How Good Web Design Affects SEO?

It’s really challenging to rank your website higher in the search engine results. But nothing to worry as a good web design and search engine people can help you achieve that goal. With the advanced algorithm running behind search engines, things have become more complicated. With SEO being the central key, many things can have an impact and web design is one of those things.

These days, it is not about creating a design that is unique and attractive, you have to consider the user’s experience as well. For that matter, you need to know how web design affects SEO.

Here, in this article, Gettheclicks recommends a few ideas that can be helpful for web designing. Get The Clicks is a full-service digital marketing agency that creates great websites and understands how to optimize it for SEO. Read on now ->

1. Navigation structure of a website:

web design and seo

Let’s start the first point, which is the navigation structure of a website. People should understand that the best user experience can be achieved if the website has a good navigation structure. Suppose, you are making a website but you haven’t put the menu option upfront, the user will try to look up and down and if it isn’t mentioned on the first page, the user will turn to another site.

Nobody wants to spend enough time on your website if it isn’t providing them what they want. So, make the navigation structure from the visitor’s point of view. Your website must be user-friendly and compatible with mobile phone and desktop screens so that visitors can explore it easily.

2. Loading speed of website:

In this fast era, if your website doesn’t load at an optimum time, then the visitor will turn to another. It is as simple as that. Loading speed matters a lot so make sure your website is not flooded with flash plugins, heavy images, and other useless mess up.

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This is one of many aspects of web designing that digital marketers should work on. With reasonable web design and speed, the search engine will rank the website among the top results. Try minimizing the use of redirects and HTTP requests and use a caching solution.

3. Use images with proper size and alt text:

It is the era of visualization, so there is no website that doesn’t have images. There are options for HD images or doodles, but the content has to be visualized somehow. Right images can enhance engagement on the website, but one should always opt for images that are compatible in size for the website. Make sure you add the right title and alt text as the image description. If the size of the images is bigger, try to compress them as well.

4. Social media integration

Social media has gained popularity throughout the world. Millions of individuals use social media to share information and to build social connections. Some of the commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People of all ages use social media regularly, therefore, it is highly recommended to integrate social media into your web design.

Online users on social media can find their desired content and can share it with their social media friends. Search engines praise social media presence on a website. Its because several individuals can find information about your business with just a simple click on the social media button on your website. Sign up on your favorite social media platforms and share the links of your web pages to increase website traffic.

5. Use light-colored background

Try to use a light-colored background for best web designs. Make sure the visitor can read the content without any difficulty. Organize your content well to make sense.

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6. SEO content

It is important to publish good SEO content on your website. Good SEO content is the one that doesn’t use excessive keywords and avoid duplicating or copying content. Search engines can identify duplicate or copied content and can punish you for that.

Prefer hiring SEO experts who can create an SEO-friendly website that will reach more individuals and increase your customer base. A good-quality website revolves around a specific niche. An SEO-friendly website can reach the top rankings of a search engine. But for that, you have to hire SEO specialists such as Seologist, which is a leading SEO company in Toronto.


SEO and web designing go hand in hand for ranking that is why it is important that both are aligned for a sustainable future. When SEO results last, that means your website still has the opportunity to climb on the top.

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