Get Customized Setting for a Unique Kodi Experience

(Last Updated On: November 26, 2020)

Kodi Builds are installations in the form of addons that have been pre-configured for media streaming and help you in customizing Kodi as per your preferences. The Kodi Build is a fantastic way for you to set up Kodi and give it your own unique look without wasting time.

Customized Setting for a Unique Kodi Experience

The process is simple, and you can install extra features and layout themes as per your personal tastes and preferences. Kodi works on almost any device like Chromecast, Apple TV, or Roku.

The Kodi Build that you install should be compatible with the device and its operating systems. Kodi Builds can be successfully installed on devices that support Windows, Android, Windows PC, Mac OS, Nvidia Shield, and more.

Are Kodi addons safe and legal?

Kodi addons that are present in its official repository are legal and safe. However, Kodi also supports third-party add-ons, and some of them may contain malware. The same holds true for a Kodi Build as well. You actually are not sure what addons are inside and from where they come from.

You will only know after you have installed the Kodi Build on your app. If you are not careful, you might land up installing malware on your device by accident. In case you want to be safe and avoid such accidents, you can check the official Kodi forum online where some users post warnings about Kodi Builds and add-ons that you should never use.

Experts from the Kodi community say suggest you install a good antivirus program on the device that you use with Kodi. In this way, you can protect yourself. So, if you are operating

Windows, Linux, macOS, etc., you can check out good quality antivirus programs so that malware risks are eliminated from your system with success. Even in the past, some of the most popular and used Kodi addons like Bubbles and GAIA had malware, and they infected multiple users of the Kodi community even without their knowledge.

Therefore, here it is safe to be informed over sorry in case malware attacks your system. If you scan the Internet, you will find there are several free and high-quality antivirus applications for Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

Using the Kodi Builds

When you are using the latest Kodi 17 Builds, you will find that most of them have several addons. However, these Kodi Builds come with a mix of both official and non-official Kodi addons. The process of setting up Kodi Builds is simple, and you can follow some simple guidelines in case you wish to remove unofficial Kodi Builds that have, by mistake, been added. If you remove unofficial Kodi Builds, you will not stream content that is pirated and keep yourself safe.

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Look out for plugins with addons that promise you exciting features and skins

When you are using Kodi for the first time, it is evident that you will be excited to use amazing new features and Kodi Skins that give you a customized and exciting look. You can save a lot of time when you are downloading Kodi Builds with multiple addons. However, in the process of doing so, you might, by mistake, install some plugins that give streams that are unofficial.

So, when you are installing a Kodi Build, make sure that you go through the lists that are recommended by expert users of the Kodi community. In this way, you will get trusted recommendations for installing safe Kodi Builds. You can also refer to the official Kodi Wiki page and forum online for suggestions.

Kodi is legal as an, and it does not support pirated content. However, the Kodi addons and Builds are often found in Third-Party Repositories that do not belong to Kodi. These repositories take content from all sources, and the content may have a copyright that you might install by mistake.

Kodi supports these third -party repositories; however, the main Kodi community has made it clear that they are no way accountable for the content that is contained in these add-ons. The app is legal; however, the intent of the user when it comes to the streaming of content becomes illegal, especially if it is pirated.

The Internet Service Provider can track and see all your Kodi streams

Note that Kodi is an independent media player app, and the content that you get here is taken from popular sites. This means that the ISP you use can watch all your streaming activity on Kodi.

The ISP collects and can also sell the data that you browse if it is given to third parties on request. So, from the above, it is evident that streaming content from Kodi is not private and stands insecure.

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The need for a good VPN for complete anonymity online

This is why you should download and install a good VPN on your device. The VPN will ensure that all your online streaming activity is hidden. It is like a dark and private tunnel that is encrypted. The streaming data is private, as well as its location.

However, when it comes to using Netflix, it has the ability to detect VPNs, so here you should ensure that you install a good VPN for your device as Netflix detects VPN and can block media content completely.

Last but not least, when it comes to installing the Kodi Build of your choice, make sure that you conduct a fresh start before installation. You can do so from the Kodi official site. With the help of a fresh start, you will be able to avoid any problems with installation. This also holds true for Kodi addons and Kodi Builds. The fresh start will also eliminate bugs and other functional issues you face when you want to stream media content.

In case you do face issues when it comes to installation and you need some expert advice and aid, make sure to reach out to the Kodi community on its forum. There are several developers who have created them to help you. In this way, you are able to use Kodi for your entertainment experience without hassles at all.

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