Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Search Engine Optimization

In 2013, Google brought into effect ‘Hummingbird’, a Google search algorithm. Immediately after that Google’s design ‘RankBrain’ came into the spotlight. It is a part of Hummingbird which uses AI to convert the written language into mathematical objects which were named as vectors, understood by the computer.

Artificial Intelligence on Search Engine Optimization

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO

If RankBrain comes across an unfamiliar word, the machine takes a guess and filter the result more effectively by sorting through billions of pages to get the most apt results. With its help Google is better-equipped to handle different forms of vague queries and try to understand the intent behind the query in an efficient manner.

AI is not just changing the scenario of SEO but also integrating itself into a search. Undoubtedly AI is changing the SEO game.

The SEO professionals are able to easily adapt to the changes. Google has become its own unique form of AI and is taking many searches related decisions. It does not mean that the professionals have to change their entire google search strategy completely.

Make a note that Google has announced that out of its 200 ranking signals, RankBrain is its third most important ranking signals which are behind the content and the links.

The founder of ‘Moz’, Rand Fishkin comments that RankBrain is a huge change in the Google internally. Externally it’s just an extended version of what Google has been doing since hummingbird and in fact even before that.

Google has always tried to become better and through this it is just trying to continue its pattern and try to identify the intent behind the queries and not just focus on providing content that matches the keywords.

With this AI is emphasizing on ‘content quality’ and ‘relativity’ of the keywords and not just providing results without actual understanding.

One more big advantage of it is that it encourages link building with a selective approach by which the sites will benefit the maximum if just in case their backlinks came from similar sites in the very same industry.

Google continuously keeps updating its algorithms as it believes that nothing is permanent but for change. RankBrain uses deep root analysis to study, which sites are related to which keywords and that helps it in grouping sites as ‘good’ or ‘bold’ for particular keywords.

Therefore, if the websites wish to stay longer in the game, they will have to be user friendly, have an apt content and should not deviate from the topic.

AI ensures that the content is relevant and thereby reduces the effects of ‘black hat tactics’ by studying their pattern. Which means when RankBrain notices a pattern of bad behavior, it would change its algorithm to prevent future repetition of the same.

The AI is making the search engine optimization, user friendly in two ways. Firstly, by understanding the content and secondly by grouping the linked queries for enhanced search.

This is good news for those who focus on the content of the topic and ensure that there is no deviation. But for those who always turn off the track, it’s a sad news. To remain in the game the SEO companies will have to use relevant content smartly and plan valuable content that is used by the searcher

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