Digital Learning: How to Keep Your Students Switched on

Digital learning, also known as electronic learning, uses electronic media to educate students or trainees. Conventional teaching methods involve an instructor who shares knowledge, and everybody has direct contact with his colleagues.

This is useful where students are gathered in the same location. However, in businesses, it is different when they try to train different employees located in various places. It is not only challenging to bring them to a single location, but it is also expensive to remove them from their daily activities.

This is why many companies in the UAE are embracing digital learning as a way of training their employees and imparting new skills.

Benefits of Digital Learning

Digital learning is becoming the most preferred mode of studying because of its many benefits. Digital learning makes trainees more accountable and self-motivated. Using digital learning tools helps individuals to become more engaged in the activity. This makes them more interested in expanding their knowledge.

Digital learning provides a better sense of perspective, better context, and more engaging activities compared to conventional methods. This allows trainees to understand the content better. It is also an interesting way to learn and retain information.

How to Keep Your Students Switched on?

How to Keep Your Students Switched on

It is very easy for trainees to get distracted, especially when technology is involved. However, with the many benefits of digital learning, you cannot let distraction take over. You can enhance your student’s learning by following the tips below:

1. Make Ground Rules

The first step to start your team building activities is to begin by laying down the ground rules. It is tempting for trainees to access other sites or use technology to engage in activities rather than learning. Tell them what is expected and what is not tolerated. Students also need to understand how to respond when asked for their attention.

2. Quick Quizzes

When including quizzes in your team building Dubai digital learning, they should not be as hard as tests. Use the quiz as a fun way to summarize the session or lesson instead of using long tests. Quizzes are beneficial because they not only encourage thinking, but they promote retention of knowledge.

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Also, when trainees solve problems without help, they feel motivated and rewarded. You can make the quizzes more interesting by including videos and images. Visualizing problems by using videos and illustrations helps learners to grasp the question, and it also enhances learner experience.

3. Use Real-Life Examples

The best way to keep your students switched on in digital learning is to use real-life examples and to show them how the knowledge they acquire is applicable in their lives. Giving examples that are relevant to their daily lives captures learners’ attention, which promotes knowledge retention.

One of the best ways to use real-life examples is to incorporate them in team building games. When trainees understand that the course is helpful, they pay more attention. You can tell the trainees a true story about a successful individual or show them how things work. Moreover, people tend to remember stories rather than what they read. Stories also capture your audience’s attention.

4. Keep it Simple

Learners lose focus when you teach a lengthy lesson, so it is necessary to concentrate on important points to enhance the learning outcome. This means that you ought to design a lesson with short and concise content to reduce boredom.

Reduce irrelevant content. Focus on quality, not quantity. Dumping too much information on learners does not mean they will capture everything. In fact, learners might understand just a little bit. Students cannot understand so much information at once.

Make the lesson simple and attach additional details to help them understand. Make the lesson more interesting by using headings, subtitles, and also highlighting the main points.

5. Digital Cues

It is necessary to create digital cues to ask for your trainees’ attention. Although team building Dubai activities are meant for groups, some people wander away from the course. You can use digital management software system to create digital cues.

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You can send a message to your learners whenever they go offline. If the trainees are reluctant to get back to learning, you can freeze their screens, which will force them to turn back their attention to important matters. You can also use web filters to prevent learners from straying to other sites.

You also need to be consistent to avoid confusing your learners. Don’t keep changing rules or teaching styles. This way, students will spend less time adjusting and figuring out what to do and how to react.

Although digital learning is fun, it can be quite distractive since students have the freedom to roam around different sites. However, you can ensure that your learners get the best out of digital learning by engaging them and making learning more fun. You should also be patient as students get acquainted with this technology.

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