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What is Facebook Touch/ Touch Facebook?

Over the years Facebook has changed the way we communicate. From personal chats to professional business communication, Facebook has changed things considerably.

Packed in a single mobile app, Facebook evolved the whole process of texting and messaging using mobile phones. People simply loved it.

Later on, developers thoughts of an app specially built for touchscreen devices. This is where the idea of Facebook touch emerged.

facebook touch

The app was focused to offer users an immersive Facebook browsing experience on touch screen mobile phones. Technically, it was a reduced mobile version of the website in terms of appearance and speed.

What is Facebook Touch?

As the name implies, Facebook Touch is an updated version of Facebook especially designed for touch smartphones in 2009. The app was quite different and complex if compared to the traditional Facebook app version.

As per the features and functions are concerned, Facebook was quite similar to Facebook. The only difference lies in its improved graphics and intuitive user interface.

If you think that your standard Facebook app is loading slowly and struggling with speed, you can install and use Facebook Touch on your smartphone. Geolocations where internet speed isn’t very impressive, this app could be a game-changer.

By launching the Facebook Touch app, the idea was to enhance the capabilities of the current Facebook application and optimize its design and structure.

How Facebook Touch is Different from Facebook App?

In addition to the capabilities that Facebook touch offers, there are certain differences it poses with the traditional Facebook app. You can spot the difference in their respective URLs.

The normal Facebook application runs with “https://m.facebook.com “ whereas Facebook touch runs with “https://touch.facebook.com” on your screen.  Standard Facebook application consumes fewer data and is made for low-quality images.

Touch Facebook on the other hand is designed generally for high-quality images and displays.

Touch Facebook is designed for highly sensitive touchscreen mobile phones running on advanced operating systems. The app enables you to render high-quality pictures and videos in your feed and friends’ profiles.

Advantages of Facebook Touch:

  • The Facebook touch site http://touch.facebook.com/ was meant for touchscreen smartphone users.
  • Facebook Touch runs smoother on slow internet connections and generates high-quality images.
  • The touch version covered the entire screen, providing a more immersive video and photo viewing experience
  • Facebook Touch was the in-window chat feature, where you could see who is online or offline.

How to download Touch Facebook for android?

It’s very simple to download and install Facebook Touch on your android phone. Write “download touch Facebook” in your browser window and hit the enter button.

Several results will appear showing options for downloading Facebook touch on your device. Choose the best APK file and download the application.

How to Install Touch Facebook for android?

Once you have downloaded the right APK file on your mobile phone, follow the below steps to install the Facebook Touch app:

  • Go to settings and enable the installation of unknown sources.
  • Click on the “Download Facebook Touch” button.
  • Locate the downloaded file on your device.
  • Press on the install button of the APK file after agreeing to all the Terms and Policies
  • Hold up till the APK file gets completely installed on your device
  • Open the Touch Facebook

How to Download Facebook Touch for Windows?

To download the app on Windows, head on to the store by selecting it from the start menu. To note, there is no official Facebook Touch application available for download there. Instead, on the web store, you can find third-party Facebook apps.

Type the name of the program into the search box and press Enter. Now locate the app in the search results and install the app by selecting it from the drop-down menu. Now, log in with your email address and password, and start browsing.


We hope you liked this brief information on Facebook Touch. The note also covered a quick comparison between Facebook touch and Facebook app. We encourage you to kindly tell us some more features of Touch Facebook if we have missed a few.

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