Tamilrockers 2022: Download Latest Tamil HD Movies

What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers.com is a popular torrent website that provides free streaming of video content in multiple languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam. The website allows illegal streaming of  Bollywood movies and TV shows along with movies in other Indian languages too.


The site is notorious for leaking new movies before they are released in theaters. The Tamilrockers act as the Indian Pirate Bay where you can download and watch any movie illegally. The community members watch movies in theaters, record the movie print right there, and upload them online.

Authorities have banned the website several times but it continues to operate using the new IP addresses and different URLs. The website has leaked blockbusters like Super 30, Article 15, Uri, and Kabir Singh.

How Does (Illegal and Pirated) ‘Tamilrockers’ Work?

It’s very easy to download movies from Tamil Rockers. You have to find out which is the right URL of the website since it keeps changing due to legal hassles.

All you have to do is to search for the right Tamilrockers URL on Google.  Once you find the correct link, discover the categories and genre of movies on the website, now click on the category to open the link.  As you see a download link, click on the link to start downloading.

Is Tamilrockers Illegal?

The downside of the Tamil Rockers is that it’s a torrent website that hosts illegal and copyrighted television shows, movies, music, and videos.

The website provides magnet links that users use to search and download copyrighted video content. It allows peer-to-peer file sharing through which illegal content is transmitted from one subscriber to the other.

History of Illegal Tamilrockers:

Tamil Rockers began its operations in  2011. It was started by four friends namely Prabhu, Karthi, Suresh, and Johnson. Prabhu designed the website and the other three were responsible for uploading new movies to the site.

The website is a WAP website instead of WordPress or Blogger. The website gradually got popular due to its growing word to mouth publicity.

How Illegal Tamilrockers Earns Money?

Tamilrockers runs a subscription model where users pay a certain fee to create an account and then pay the fee to download their favorite shows or movies.

The website also earns by advertising on the platform. The website enjoys a massive visitor footfall so gets more ads from premium brands. For downloading some movies, you have to pay as much as fifty rupees.

Is Illegal Tamilrockers Banned in India?

India has a strict law against piracy and copyright. It’s illegal in India to use and distribute copied content in any form. Thus, Indian authorities booked the owners of the Tmilrockers website under piracy law and ordered registrars to remove the website URL.

But it reaped no fruits since the website owners used new names and different domain name extensions to keep the website alive. The website can also be accessed via proxy sites.

Is it right to download movies from Tamilrockers?

We will recommend you not to download movies from Tamilrockers since the content it provides on the platform is illegal, infringed, and pirated. This is a torrent website so there may be a chance that your phone could be hacked and get infected by malware.

Moreover, you can also get into legal tangles if you download any video from this website since the producers of the movie hold the rights to that particular movie.

Is Using Tamilrockers is Safe?

Tamilrockers is full of unwanted ads and popups that may annoy you while browsing the website. Since the only source of revenue for this website is these ads, you have no choice but to flow with the ads.

These ads may slow down the downloading speed. You have to be cautious as you don’t know which of these ads are spam or malware. They can harm your mobile, laptop, and tablet.

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