Inbound Lead Generation Checklist (Infographic)

When it comes to the latest technologies that are bound to not only affect industries on their processes but also shape the future of workforce trends, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Automation – often referred to as AIRA technologies – take center stage as the most-anticipated.

Inbound Lead Generation:  A Checklist

Predictions for the future of businesses and industries in terms of its parallelism towards technology state that, pretty soon, AIRA technologies will be taking over some of the jobs that humans are currently fulfilling.

Understandably, this is a worrying scenario for workers, as they appear to be standing at a risky place now that AIRA technologies are gradually being integrated in many processes. The general idea of Artificial Intelligence performing work in place of a human certainly paints a scenario that, pretty soon, a large portion of the workforce will have to leave their stations to be replaced by machines.

This, however, should be taken with a grain of salt – mainly because they are founded on the overestimation of that AIRA technologies are capable of AND the underestimation of the flexibility of both humans and industries.

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While it’s true that AIRA technologies may be replacing humans in some areas of a business’ processes, the fact that there will always be a need for those that can work something else that AIRA technologies can’t fulfill should not be forgotten. Think of it as a comparison between a neophyte lawyer and a seasoned one – the neophyte will certainly replace other lawyers for some tasks, but those that they replace will more than likely be bumping up the stream and getting more competitive positions.

Until then, AIRA technologies are still in their infant stages. In this age, we are only starting to see what these advancements are capable of. And it’s imperative that standards are still met and fundamental aspects are still strictly followed, as in the case of inbound lead generation.

Jumpstart your inbound lead generation with this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines.

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