Gmail on Web Gets New Features: ‘Confidential Mode’ and More

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2020)

Gmail brings a slew of new features for its web version. The updated features will reportedly be coming in the coming weeks along with a brand new design. A brand new Confidential Mode is the major highlight among others.

Gmail on Web Brings Confidential Mode 

The verge reported the forthcoming new features and designs and that include reply to emails, the ability to snooze emails until later, and a new sidebar to place calendar appointments side by side with messages.

The highlight of the update would surely be a “Confidential Mode,” which lets Gmail users prevent recipients from forwarding certain emails, or restricts them from copying, downloading, or printing them.

As reports emerge, the update will introduce a feature that let Gmail users to input a passcode to open emails. The passcode will be generated via SMS, or set an expiration date on sent emails.

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The feature seems an enticing one for businesses that want more control over how emails are used by recipients. However, the feature won’t stop email recipients from taking a screenshot or a photo of an email.

Google has already confirmed that the feature is coming soon. And if rumors are to be believed this new Gmail design and upcoming features will be showcased at Google’s I/O developer conference scheduled to be held from 8th May. Stay tuned for more on this.