How User Generated Content Help Brands?

Technological innovations over the last decade have continued to give an unprecedented level of influence to individual consumers.

With social media as their soap box, users are now able to shape their opinions of their continuously connected peers with just a single tweet or review.

How User Generated Content Help Brands?

While all online businesses need a professionally guided ad campaign, perhaps which is the best ways of promoting is through your customers.

If you believe your products are the best compared to your competitors, then you can or should be talking about it. User generated content can be a great addition to the marketing strategy boosting awareness and engagement for your brand.

Here are the five major reasons why user generated content is considered to be good for your brand and customers.

1. Helps In building up the brands:

Brands generally use the user generated content in order to get an authentic experience along with opinions from their marketing audience be it good or bad.

One negative comment towards a specific brand is generally considered to be an opportunity for the brands to see where exactly is the problem, finding an opportunity to go ahead and interact with someone who generally took time to engage with your customers online.


2. Relieves some customer service pressure:

By now we all are aware of the fact that customer engagement is one major key towards the loyal and longstanding customers. The days when organizations passed down marketing and customers landed up buying a few things is over.

Social media generally explodes during super bowl where they were not talking about the game but commercials. Organizations search for formula that can make their ads go viral knowing when and what kind of attention it can bring.

While we know that customers always want to be engaged organizations still continue to struggle creating engagement and benefit from content marketing.

It’s much simpler than what the business actually think.

In order to keep your customers engaged always listen to whatever they have been saying. Continue responding to them in a respectful manner whether their feedback is good or bad. Thank them for reaching out.  (Topic Contd.: How User Generated Content Help Brands?)


3. Protecting online reputation:

With all of the good that your customers can generally do for your business is by talking about it online, considering the downside of the internet.

Online platform gives your business one great opportunity for both your fans and critical customers so being proactive about managing your business is a must.

Watch out for extremely unhappy customer’s reviews especially on the third party review websites.Sometime people tend to be so unhappy that they land up making up the point of several of these websites expressing their views for your business.

If possible try and publically address to the issues they have been facing moving the issues to the private firm.

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4. Builds Trust In Your Brand:

For most of the brands, UGC is not just a way to placate an overly talkative customer database. Listening and responding to the feedback of your customers helps the brands to improve customer services increases conversions.

Gaining direct access to the consumer opinions gives your brand an opportunity to improve understanding what the customers like and dislike about your product or services, allowing for speedy resolutions for issues that can be quickly resolved along with strategic planning on issues that consistently come up over time.

By directly responding to the negative feedbacks on your website is impactful as it demonstrates that you value each and every consumer you are dealing with, ensuring them that you are willing to go ahead with extra lengths in order to make things much better.


5. Gaining Business Intelligence:

User generated content is certainly not limited just for your marketing purposes, says the vice president of communications Eric Channing Browns at social media analytics firm and social customer experience management software provider at Lithium Technologies.

In fact brands can use various types of user generated content to derive Intel. We can also find it being used for product ideation and innovation getting comments back into the company for products and services.

How User Generated Content Help Brands?

6. Creates Engaging Site Experiences:

Whether it’s through the status updates, likes or shares today consumers do have the ability to influence the large number of people along with their opinions.

Particularly for the Millennials the ability to give a feedback on your products and services,is much as an expectation of responsibility.

In fact 70% of the consumers within this key age group considers it to be a duty to offer their perspectives of brands.

And rather than allowing these conversations about your brand happen elsewhere investing in software UGC is the best ways to listen in fostering the consumer expression.

Providing various opportunities for customers to contribute content be it in terms of the reviews, comments, polls, shares and more on your site allowing your users to engage like-minded individuals.


7. User Generated Content Increases SEO and Traffic:

Marketers are all too familiar with the technique, that one of the best place to hide something related to your organization is page 2 of google search engine.

Investing in user generated content will not just increases the chances of your brand visibility online making sure that your brand would not stay hidden to wandering consumers on the internet.

As the users continue to add content to your site on regular basis the search engine exposure continues to increase.

User generated content is considered to be beneficial today because the consumers use common terms that help in increasing their visibility around the valuable keywords.

And as an added bonus reviews even today continue to play into the behaviours of consumers who are increasingly relying on the word of mouth discovering new brands.

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Any reviews that are shared back to the social circles, boosting referral traffic back to their website and increasing conversions.


8. Reaching out new market segments:

Supposing you have a product that currently sells well in one niche such as college students, and you are about to complete a redesign which will broaden the products appeal to include young mothers.

How will you cross the threshold and reach your market segments without being ignored combating the fact that you have previously been identified with a very different group of people. The answer of course is yes user generated content.

One portion of your strategy will be reaching out the parenting bloggers especially the ones who will be likely to be a fan of your product when they were your college students.

You will pitch your products to them offering them a free item if they are willing to talk about it on a blog and social media.


9. Providing social proof:

People generally look out for some guidance from the people around them, even in an online environment. If they see that other people are enjoying and benefiting from a particular product or services they are like to gravitate towards it.

To Conclude

One thing you will have to understand and know about the user generated content is that you will have to set things out from the very beginning, understanding who owns the content created on different forums, posts and so forth you cannot obviously stray away from it no matter what.

If you feel that the users own all their content, no exceptions, then you may not be using the tagline from someone else in order to promote your products and services without even seeking their permission.

This strategy is generally used by the b2b industries but the amount of credibility that you lose is astonishing and will continue to happen faster than what you actually continue to think.

User generated content does have the ability to change everything in terms of your business online marketing with a reason of giving you something better.

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