How to Plan Outdoor Adventure In 2020?

Bay Area residents have grown to rely on Outdoor Adventures Bay, Inc. for their weekend adventures. The Bay area is famous for its natural beauty, so many have a passion for exploring the mountains, deserts, and canyons of this area.

This year, Outdoor Adventures may be facing serious consequences from both the California Attorney General and the United States Department of Justice if it does not stop deceiving customers.

Outdoor Adventure In 2020

If you have ever gone online and booked an adventure trip with this company, you know that it is not what it claims to be. The website promises “tough, long-lasting fun” and goes on to say, “Anybody from any walk of life can have a great adventure in our California adventure parks”. In fact, if you have ever signed up for an experience tour, you can see firsthand how this company does not live up to its promises.

In June, the Attorney General will be investigating whether Outdoor Adventures Bay, Inc. is a valid business and whether it has misled consumers. The attorney general is concerned about whether the company is using false promises to sell its packages. These packages include packages for fishing, boating, hiking, rafting, kayaking, snorkeling, jet skiing, and more.

Some people have called Outdoor Adventures Bay, Inc. deceptive because it charges customers with an upfront fee and then fails to deliver. In fact, some say that they only offer a “short-term” plan but don’t tell their clients this until after the trip is complete.

Other people have reported that they were asked to pay for all of their equipment, including the tent. One customer told the Attorney General that she had already paid for most of her equipment, but was still waiting to get her tent because the company refused to refund her money.

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When we asked Outdoor Adventures Bay, Inc. for a response, the company did not return our calls or emails. However, it does own, and manage two-adventure parks in the area, but did not admit to having any outdoor activity programs that claim to give people the opportunity to experience nature at its best.

These sites, instead, say that they focus on mountain climbing, rafting, kayaking, and other activities like kayaking, rock climbing, and whitewater rafting.

When we asked the Attorney General about the possibility of a lawsuit, the company issued a statement that read, “We are not currently under investigation and therefore cannot comment on the details of the inquiry.”

However, the Attorney General’s office says that an investigation by the State of California Attorney General is underway. If they find that Outdoor Adventures Bay, Inc. is guilty of false advertising, they say that the company could lose up to a five thousand dollar penalty.

The company says that they have never received a complaint from anyone who said they received anything wrong during their adventure trips and that they believe that everyone who went on their adventures has had a great time.

They are also saying that they have never charged any kind of cancellation fee or refund policy. However, the company did tell its clients that any refund requests will have to be done by certified mail.

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The company says that if you have a refund request, it will still take you four to six weeks to get it processed and then you will need to wait an additional eight to ten weeks for your money back before you can get back to the parks themselves.

If they receive your refund, they will refund it to you. The company says that they do not want your money for safety reasons, because it takes them two to three weeks to get your money back, as they have to verify that it was indeed received.

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