Here’s Why eBooks Are a Surefire Way of Getting Leads

(Last Updated On: October 14, 2020)

Outbound marketing is what horses have been to the police force. At a time when police cars were not the norm, horses and horse-drawn carriages were how they got around to answering civilians’ calls.

Today, horses are still valid and used by policemen in certain areas. Even though there are police cars and bikes around, horses haven’t been completely weeded out.

When it comes to outbound marketing, the tactics are still very much relevant and useful but more advanced and effective strategies have become more preferred among businesses.

Cold calling, TV and radio ads, and localized mentions in the newspaper etc. can still bring in leads – but how many do you think will convert into qualified leads and eventually, customers?

This is why marketers and sales professionals look for other, more effective routes for lead generation. This is where inbound marketing comes into play. Inbound marketing is the utilization of digital and online platforms.

Why eBooks Are a Surefire Way of Getting Leads?

Ebook Writing Services

Targeting and content marketing strategies in conjunction with lead allow the organization to bring in leads. This method of lead generation becomes more widely diverse and easily accessible. In fact, in a survey, more than 46% of marketers corroborated that inbound marketing delivered a higher ROI while 59% of marketers agreed that inbound marketing is a better source of quality leads.

eBooks and Lead Generation

eBook writing services in the past few years have become an important part of inbound marketing tactics. eBooks have become a staple in the industry as a marketing tool that many professionals use as a way to gain leads.

How do they do that exactly? Let’s take a look:

Adding Value to the Buying Process

Even though the circular journey of customers’ decision-making process is much more elaborate, it can be boiled down into 3 main stages – awareness, consideration, and decision.

By having eBook writers create an information-rich resource for customers, you can facilitate or even catalyze the movement from the consideration stage to the decision stage.

Whether the eBook isa how-to guide or a simple collection of product descriptions, it becomes the source of important information. It can answer questions and resolve any queries that may be preventing prospective leads from making a final decision.

Expertise and Credibility

Over the last few years, banner advertisements on search engines and other websites were considered effective strategies for gaining leads. While that may have been true, many customers and online surfers have developed banner blindness.

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One of the main reasons for this is a spike in banners that advertise questionable offers from businesses without much credibility.

eBooks allow businesses to develop that trust by providing industry expertise. Whether your organization sells printers or offers B2B marketing solutions, eBooks can help establish authority in that area.

For example, a full-service marketing agency can write a series of eBooks on digital marketing tactics for B2B models. Similarly, a fishing equipment manufacturer can write an eBook detailing the function of the products they provide.

If you’re not a writer, eBook writing services exist that can compile the information you have and curate an impactful eBook. These could be illustrated with infographics, logic, and answers to questions prospective leads might have regarding the products or services you offer.

This way, you can establish yourself as an expert within your field, positioning the company as an expert willing to provide leads and customers information they can use to their benefit.

The Ease of Distribution

One of the main benefits of inbound marketing as a whole is the ease and convenience of content distribution. Unlike outbound marketing, you don’t have to rely on external sources to distribute marketing content (TV, radio stations, newspapers, etc.).

If you know what you want to focus the eBook on, the process is rather simple. In fact, you can have your eBook ready for distribution in a matter of a few weeks.

It can be as simple as compiling existing content (blogs, articles, white papers, infographics, etc.) and preparing a single comprehensive resource. Or you can hire an eBook writing service that can work up an outline based on your guidelines and turn them into an eBook.

When it comes to distribution, promotion and distribution follow. You can create an attractive landing page marketing the eBook, and optimize it through B2B search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Social media marketing (SMM) targeting potential leads on relevant platforms such as LinkedIn can be used to redirect them to the landing page. Or you can provide it to leads through email marketing.

Either way, it increases traction on your website where a compelling call to action (CTA) will allow you to fire the first shots of lead generation. Anyone who is interested will fill out a form or contact you in some way, giving you a chance to build their intrigue in the products or services you offer.

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They’re Not “In Your Face”

One reason why eBooks have become a great source of lead generation is that they don’t blatantly try to “sell” something.They are presented as an undercover sales pitch. Prospective leads will view them as a value-added service that allows them to learn more about your products or services.

This works more effectively compared to banner ads or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisement for B2B leads. As already discussed before, target audiences have slowly developed selective attention tendencies to ignore sales-y advertisements.

Wrapping It Up:

Instead of using lead generation marketing strategies that are increasingly becoming less effective, eBooks and content marketing can be utilized to get your business ahead.

Containing valuable information, eBooks will answer questions or address any misunderstanding that prevents them from converting into leads. With knowledge and guidance, it will aid the prospect’s decision-making process.

If you’re considering making eBooks a part of your B2B lead generation marketing initiative, consider working with eBook writers or hiring an eBook writing service.

There is more than just information that goes into making an eBook stand out and marketable. Images, visual media, added resources, the cover design, etc. are all important aspects of eBooks. They can help create an informative and well-designed eBook that becomes a source of qualifying leads for your business.

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