Each piece forms a unique jigsaw design. Even more exciting, there is a vast amount of free photo puzzle packs, including beaches, castles, mountain, and pet images, among others.


  • Over 2,400 free photos
  • Puzzle pieces range from 9 to 1,300
  • Play with personal images
  • Endless amount of puzzle packs

Jigsaw Puzzles Pro

Jigsaw Puzzles Pro is the ultimate free game for adults. It comes with over 7,000 puzzles to solve, with more being added so you can never get bored. Interestingly, some puzzles have as many as 840 pieces, a much welcome challenge for most players.

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Upload personal photos and create your jigsaw puzzle. What’s more, you can download completed images and share them with friends and family. Be sure to participate in the weekly tournaments to earn gifts, coins, and jigsaw puzzles.

Besides, you get to test your expertise against fellow players on one puzzle board. The player with the most points wins. If you seek something less competitive, choose the solos mode for endless hours of fun jigsaw puzzles.


  • Create personal puzzles
  • Daily free jigsaw puzzles
  • Multiple gaming modes
  • Multiplayer option
  • 7,000+ jigsaw puzzles to solve

Jigsaw Puzzles Legends

This is a classic jigsaw puzzle game with thousands of hit-quality picture puzzles perfect for any gamer. Unlike many of its competitors, the game does not come with conceding apps.

There are ten different puzzle styles, some with up to 144 pieces. Add some excitement to the game by opting for the rotation mode. Notably, you do not have to connect to the internet to enjoy this excellent puzzle game.

Uniquely, you can work on more than one puzzle at a time, with the option to scatter the pieces on the puzzle area. Adjust the game’s style and difficulty to receive huge rewards. Enjoy beautiful HD themes, animals, city, plant, or scenery.

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  • Ad-free
  • Plenty of free puzzles
  • Perfect for gamers of all ages
  • Thousands of high definition puzzles
  • Rotate mode
  • Scatter pieces on the puzzle area


Jigsaw puzzle apps make your trip more bearable, minus the risk of losing pieces. Each puzzle is unique, and in most cases, you get to choose the number of puzzle pieces you are comfortable working with.

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